MTC Week 2

I have officially survived another week of the MTC!

Have I mentioned its a roller coaster? Honestly, it’s all becoming a blur… but a few things stick out.

I am so blessed, that I got to spend Christmas with my family as a missionary. I had the normal waking up to presents, having waffles with my grandpa, and spending the day playing games and relaxing. We watched a missionary Christmas devotional that evening, and I just sat on the couch and cried because Elder Anderson said everything I needed to hear.

Other little things: Saturday night in class I did a mini lesson with my companion in German to our teacher. The spirit was strong and I just knew how to say things! It was great.

Monday we had an English lesson with seriously the most golden person ever, she was so ready for our message, like too good to be true. We were super pumped.

Yesterday was kind of cool.. I was not having a super great morning, feeling a little overwhelmed and just wanted to have a little pity party for myself. My mom said “let’s go for a drive and get some perspective… and some ice cream.” So we went, had some ice cream, shed a few tears, and I came home feeling a tiny bit better. Then my companion texted and said “aren’t we doing language study now?” And I thought oh no I am not ready but I guess let’s try. As we got into things, the heavens opened and i knew exactly what I wanted to say and could figure out how to say it! My companion and I were on the phone for almost 2 hours, working hard for our first lesson in german today, and the spirit was so strong.

Finally, today I got to go to the temple! My friend invited me to her endowment. It was so relaxing to spend that time in the temple, with no other obligations or worries. It was very special to see myself in the mirror in my temple clothing and with my missionary tag on. I honestly could have sat in front of the mirror all day. I didn’t want to leave the temple, it was so wonderful.

Now I get to enjoy another couple days out of classes for the new year!! It’s amazing to believe that I will spend the entirety of 2021 as a missionary… I’m sure it will be the most momentous year of my life thus far. I wonder how I will have changed a year from now?

I hope everyone enjoys their new year plans and makes good resolutions! Lets make this year a great one!

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