Richterswil – Week 10

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Richterswil, CH - Week 10

(week 36)

Hoi zäme!! 
Breaking news: I’m getting transferred!!! I head to Stuttgart Germany tomorrow, and I will be serving in the German ward. There is also an international ward, and we will be living in a quad (foursome) with those sisters!! So I will definitely have some fun times ahead… My new companion is Sister Smith, also an STL (sister training leader) and is great at German. So I should be well taken care of!!
It’s been a lot of packing, saying goodbyes and whatnot. I’m super sad to be leaving Switzerland – I’ve learned so much here, and gained so many wonderful friends! I bought my last pieces of Switzerland today – Halba salted caramel chocolate, and Ovalmatine chocolate sandwiches crackers. They are both literally to die for, and I will miss them dearly. Oh, and the members too. They’re pretty great. 
Anyway, this week! Yet again, it was a thousand years long. Let’s jump in and see what I remember!
Wednesday was a pretty normal day. We went to visit my favorite lady, Eva Landis! I found out she’s like, OLD old…. she remembers World War 2 and what it was like during that time! Crazy, crazy stuff. We also visited her this morning, and talked a little bit about the state of the world. She wished me all the best, and said that she’d remember me. Knowing that woman’s mind, I know she will! I hope I get the chance to come back and visit her… but if she joins her husband in heaven before I get the chance, I’ll be happy for her. Her music and the crazy catholic lady can only keep her busy for so long… she’s still kicking though so I’m pretty sure she’ll still be around!
Thursday began the 2 day tausch (exchange) with Sister Meyer! Sister Osguthorpe and Sister Muntinga took a (short!) 5 hour train trip to Munich for MLC (mission leadership conference). So we took over the Bonstetten international ward for a couple days! Thursday started with a long trip out to an appointment that never happened (sad) so we talked about our future weddings until the bus left without us (hehe, we missed a lot of travel plans that day. They always fell through, aber so ist das Leben! So is life!)
We stopped at a park and planned our next lesson. Then we made it but a little late to our appointment with Klaus! He is 11 and sooooo ready for the gospel. We taught about prophets and the Holy Ghost. We invited him to pray every night… and we made a little chart for him to fill out so he remembers! It was so cute – as we left, we watched him tape it up right next to his bed! I could have melted. I was so happy!
After meeting with Klaus we went home for a little bit, then headed back out into the world again for an appointment with a recently returned sister missionary who served in England! We had the BEST TIME talking up a storm, and they served us the most British meal ever – fish pie (white fish in white sauce covered in mashed potatoes and stuck in the oven) with peas and carrots, with ice cream for dessert. Because it was a fellow missionary, I helped myself to seconds and thirds, because I know she knows how it be sometimes. We be hungry. And it was super delicious.
Then we raced home to teach the Komm und Folge Mir nach (Come follow me) discussion for my ward in Rochterswil! Unfortunately, right after I asked the question… the area phone DIED and the Hotspot went out so we lost our connection!!! It took about 10 minutes to get back on, but they were so good and just kept going without us. It ended up being one of my favorite discussions I’ve been a part of, and I led most of it! Sister Meyer commented on my German after (she is fluent) but I’m still happy. It was nice to contribute. 
Then! We slept. 
And the next day began! From 8:45 am till 4:30 pm we were involved in a grand service project. We were putting together feminine hygiene kits with homemade materials for women in 3rd world countries!! It was a lot of fun, we talked to a lot of people. Sister Meyer and I spent a lot of time hand pressing snaps into the products… I was sore for a couple days after pushing on the stamper thing!
I’ll be honest, Friday was a hard day for me. My mental health took quite the dip… Sister Meyer was super understanding, and helped me talk through what I was feeling. It was hard, and I didn’t understand why it had to be so hard. But, one interesting thing that really really made a difference. That morning as I lay meditating on the floor instead of doing frühsport (morning exercise) I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to have an eternal perspective. To have patience. And as I had a meltdown later that day… Even in my darkest moments, I still felt that eternal perspective I had asked for a peek through the curtains of my worries, doubts, and fears. God taught me a lot about patience this week – 2 canceled counseling appointments, discovering I’d get transferred when I thought I would stay, feeling honestly pretty crappy for some time. I learned that… you’re not going to know what exactly to do. And that it takes time for blessings to be seen. But as we look for the blessings we already have, we will see the blessings we want a lot sooner. 
And for those of you who may worry, my mental health is improving over time, and I am seeking all the help that I can to support my situation. I’m grateful for companions, friends, leaders, and family members who have done everything they can to support me. I wouldn’t be here without you.
Anyway! Saturday we got transfer calls. Some more breaking news… Sister Osguthorpe and I will be singing for ELDER BEDNAR when he comes in a couple weeks!!!!!! We will be having another mission wide conference, in Stuttgart, my new home town. I couldn’t be more excited.
Saturday we also had an appointment with the Krähenbühl couple! (Pronounced krayen-bool) President K is one of the counselors of President Naatjes, and covers Switzerland. Since Sister Osguthorpe is an STL they’ve done a lot together, so they invited us over for dinner. New foods I tried (and my opinions) included:
  • -salad dressing on the salad. Still not a fan. Too much vinegar. 
  • -red bell peppers. I have had them before, but never loved them. The way she made them was delicious! I admit, they are now on the I will eat them when they are placed in front of me list. Someday they may make it on the, I will buy them in order to eat them but only time will tell.
  • -handpressed grape juice (not wine I promise) that was very expensive and meant a lot to them… I’m sorry, it tastes like cherry medicine to me. My taste buds just can’t appreciate it. I finished what was given to me out of fear… both of president K, and my companion
The rest of the meal was also fantastic.
Sunday was another good day! I got to say my goodbyes to a lot of people. I also sang with Sister Gysler in a sacrament meeting! She almost became an opera singer, so it was really good. Everyone really, really loved it. We sang Come Thou Fount and I took the harmony part which was super fun to figure out. We balanced really well and just had a great time!  After church we had a lunch appointment with the Koch family, who were my first meal appointments in Switzerland. We ended how we started. They are a great family, and they fed us really well. For the first time in my life I had to decline dessert because I was too full!! And no, my second stomach was also full. I was eating my first helping thinking “oh yeah, ill totally want/need seconds” and then I finished my plate and was like “shoot, I am FULL but this woman is warming up more stuff for me to eat.” So I had to eat it. I think I had rice for dinner? I honestly don’t remember I was too full. 
And then Monday! Long week! We had my last district council meeting in die Schweiz 😭. It was great, we shared testimonies, and had lunch together afterwards. We wrote bye bye notes to each other and just appreciated some time together.  Oh, and we took chair pics! I’m getting taller! It’s both good and scary! Scary from a height standpoint and from a oh no I’m ALMOST HALFWAY WHEN AND HOW DID THAT HAPPEN way.
After that we came home… discovered we had one of the other sisters’ phones in my bag (I swear a ghost or an elder did it cause it was NOT me) Went back down to bahnhof, and then finally got home and did studies. I wrote more bye bye notes. Then packing. And packing. And… packing. I think you get the picture.
Today has also been epic! As I mentioned we visited my fav lady Eva Landis, then we took to the streets of Luzern! That’s Lucerne for my American friends. Today was Elder Barker’s birthday (whoop whoop for all those who actually read my emails you will now discover that my birthday is on Thursday hehe. The day after the transfer. Sigh.) So we did all kinds of stuff! We visited a clock tower, and a park, and got yummy Swiss lunch, and played chess in the park! I’ve gotten to talk to my family a bit more, and now I just need to go to our apartment and…. can you guess it? Pack. Whoopdidoo! 😅
I’m also going to open my birthday package so anyone who in any way contributed… Thank you in advance!
Alrighty! I love you all soooooooooo much and I hope you have the best week! See you all next time from Stuttgart!!
Sister Miltimore

