Richterswil – Week 8

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Richterswil, CH - Week 8

(week 34)

What an amazing week!! Let’s get into it.

So, Wednesday of last week feels like a MILLION YEARS ago but I’ll try to remember. We went to Einsiedeln to do studies and finding, buuuuuut it was raining so nobody was out. We were going to do personal study inside the church (hehe the Book of Mormon in the catholic church hehe) but they were doing back to back services so yeah. Less than great, we tried though!

Thursday we went and visited our favorite Lady Eva Landis! I think I’ve mentioned her before, but she’s a member who is basically the mother of like, half of the members of the stake. And she grew up in the church, which is crazy for here. She’s amazing, we visit her every week and just love seeing her. One of my favorite people. She just bops out to her music all day and is like “I’ve got my music, I’m good. Just waiting to join my husband in heaven” and we’re like cool okay…😅

Friday we did exchanges! I went with Sister Muntiga to Bonstetten. We had a good time, pretty chill studies day, ate some bomb food (I found this new recipe for cooking rice and I LOVE IT. Email me if you want it it’s so easy and seriously could eat it every meal) and just hung out.

Saturday we exchanged back at the Austellung in Lonstanz Germany! Honestly, it wasn’t put together that great, so we were a little discombobulated. Not much happened, but I felt like God was very aware of us as we walked around which was really cool. He knows where you are, and He’s there with you.

Sunday was a great day! Church and the sacrament are always great. We also had a lesson with Ruban and hung out with Tom afterwards for a while. It was funny though because we forgot the lesson was at the church and not over zoom, so we had about 5 minutes to leave to catch our bus. But we made it with time to spare!! God makes things happen!

Monday was also a fantastic day. It was warm and sunny (it’s been really cold and rainy here lately, so it was a blessing!). We had district council in the morning, and I had a request and a reward for one of the elders:

The request: a priesthood blessing. It was beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear.
The reward: (not actually, but) a crochet panda I made for him!

A little bit ago, I was working on a crochet creature during district council, and he saw it and was like “can you make me a PANDA??? 🤩🤩🤩🤩” And this Elder also likes the color pink. So naturally, it had to be a pink panda. He loved it, it fits in his front pocket and on his little tec-dec skateboard (go check him out on Insta, @tdgodsquad) so I felt very accomplished. Pics below. The next project has already begun, so stay tuned for more crochet creations from your favorite sister missionary!

Tuesday P-day: what an EPIC p-day we had!!! We went up to Stanserhorn, the most amazing mountain with a cool gondola you ride up to the top to see the most gorgeous views. We took brats and fondue and a ton of other food up there and had a grand old picnic as a zone. It was super fun. Got to see some of my favorite missionaries, and just had a blast.

Alright-y that is all! Revelation is REALl! I’m here for you! Have a great week!

Sister Miltimore

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