Richterswil – Week 7

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Richterswil, CH - Week 7

(week 33)

Greuzi und hallo! 

Yet another week has passed, and the adventure continues!

Can you guys believe how long I’ve been doing this? It’s been almost 8 months!! Thank you to everyone who has been sticking with me. I can’t thank you for all your support, big and small.

Also, quick request! If you haven’t seen, Cedar City had MAJOR flooding this week, so pray for everybody there! And if you’re one of my Cedar peeps, know that I am also praying for you!

Let the games begin:

Wednesday we did exchanges! Sister Gutke came and joined me in Richterswil. We had a very low key day, very chill.

Thursday we did the BIGGEST SERVICE PROJECT wow! The mission president counselor over Switzerland has a less active daughter living in our area. She had some damage to her yard with all the rain and flooding. So we went with a couple elders and cleaned things up! We were there for 6 HOURS and did a TON of work, chopping and hauling stuff away. It was so cute though, watching the little kids “help” the elders with their work. The older kids tortured us by jumping on their trampoline and into the pool they had set up (2 things as missionaries that we are NOT allowed to do)

Friday we did some crazy fun stuff! We spent the day making videos for social media! One of the social media sisters in our zone reached out to me last week and asked if I’d be willing to do an Instagram interview. And sing! So we made the video! It was fun. We also helped out with a hype up video for the Swiss national holiday on Sunday, and it took us to Zug! The lake is still really high, so I took my shoes off and splashed in the water that came over the edge. BEST EVER.
To view the funny Swiss Holiday Video, follow the link:!ApEjHKmVcHc5goVd3ogXd7Y9xi5rbA?e=kFFnnu

Saturday we did an Ausstellung in Zürich again! It was great. I gave out ein Buch Mormon with my testimony in it! We gave out a bunch and talked to a ton of people.

Sunday was also pretty good! Fast and testimony meeting and the opportunity to take the sacrament is always great. We also had a lesson with Ruban again! He is doing great, and I was really able to contribute in German, which was quite the miracle for me! It was also the Swiss national holiday, so we fell asleep to fireworks! They were… very close to our windows. Hehe. Kinda interesting. And not nearly as epic as the USA (no one knows how to blow stuff up as good as we do 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲)

Monday was distriktrat and boy did we have fun! We ended up spending most of it playing a game (called Signs) and just laughing our heads off. I freaking LOVE my district. Great missionaries doing great things. We also took the train to….. drum roll please…. MÜNCHEN (Munich).

I had a visa appointment this morning, so we took the 5 hour train ride to Germany, spent the night with some sisters, took care of that this morning and then spent some time in Munich! Super fun, got to see some old friends. And we went to a carnival!! It was on the grounds where they normally have Oktoberfest (which I was at in 2017 IN THE SAME PLACE), and we had some super fun. We rode carnival rides, ate pretzels and doner boxes.

Anyway, that’s all for this week folks! Tune in next week for more Swiss antics from your favorite Sis Milty!


Sister Miltimore

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