Richterswil – Week 9

Swiss SVG

Richterswil, CH - Week 9

(week 35)


Ich hoffe, dass alles gut ist!

I’m learning a ton. Super ton. Fun times.

What a long week! I feel like I say that every week! I think it’s just the p-days are somehow slower than normal days, which is weird because that was never the case in Cedar. But, Esch Guet! (That is Swiss German for es ist gut for my other German speaking friends. Just… Just try to say it. I’m almost tempted to include a little voice memo of it for kicks and giggles)

Anyways, some people we visited this week included:
Eva Landis, our favorite old lady. Seriously, an angel
The Schlucter family! They are so great. Sister Shlucter is from America, so she made us burgers with cheddar cheese and homemade brownies 😍😍😍😍 I was in heaven. It is Switzerland after all.
The Hiemer couple! They are just so funny. We ended up talking a lot about the temple, which was pretty special. They also made us Indian yellow curry and it was delicious. My taste buds have SERIOUSLY been expanded. I still don’t like sauces though. Condiments just aren’t the schmeck (taste, flavor. We use that word for EVERYTHING. black shirt? Not the schmeck. Rain? Not the schmeck. Literally anything that doesn’t seem so great, Not the schmeck)

We also did exchanges with Sister Karin and Jäkkö from Friday to Saturday! It was PERFECT because my comp, Sister Osguthorpe, had her birthday on Saturday! So while she was away with Sister Jäkkö, Sister Karin and I decorated the house. Balloons, streamers, banners, the whole shibang. When we got home Saturday night she was so surprised! Best ever.

Saturday we also went to a stake activity at a lake in the mountains! We caught a ride, and hung out by the water for a few hours. I dipped my feet in (don’t worry I only got about ankle deep and only cause people kept losing toy balls and I wasn’t wearing shoes and socks so…. I was the best water wading candidate. Not complaining though). We had some fun and then got McDonald’s with some other missionaries afterwards. Man, American food is a salt BOMB. More on salt bombs later.

Sunday was great too! Church went over time… one of our service missionaries and our patriarch were asked to speak, AND we had an intermediate hymn soooo it was kind of a recipe for disastrous punctuality. Sunday school with the young men and women afterwards was a schmeck aka, great, and I actually understood some of the Swiss German!!! Crazy!!!

