Richterswil – Week 6

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Richterswil - Week 6

(week 32)

Grüezi!!! Wie geht es euch??
Boy has it been a week here in Europe! I would say Switzerland… but I wasn’t just in Switzerland this week. Hang on, it’ll be quite the ride.
Here’s some click bait to keep you reading. This week Sister Miltimore:
Led the area for a day
Went to Stuttgart for a MISSION WIDE conference.
Saw a piece of heaven
Sang a beautiful song
Let us begin:
Last week was crazy! On Wednesday we had exchanges with Sister Jäkkö and Sister Karin! Sister Jäkkö came and joined me in Richterswil. I led the attack for the day. Cooked every meal. Washed almost every dish (she made me let her help). Visited 4 less active members… and discovered that NONE of them live where our records say they did. Big sigh, because it was hot. And because we wrote notes for them. We thought about leaving the notes in random mailboxes, but then we remembered that we said “we hope we see you soon” and we thought….. that’s a little creepy, not really the vibe we are going for.
Friday and Saturday was the EPIC MISSION WIDE CONFERENCE. We left nice and early, rode the train for like 5 hours, and then immediately went finding in the most BEAUTIFUL park ever. While we were walking around getting hard-core rejected, we came around a bend in the path and saw this little field of just gorgeous flowers, purple, red, yellow, and white. And these 3 little kids were running through them, laughing.  And I watched this and just felt the spirit so strong. I started crying and just thought “this is what heaven must look like!” It was just so special.
After that we went back to a huge church and I got to start off the conference with a BOMB musical number with Elder Porter.  See the YouTube link below. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it!  It was super fun, and everyone loved it. 
The conference part was wonderful. President Naatjes (pronounced like ‘notches’) had some wonderful comments about how we are pioneers in our own time, and there were a bunch of trainings. At the end, President also gave me a blessing! My mental health struggles have been making themselves seen the past couple weeks, so I’m continuing to learn and grow in my knowledge of what can help me! Everyone in leadership here and other missionaries have been sooo supportive, which is amazing. Don’t worry everyone, I’m still a ton better than I ever have been! It’s just important to work for a cure, rather than settle for recovery.
Anyway, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Here’s the Geschicte (story):
So we were on the way to our hotel Friday night, and there was this lady who sat next to me and asked about our tags. So I was like, OPPORTUNITY. I tried to place a book of Mormon, but as I did, everyone started getting off the train. I didn’t have time to convince her, so I got out a Findechristus card instead. But it was stuck in my bag. I finally got it out, and then went the doors…. and they closed. And the train started PULLING AWAY.
So, I start pounding on the window, and watched as everyone starts walking up the stairs out of the station as the train pulls away… and they all disappear. And I am alone. So I start freaking out. Thinking, “they’ll probably be halfway to the hotel by the time they notice I’m gone!” The lady I was talking to is really sorry, and tells me that if I get off at the next station, another train will come. So I get off and book it to the other side of the platform, my brain saying “think, think, think” over and over again. Then I say to myself “saying think isn’t thinking! I have to actually do something!” So I get my phone and start calling numbers. 
I get on the next train, leaving a message to President that went a little like this – “hi President I got separated from the – oh OH they’re here! OK I’m okay!” I came into the station and everyone was there waiting for me!! I got off and ran into one of the sisters’ arms, crying and shaking. Everyone surrounded me and asked what happened, and then Sister Osguthorpe came and bear hugged me. Let’s just say, we firmly believe in the within sight and sound rule now. 
Sunday was nice, Sister Osguthorpe was a bit tired from getting the second vaccination shot, but we made it through the day. Left the house at 8 am and didn’t get back till 6. As a missionary should.
Today for P-fay we visited Zürich for a while, did some shopping and visited the OPERA HOUSE!!! Ah it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Pics below
Hats off to you if you made it this far. Stay tuned for more stories next week! 
Schönen Laben noch!
Sister Miltimore

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