Alpine German-Speaking Mission

Rachel Completes Her Missionary Service

Rachel was called to serve as a Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in December of 2020.  She served with honor for 18 months, ending her missionary service on June 9, 2022. 

Rachel will resume her studies at Brigham Young University in August, 2022 where she is majoring in Vocal Performance.    

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The Alpine German-Speaking mission is headquartered in Munich, Germany and encompasses Southern Germany (Bavaria), Eastern Switzerland and Austria.  (See map below)

Rachel learned the German language during her 18 month mission.  She has grown to love Germany and the German people and looks forward to a lifetime of affiliation with those that she met and now calls her friends.  She has plans to pursue a graduate degree from a German university once she completes her bachelors degree from BYU.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sister Miltimore was temporarily re-assigned to the Saint George, Utah Mission.  She served in that mission until conditions improved.  In June 2021, she was transferred to Zegreb, Croatia where she quarantined for two weeks prior to beginning her service in the Alpine German-Speaking Mission. 

The Saint George Utah Mission is based in the city of Saint George and covers much of Southern Utah beginning just South of Provo.  The mission was created in 2010 from area carved out of the Provo Utah mission.  At the time, the Provo Mission had the largest number of Stakes of any mission in the world and it became too difficult to administer the work of the mission.  

Rachel spoke English during her time in the St. George Mission but continued to practice the German language so she would prepared once she was cleared to travel.  She left behind many new friends and cherished memories in the city of Cedar City, which is where she spent her time in the St. George Mission.