That night it was sooooooo hot in our apartment, so we opened the door and the windows and just let the house air out ( they have blinds on the outside of windows and door here, so we were safe leaving the door open). But then we woke up at 3:30 in the morning to a freaking HURRICANE outside. The whole sky was brown, couldn’t see anything but the trees right outside our windows just being bashed around. I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t more damage. So I had to get up in the middle of the night and close everything. But, it was SUCH a blessing, cause we literally were melting and now it’s cool again. Not great for the Swiss vacationers. Great for missionaries in suits and skirts. Einfach schön (simple beautiful)

Monday was quite the day. We had district council meeting which is always a schmeck, aka great, so we love that. Afterwards though, we all went down to Coop (which is like, a Kroger/Smiths but with target or whole foods prices lol) and got Ramen packages to make for lunch. oh my gosh. It schmecked (it actually did taste really good) but boy did it WRECK Sister Osguthorpe and I. We had a zoom lesson with Ruban right after and I nodded off!! We were both so dead. Laid on the couch in the young womens room at our church for like, half an hour after just staring into space. Side note though, Ruban is doing great! When we first started, one chapter was enough for him, but now we are getting into the complicated chapters in the end of 2 Nephi and I honestly think he would have read more if we hadn’t been so Tod (German for Death). Very proud of him.

And that brings us to today! We had to get up at 5:30 this morning to catch a train to the TEMPLE!!! We did endowments today!! I got to take a few family names so that was pretty cool. The session was in German, but I had a little translation device. It was very cool to hear the difference, and we actually had the service missionary, Tom, from our ward lead the session! He is also a temple worker, and did a great job. It was pretty much just missionaries which was so cool. Just being in the temple was great, as soon as I stepped foot inside I could feel it was holy ground.

Afterwards, we hung out with the other missionaries for a bit and I got a calzone kebap! A calzone… with donor kebap meat inside. It quite literally schmecked but as you can see from the pic below he was a big boy and I had to let a couple elders finish him for me cause I just couldn’t. Shout-out to them.

Also!!! Miracle time!! A couple weeks ago, when I went on exchanges with Sister Muntinga I lost one of my missionary tags. I thought it was lost forever. Last night, one of the elders messaged a picture of himself WITH my tag!! Of course I asked how, and apparently one of the members of their ward is a bus driver, and just happened to do a route in the city where those sisters live and just happened to see it lying somewhere at a bus stop. They talked to him and he was like “do you know a Sister m\Miltimore?” And they were like “oh, you mean Sister Muntinga?” (They are double covering the same wards) and he replied “no Sister Miltimore.” So obviously they were like whaaaat??? But yeah. I got my tag back yay!!!!

Also, also, also. There is a little store outside of the temple for temple/member things and I may or may not have spent more money there than I did on groceries. Hehe. My backpack is now very holy, because it has 2 temple pins and a temple key chain. Hehehehehe. I was sooo excited!!! You know you’re a missionary when…!

I love you all sooooo much!!! Have a fantastisch week!!

Sister Miltimore

Richterswil – Week 8

Swiss SVG

Richterswil, CH - Week 8

(week 34)

What an amazing week!! Let’s get into it.

So, Wednesday of last week feels like a MILLION YEARS ago but I’ll try to remember. We went to Einsiedeln to do studies and finding, buuuuuut it was raining so nobody was out. We were going to do personal study inside the church (hehe the Book of Mormon in the catholic church hehe) but they were doing back to back services so yeah. Less than great, we tried though!

Thursday we went and visited our favorite Lady Eva Landis! I think I’ve mentioned her before, but she’s a member who is basically the mother of like, half of the members of the stake. And she grew up in the church, which is crazy for here. She’s amazing, we visit her every week and just love seeing her. One of my favorite people. She just bops out to her music all day and is like “I’ve got my music, I’m good. Just waiting to join my husband in heaven” and we’re like cool okay…😅

Friday we did exchanges! I went with Sister Muntiga to Bonstetten. We had a good time, pretty chill studies day, ate some bomb food (I found this new recipe for cooking rice and I LOVE IT. Email me if you want it it’s so easy and seriously could eat it every meal) and just hung out.

Saturday we exchanged back at the Austellung in Lonstanz Germany! Honestly, it wasn’t put together that great, so we were a little discombobulated. Not much happened, but I felt like God was very aware of us as we walked around which was really cool. He knows where you are, and He’s there with you.

Sunday was a great day! Church and the sacrament are always great. We also had a lesson with Ruban and hung out with Tom afterwards for a while. It was funny though because we forgot the lesson was at the church and not over zoom, so we had about 5 minutes to leave to catch our bus. But we made it with time to spare!! God makes things happen!

Monday was also a fantastic day. It was warm and sunny (it’s been really cold and rainy here lately, so it was a blessing!). We had district council in the morning, and I had a request and a reward for one of the elders:

The request: a priesthood blessing. It was beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear.
The reward: (not actually, but) a crochet panda I made for him!

