MTC Week 4 & 5

MTC Week 4 & 5

Sorry I missed last week! It was super busy, and I kept pushing it off until suddenly it was P-day again…

So, the last couple weeks!  Last week was the week of puzzles… enjoy the pictures because both of the puzzles have been replaced by new ones that will hopefully be finished before I leave.  They have been a great pastime for breaks from class, and very satisfying to work on.

Other things!  Lots of fun the past couple weeks.  My companion and I did 4 teaching appointments last week, two in English and two in German.  Our first lesson in German could have gone better… We had no idea what she was saying when she asked a question along the lines of: Jesus judges us on our works (good and bad) so do we get sent to heaven or *cough cough*? But our second one on Saturday went swimmingly and really showed me that the gift of tongues is super real.

My district is fantastic, and I am already devastated about leaving them soon. And my family.  I’m trying to soak up every last moment I have with them, while also waiting less than patiently for travel plans to arrive.  Still don’t know anything, but hopefully by the end of this last week of MTC!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Next time you hear from me, I’ll have officially graduated from the MTC!

Sister Rachel Miltimore

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