MTC Week 3

I too must give

MTC Week 3

I not only survived this week, I thrived. Things are definitely beginning to fall into place. The work is getting easier and I’m settling into the routine… though I must admit I’m still very happy to be with my family for a little bit longer.
So, I’m sure you’re all dying dying to know how the lesson went…. it was a smashing success. The spirit was super strong, my companion and I were spitting out german left and right, and I even understood about 75% of what the man we taught was saying. Near the end, we were having some technical difficulties so I committed the cardinal sin of the first (or really any) lesson in your mission langauge… I asked him if he had any questions. I don’t know exactly what he said, but I heard Moroni 10:3-5, and something about the power of the Holy Ghost. So I jumped in and bore the best testimony I could about the Holy Ghost. It was nothing special, and I could tell it didn’t exactly answer his question, but I was just happy I understood and could speak enough about it. We have another lesson with him Friday, and are planning to prepare a lesson about the Holy Ghost which will hopefully be helpful to him.
Other things: the holidays are officially over. No more days off… but new years was pretty fun. We played games, had tons of food, and possibly my favorite part… I slept for about an hour or 2 before the ball dropped. Truly magnificent. 2021 will definitely be better than last year, and I’m humbly astounded by the knowledge that I will spend 100% of this year as a missionary for the lord.
Funny things: I just have to share the best thing ever. My district is hilarious. Yesterday in class we were trying to help each other memorize a phrase.  Sister Putnam had the phrase “die Heilige Handlung des Abendmahls wurde von Jesus Christus eingefürht,” which translates to “the ordinance of the sacrament was introduced by Jesus Christ.”  We were supposed to find a creative way to present it… and boy did she get creative. For context, “Heilige” means “holy” and “Handlung” means “action”. So, Sister Putnam took a piece of Swiss cheese (which is holey) and used some scissors to cut it (the action). We all started dying laughing, but it got worse when I just couldn’t resist putting in the chat that she literally “cut the cheese.” Thus ensued about 5 min of rib bruising laughter.
Okay I have to tell you one other funny thing from our group chat. One of the guys said “ich finde sie lahm” (I find you lame) and in all the sassy cleverness and glory I think I will ever muster I replied “judge not lest ye be judged with the same judgement.”
It took him five minutes to respond, and the response was “komm auf mich zu” which roughly translates to “come at me”
I have never been so proud of myself.

Alright! Things are going well. German is happening, and I’m finally learning to relax a little. Ich liebe euch alle!

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