A little bit ago, I was working on a crochet creature during district council, and he saw it and was like “can you make me a PANDA??? 🤩🤩🤩🤩” And this Elder also likes the color pink. So naturally, it had to be a pink panda. He loved it, it fits in his front pocket and on his little tec-dec skateboard (go check him out on Insta, @tdgodsquad) so I felt very accomplished. Pics below. The next project has already begun, so stay tuned for more crochet creations from your favorite sister missionary!

Tuesday P-day: what an EPIC p-day we had!!! We went up to Stanserhorn, the most amazing mountain with a cool gondola you ride up to the top to see the most gorgeous views. We took brats and fondue and a ton of other food up there and had a grand old picnic as a zone. It was super fun. Got to see some of my favorite missionaries, and just had a blast.

Alright-y that is all! Revelation is REALl! I’m here for you! Have a great week!

Sister Miltimore

Richterswil – Week 7

Swiss SVG

Richterswil, CH - Week 7

(week 33)

Greuzi und hallo! 

Yet another week has passed, and the adventure continues!

Can you guys believe how long I’ve been doing this? It’s been almost 8 months!! Thank you to everyone who has been sticking with me. I can’t thank you for all your support, big and small.

Also, quick request! If you haven’t seen, Cedar City had MAJOR flooding this week, so pray for everybody there! And if you’re one of my Cedar peeps, know that I am also praying for you!

Let the games begin:

Wednesday we did exchanges! Sister Gutke came and joined me in Richterswil. We had a very low key day, very chill.

Thursday we did the BIGGEST SERVICE PROJECT wow! The mission president counselor over Switzerland has a less active daughter living in our area. She had some damage to her yard with all the rain and flooding. So we went with a couple elders and cleaned things up! We were there for 6 HOURS and did a TON of work, chopping and hauling stuff away. It was so cute though, watching the little kids “help” the elders with their work. The older kids tortured us by jumping on their trampoline and into the pool they had set up (2 things as missionaries that we are NOT allowed to do)

Friday we did some crazy fun stuff! We spent the day making videos for social media! One of the social media sisters in our zone reached out to me last week and asked if I’d be willing to do an Instagram interview. And sing! So we made the video! It was fun. We also helped out with a hype up video for the Swiss national holiday on Sunday, and it took us to Zug! The lake is still really high, so I took my shoes off and splashed in the water that came over the edge. BEST EVER.
To view the funny Swiss Holiday Video, follow the link:!ApEjHKmVcHc5goVd3ogXd7Y9xi5rbA?e=kFFnnu

Saturday we did an Ausstellung in Zürich again! It was great. I gave out ein Buch Mormon with my testimony in it! We gave out a bunch and talked to a ton of people.

Sunday was also pretty good! Fast and testimony meeting and the opportunity to take the sacrament is always great. We also had a lesson with Ruban again! He is doing great, and I was really able to contribute in German, which was quite the miracle for me! It was also the Swiss national holiday, so we fell asleep to fireworks! They were… very close to our windows. Hehe. Kinda interesting. And not nearly as epic as the USA (no one knows how to blow stuff up as good as we do 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲)

Monday was distriktrat and boy did we have fun! We ended up spending most of it playing a game (called Signs) and just laughing our heads off. I freaking LOVE my district. Great missionaries doing great things. We also took the train to….. drum roll please…. MÜNCHEN (Munich).

I had a visa appointment this morning, so we took the 5 hour train ride to Germany, spent the night with some sisters, took care of that this morning and then spent some time in Munich! Super fun, got to see some old friends. And we went to a carnival!! It was on the grounds where they normally have Oktoberfest (which I was at in 2017 IN THE SAME PLACE), and we had some super fun. We rode carnival rides, ate pretzels and doner boxes.

Anyway, that’s all for this week folks! Tune in next week for more Swiss antics from your favorite Sis Milty!


Sister Miltimore

Richterswil – Week 6

Swiss SVG

Richterswil - Week 6

(week 32)

Grüezi!!! Wie geht es euch??
Boy has it been a week here in Europe! I would say Switzerland… but I wasn’t just in Switzerland this week. Hang on, it’ll be quite the ride.
Here’s some click bait to keep you reading. This week Sister Miltimore:
Led the area for a day
Went to Stuttgart for a MISSION WIDE conference.
Saw a piece of heaven
Sang a beautiful song
Let us begin:
Last week was crazy! On Wednesday we had exchanges with Sister Jäkkö and Sister Karin! Sister Jäkkö came and joined me in Richterswil. I led the attack for the day. Cooked every meal. Washed almost every dish (she made me let her help). Visited 4 less active members… and discovered that NONE of them live where our records say they did. Big sigh, because it was hot. And because we wrote notes for them. We thought about leaving the notes in random mailboxes, but then we remembered that we said “we hope we see you soon” and we thought….. that’s a little creepy, not really the vibe we are going for.
Friday and Saturday was the EPIC MISSION WIDE CONFERENCE. We left nice and early, rode the train for like 5 hours, and then immediately went finding in the most BEAUTIFUL park ever. While we were walking around getting hard-core rejected, we came around a bend in the path and saw this little field of just gorgeous flowers, purple, red, yellow, and white. And these 3 little kids were running through them, laughing.  And I watched this and just felt the spirit so strong. I started crying and just thought “this is what heaven must look like!” It was just so special.
After that we went back to a huge church and I got to start off the conference with a BOMB musical number with Elder Porter.  See the YouTube link below. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it!  It was super fun, and everyone loved it. 
The conference part was wonderful. President Naatjes (pronounced like ‘notches’) had some wonderful comments about how we are pioneers in our own time, and there were a bunch of trainings. At the end, President also gave me a blessing! My mental health struggles have been making themselves seen the past couple weeks, so I’m continuing to learn and grow in my knowledge of what can help me! Everyone in leadership here and other missionaries have been sooo supportive, which is amazing. Don’t worry everyone, I’m still a ton better than I ever have been! It’s just important to work for a cure, rather than settle for recovery.
Anyway, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Here’s the Geschicte (story):
So we were on the way to our hotel Friday night, and there was this lady who sat next to me and asked about our tags. So I was like, OPPORTUNITY. I tried to place a book of Mormon, but as I did, everyone started getting off the train. I didn’t have time to convince her, so I got out a Findechristus card instead. But it was stuck in my bag. I finally got it out, and then went the doors…. and they closed. And the train started PULLING AWAY.
So, I start pounding on the window, and watched as everyone starts walking up the stairs out of the station as the train pulls away… and they all disappear. And I am alone. So I start freaking out. Thinking, “they’ll probably be halfway to the hotel by the time they notice I’m gone!” The lady I was talking to is really sorry, and tells me that if I get off at the next station, another train will come. So I get off and book it to the other side of the platform, my brain saying “think, think, think” over and over again. Then I say to myself “saying think isn’t thinking! I have to actually do something!” So I get my phone and start calling numbers. 
I get on the next train, leaving a message to President that went a little like this – “hi President I got separated from the – oh OH they’re here! OK I’m okay!” I came into the station and everyone was there waiting for me!! I got off and ran into one of the sisters’ arms, crying and shaking. Everyone surrounded me and asked what happened, and then Sister Osguthorpe came and bear hugged me. Let’s just say, we firmly believe in the within sight and sound rule now. 
Sunday was nice, Sister Osguthorpe was a bit tired from getting the second vaccination shot, but we made it through the day. Left the house at 8 am and didn’t get back till 6. As a missionary should.
Today for P-fay we visited Zürich for a while, did some shopping and visited the OPERA HOUSE!!! Ah it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Pics below
Hats off to you if you made it this far. Stay tuned for more stories next week! 
Schönen Laben noch!
Sister Miltimore

Richterswil – Week 5

Swiss SVG

Richterswil, CH - Week 5

(week 31)


Fast week here in Richterswil. Don’t remember a lot of it to be honest, so we’re gonna do a highlights reel

Last week was transfers! I and Sister Osguthorpe are obviously staying, but we did have to say goodbye to some dear friends. We also have some new ones! We ran off the train, and said some goodbyes.

Last Friday we went to this cool place called Einsiedeln! Apparently it is the location of one of the Black Madonnas in the world. There’s this HUGE church; we didn’t go inside but we are hoping to do an Ausstellung (street display) there sometime.

Saturday we did an Ausstellung in Zürich! Actually, it was just group finding, and it rained. But after walking around for a while, we came back to the square where we began and started helping a different religious street display take down their tent. We ended up each having a 30 minute conversation with the couple running it. It was in English, but it was really cool. I was able to testify of some truths of the Restoration and Plan of Salvation, and we got their numbers! So, hopefully something can happen for them.

Monday was also a crazy day. We had to go to Chor for district council meeting (1.5 hours away) then back to Zürich (another 2 hours away) for interviews with our mission president, and then back again to Zeigelbrücke (yet another hour away, which ended up being like 2 because the train was late AND broke). So we spent like 6 plus hours on the train or bus or tram. Yay. District council was great though, interviews with President were great, and our dinner appointment was pretty fantastic. The Hiemer couple are just the cutest, I love them.

This coming week we are doing a MISSION WIDE CONFERENCE in Stuttgart soooooo stay tuned for next week’s entry. I will also be singing at it. Hehe.

Liebe für alles! Tschüss!!

Sister Miltimore

Richterswil – Week 4


Richterswil, CH - Week 4

(week 30)

Grüezi wohl!

This week was 3 thousand years long. Like, seriously. Let’s get into it ….shall we?

I hit 7 months this next Friday. When did that happen?

Thursday to Friday morning I had exchanges with Sister Muntinga! Went to Wetzikon, had some laughs, did our nails with the young women… endured the CRAZIEST rainstorm ever. Just, amazing amounts of water. It has been very rainy this past week, and only more to come.

Friday we had a lesson with Rubin again! He is such a solid recent convert, just absolutely amazing. He asked us for a Book of Mormon to give to his friend and we gladly obliged.

Saturday was interesting. I for some reason, was just not having it. Not a great day for Sister Miltimore. We had an Austellung in Oerlikon, and I just had like, zero desire to talk to people. But I did end up having a pretty great Bible bash with some guy. He went from “eh I don’t think God exists or is necessary to know”, to “the Bible is the word of God and that book (the Book of Mormon) is from Satan as is all organized religion”. So, it was an interesting conversation! We got Burger King with the elders afterwards (before you roast me, they do fast food different here, because here they don’t allow food to be awful. I was actually extremely pleased with my purchase).

Sunday also was great! I spoke in church… yes, I spoke in church auf deutsch. Crazy, I know! It was all thanks to Herr Google translate. But it was fun! Everybody liked it, and the spirit was strong. They said my pronunciation is good! We also got 2 meal appointments out of it sooooo…..

It’s a long story, so I won’t put it in here, but if you didn’t see my post about how I lost and found my missionary tag, go check out my Facebook page!

That night we also had a zoom meeting for the whole mission. It was the “dying testimonies”. Whenever missionaries finish their mission, before they go home (aka “die”) they give a dying testimony. I was feeling a little anxious as it started, and just said a prayer that I would feel better. The next 6 testimonies were exactly what I needed to hear- it was amazing. The Lord answers prayers.

Monday was distriktrat! Ahhhh so much fun but also sad because people are leaving 😫😫😫 big sigh. But we had a great time, I led a bomb training on the Holy Ghost, and Elder Hyde (from the UK) cooked some very good food.

That night we also had a very good meal with a very cute young couple. She is Vietnamese, and he is Swedish, and they speak broken English with each other. We had Vietnamese curry soup, and anyone who knows me knows that I have been a picky eater my whole life. But apparently, Switzerland has cured me because I just dug in and it was so good!!! I am very proud of my bravery, and the expansion of my taste buds.

Today for P-day we went to a CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Pics included. It was amazing. They have this chocolate fountain, and they gave us little porcelain spoons, and you just put them under the little spouts and pumped yourself some liquid chocolate. We probably ate at least 2 chocolate bars each in like, 10 min. It was fantastic.

Then, trying to get to a church building where some other missionaries were, we discovered just how hard it has been raining… trees and branches everywhere, water everywhere,it was just a mess. We were going to go hiking today but didn’t because of the rain… and we basically got a hike anyway! So it all works out!

Alrighty! Love you all! Read your scriptures and say your prayers this week. As our mission president said at zone conference about prayer, “its a commandment- straight up”

Sister Miltimore

Richterswil – Week 3


Richterswil, CH - Week 3

(week 29)

Hallo alle!!

It has been a FANTASTIC week here in Switzerland. Let me tell you about it.

First, as many of you know, I’ve had a rough go of things mentally on my mission. I am very happy to tell everybody that I am doing A TON better, and this week was probably one of the best on my mission. My anxiety is at an all time low, and just everything is fantastic. I am happy, a feeling I worried I’d never feel again. And I am so grateful.

Here’s some things that made me happy this week!

Thursday we did exchanges with the Winterthur sisters! I went to Winterthur with Sister Slater. She is so sweet! We had a great time, jamming out to Frozen in German, eating yummy vegetarian food at a members, and just hanging out.

This week was slow for our area, no new friends yet, but we did have a lesson on Sunday with our recent convert Rubin! Afterwards Tom (the service missionary in our ward who translates the Swiss German to high German for us) told me that in the past couple weeks my German has greatly improved!! It’s still kind of frustrating to not understand people sometimes, but I’m getting there!

Hilarious thing that happened: Saturday we went to 2 Austellungs, or street displays for missionary work. We set up a table, put out some copies of the Book of Mormon and pamphlets, and go talk to people on the streets. We did like 8 hours of street finding…in two different countries! The second was in Konstanz, Germany, and something crazy happened. There was this roaming bachelor party parade that walked past, and as they did, they squirted water at some of us- including my companion. She was holding a Book of Mormon, and basically said “well if you’re going to do that to me, then you’re going to take this Book!” So he did! A few of them felt bad we think, because they came back to talk to us. We placed 3 Books of Mormon!

But…. I did something kind of stupid. German is hard you guys. I tried to tell them that Jesus Christ appeared in America. I think I may have accidentally said that Jesus Christ IS American…. it made them very interested and very animated. Hehe. Oops.

Yesterday was zone conference for all of Switzerland!! I got to see a bunch of my Croatia buddies which was so fun. But it was also just a spiritual high. I never knew how right my original assignment would feel, but I feel like I’m really supposed to be here, like I finally truly belong. And everyone is just so welcoming. Our presidents wife, Sister Naatjes, talked about the importance of journaling, something I’ve been working on this past week. President Naatjes talked about prayer and it was SO GOOD. Literal fire. We set goals, and just did a ton of stuff. It was great.

Today we spent the day in Luzern! That’s Lucerne for all you American people (idk why we change the names of things it’s so weird). Anyway, we went in a little group of elders and sisters and it’s been SO FUN. Long train rides, walking around, we took a boat ride and a little train up into the clouds of the mountains. So beautiful, so hilarious, so fun. Best day ever, with some of the best company.

Have a fantastic week everybody!

Sister Miltimore

Richterswil – Week 2

Richterswil, CH - Week 2

(week 28)

Hallo Alle!!!

What a week! It feels like yesterday was P-day, and yet the temple feels like a thousand years ago. So here we go:

Yay, the temple! It was beautiful, got to hang out with zone peeps, it was great.

Wednesday was a pretty slow day, just did studies and caught up on some laundry that didn’t get done while we were in Bern on Tuesday.

Thursday the crazy began. My companion Sister Osguthorpe is an STL (sister training leader) and had to go with Munich with the other STL for a meeting. Since the other STL (Sister Muntinga) is also with a Croatia trainee like me, they didn’t want to just leave us to the wolves, so we went with the Sisters in Winterthur for the day. We went to a couple of meal appointments, did some studies, laughed it up and had a great time.

The next day we went back to the the train station to send off one of the Winterthur sisters to Munich, along with about half the mission to get their covid vaccinations! So then we were a trio. And….. I came down with a cold. So we stayed in and did pretty much nothing except studies and sleep. We were going to go home that night, but plot twist! The train that my companion and everyone else was coming back to Switzerland on was delayed and then broke down! So they had to find somewhere else to stay for the night and it was a WHOLE thing.

Next morning, this is now Saturday BTW, we go pick up our companions and everyone is exhausted and I am sick so we just go home to Richterswil, which was sad cause we had to miss the Austellung! That’s the street contacting thing we did last week… I was sad to miss it but both of us were honestly so out of it. We both came home and pretty much crashed. I did  3 hours of language study and crocheted and slept. We went and got frozen pizza for dinner (also, frozen pizza here is much better than in the states. Food in general here is just higher quality.)

Sunday I still wasn’t feeling too hot, so we skipped church and did our lunch appointment over zoom instead. It was like, the longest day ever. It finally rolled around to about 15 o’clock and I was like “yes the day is almost through soon.. I may sleep” and then I realized that 15 is actually 3 in the afternoon and I was like 😫😫😫. Sooooo …yeah it was still a good day, it was just long.

This weekend I did my first ever Facebook finding and started talking to this guy in Nigeria. We’re trying to connect him to his local missionaries but so far we are just trying to keep the conversation going. He’s pretty sweet, but it’s just funny because so far Facebook finding has been literally every internet safety practice my parents warned me NOT TO DO. It’s like the apostles were just like “yes, let’s have young women talk to shady guys on the internet that seems like the perfect way to spread the gospel”. Not really, but it does feel so weird to actually respond to the random messages I get from random people and be all like “hey wanna hear about Jesus?”  It’s kind of hilarious and very uncomfortable, so truly the perfect storm.

Yesterday we had district council and it was super fun because we made lunch together! If you could call what we made “food”… a couple of the Elders introduced us all to the Samoan  – which is ramen noodles fried with an egg, put on two pieces of toasted bread with cheese, lettuce, and hot chili sauce. I could only finish half of mine…. it wasn’t terrible. Pics included, email me if you want the recipe 😅😅😅

It was also nice because the Elders gave my companion and I priesthood blessings. I’ve gotten a fair amount of them on my mission so far, and I’m so grateful for priesthood power. My blessing was a testimony builder for me, because the Elder who gave it talked about things that he never could have known about me, that I had not told him or anyone else about. Hearing what the Lord had to say to me is always a big blessing, and I know it will continue to guide me for a while.

PSA: if you’re ever wondering of you should get a priesthood blessing or not, JUST DO IT!!!  It never hurts, and it is a tool and ability the Lord gives us. There’s no right or wrong time, no right or wrong amount, just follow the spirit and if it’s telling you to get a blessing, do it. Every time I’ve gotten one I feel so much better after. There, now I’ve said it, now it is known.

Anyway!!  Today we did a double zone Füßball game (soccer). It was pretty beautiful until right after it ended, and now it’s been DUMPING rain. And I didn’t bring a rain jacket! Luckily my comp is always prepared and had an umbrella. But anyway, St Gallan zone (aka my zone, the best zone) won 7-5!!! It was pretty great to watch everybody play.  I’m not much of a sports woman, so I supported from the sidelines. It was tons of fun to see my Croatia buddies and just hang with people.

The rest of the day is going to be getting food, buying shoes hopefully (I get to wear sandals and I’m SO PUMPED) and then doing some contacting! Maybe we will call some of the old ladies in our ward, who knows. Might get crazy.


Sister Miltimore

Richterswil – Week 1


Richterswil, CH - Week 1

(week 27)


I am officially in Switzerland!! My area is the Dorf (village/town) of Richterswil. It’s a quaint little place where a lot of wealthy people try to live because taxes are lower here than other parts of Switzerland. Needless to say, I’m excited for member appointments.

It has been THE CRAZIEST WEEK of my whole life. I feel like I say that every week, but yeah.

So! What even happened?! We left Croatia on Thursday and flew to Munich. I was super sad to leave some of my friends, but luckily quite a few of them came with me. 22 of us, 18 of which are sisters, came to the Alpine Mission, so it’s a party and a half. I talked to a guy named Stephan from Munich for the whole plane ride over from Croatia. He was super nice, had good English, and made me promise I’d try weißwurst (white sausage). We’ll see about that.

We met our mission president at the airport! He is seriously THE BEST and I already love him. One of the elders accidentally left his suitcase by baggage claim and shut half the airport down, we are talking bomb squad and he almost got arrested. We sat outside and ate McDonald’s LOL! We stayed the night in a super nice youth hostel. The next morning we found out where we were being assigned, and then had interviews with President Naajtes. Then the adventure TRULY began.

We got on a train to Zürich, which was all well and dandy… until it went kaputt. She done broke down on us. Luckily we weren’t totally in the middle of nowhere. But we were stuck at the tiny bahnhoff (train station) for a good 2 hours. Less than stellar. Luckily, we got in contact with the mission office and let them know. The train put us all on buses, took us to the next station, and we finally made it to Zürich. I met my new companion – Sister Osguthorpe!! She is literally the sweetest and most supportive person ever, and I already have so many little things for my quote book. It’s been three days and I’m already like “president don’t you dare move either of us.” I don’t think he will though anytime soon since we are whitewashing the area.

Sorry this is literally the longest email in the world, but I still have more to say! Good for you if you read all this way through, but I’ll do a TLDR at the end if you wanna skip ahead, I get it.

Saturday was my first full day in the area…. we left and went over to Winterthur. There we did a zone Ausstellung (street contacting with a cute little bike stand – pics below) and armed ourselves with some copies of das Buch Mormon and a kliene unfrage (a small survey) about Jesus! We gave out a couple of pass along cards, and I even opened my mouth and talked to a little old lady on a park bench. “Hallo! Heute wir machen eine kleine umfrage. Haben Sie ein Paar minuten?” (Hello! Today we are doing a small survey. Do you have a few minutes?) She kind of looked confused and then I said “Es ist über Jesus Christus” (it’s about Jesus Christ) and she flat out rejected me! So I was like oh okay “tchüsse- bye” and left her alone. I guess the little lady doesn’t want Jesus. My comp told just about everyone that I went up to someone on my first day and everyone’s eyes got wide and they congratulated me. So I guess I’m just special and brave (just kidding, but I was a little pleasantly surprised to have excelled in that way! Gotta celebrate the victories!)

We did a little zone testimony meeting afterwards and then stake conference! The next day on Sunday we went back for the morning session of stake conference. Its about a 2 hour train ride to the stake center and afterward a woman in our ward offered us a ride back in her car. It takes half the time in a car, so we were happy about that. We followed her to the parking lot and she paused at a pretty small, pretty beat up car but we were both like, hey it’s still better than the train. THEN>>>> she kept walking and got into a brand new bright blue Porsche! So yeah, THAT happened! Back in Richterswil we had a baptism in the ward! Walter, a boy in the ward, got baptized and it was great. I couldn’t understand any of the Swiss German, and I almost fell asleep, but they gave us watermelon and chips after so I was happy, especially since we hadn’t really eaten all day.

Monday was also pretty great! We had my first Swiss Distriktrat (district council) and took the prettiest train ride ever. I am serving in literal heaven guys, not even joking. Speaking of joking, my district is literally HILARIOUS and I love them. They are die beste. We are the only sisters in the district so I’m just surrounded by and get to hang our with elders and I love it. They are also super spiritual and sweet and I’m excited.

Monday night we had a lesson with our friend Ruban! He got baptized the week before Sister Osguthorpe got here, so about 3 weeks ago. He only speaks Swiss German and I only speak a little bit of high German sooooo yeah we were really glad to have our bestest bud Elder Ebhart aka “Tom” a service missionary in our ward who is basically their personal Swiss army knife (see see what I did there, cause he’s SWISS… sorry not sorry) so he was our interpreter. But I understood every 7th word, just enough to follow along. We were reading in 1 Nephi 1 and at the end I asked him a question about when he’s seen the mercy of the lord in his life. He talked about his baptism and how it made him feel like a new man. He just glowed. It’s so awesome and he gets the priesthood on Sunday!!

TLDR: I left Croatia, got to my area in Richterswill Switzerland, talked to someone on my first day and got rejected, and asked a bomb question in bomb German to our recent convert. And I’m happy. AND TODAY WE ARE GOING TO THE BERN TEMPLE so be jealous.

Love you all soooo much! Keep praying for your favorite missionary!

Sister Miltimore

1:Sister Osguthorpe and I the first night!
2:want a das Buch Mormon? We had like 6 different languages.
3: I made new friends. Sheep! They are near our church building and they have jingly bells that make the hillside sound like fairies are near.
4 & 4a: the view from my window. You may officially be jealous.
5-6: some beautiful views on the way to distriktrat
7:on the train to the temple today! More temple pics later or next week!
8: Biel, Switzerland
9: My District in Biel, Switzerland on the way to the temple
10: Temple in Bern, Switzerland
11: My companion, Sister Osguthorpe and I at the temple in Bern