Richterswil – Week 2

Richterswil, CH - Week 2

(week 28)

Hallo Alle!!!

What a week! It feels like yesterday was P-day, and yet the temple feels like a thousand years ago. So here we go:

Yay, the temple! It was beautiful, got to hang out with zone peeps, it was great.

Wednesday was a pretty slow day, just did studies and caught up on some laundry that didn’t get done while we were in Bern on Tuesday.

Thursday the crazy began. My companion Sister Osguthorpe is an STL (sister training leader) and had to go with Munich with the other STL for a meeting. Since the other STL (Sister Muntinga) is also with a Croatia trainee like me, they didn’t want to just leave us to the wolves, so we went with the Sisters in Winterthur for the day. We went to a couple of meal appointments, did some studies, laughed it up and had a great time.

The next day we went back to the the train station to send off one of the Winterthur sisters to Munich, along with about half the mission to get their covid vaccinations! So then we were a trio. And….. I came down with a cold. So we stayed in and did pretty much nothing except studies and sleep. We were going to go home that night, but plot twist! The train that my companion and everyone else was coming back to Switzerland on was delayed and then broke down! So they had to find somewhere else to stay for the night and it was a WHOLE thing.

Next morning, this is now Saturday BTW, we go pick up our companions and everyone is exhausted and I am sick so we just go home to Richterswil, which was sad cause we had to miss the Austellung! That’s the street contacting thing we did last week… I was sad to miss it but both of us were honestly so out of it. We both came home and pretty much crashed. I did  3 hours of language study and crocheted and slept. We went and got frozen pizza for dinner (also, frozen pizza here is much better than in the states. Food in general here is just higher quality.)

Sunday I still wasn’t feeling too hot, so we skipped church and did our lunch appointment over zoom instead. It was like, the longest day ever. It finally rolled around to about 15 o’clock and I was like “yes the day is almost through soon.. I may sleep” and then I realized that 15 is actually 3 in the afternoon and I was like 😫😫😫. Sooooo …yeah it was still a good day, it was just long.

This weekend I did my first ever Facebook finding and started talking to this guy in Nigeria. We’re trying to connect him to his local missionaries but so far we are just trying to keep the conversation going. He’s pretty sweet, but it’s just funny because so far Facebook finding has been literally every internet safety practice my parents warned me NOT TO DO. It’s like the apostles were just like “yes, let’s have young women talk to shady guys on the internet that seems like the perfect way to spread the gospel”. Not really, but it does feel so weird to actually respond to the random messages I get from random people and be all like “hey wanna hear about Jesus?”  It’s kind of hilarious and very uncomfortable, so truly the perfect storm.

Yesterday we had district council and it was super fun because we made lunch together! If you could call what we made “food”… a couple of the Elders introduced us all to the Samoan  – which is ramen noodles fried with an egg, put on two pieces of toasted bread with cheese, lettuce, and hot chili sauce. I could only finish half of mine…. it wasn’t terrible. Pics included, email me if you want the recipe 😅😅😅

It was also nice because the Elders gave my companion and I priesthood blessings. I’ve gotten a fair amount of them on my mission so far, and I’m so grateful for priesthood power. My blessing was a testimony builder for me, because the Elder who gave it talked about things that he never could have known about me, that I had not told him or anyone else about. Hearing what the Lord had to say to me is always a big blessing, and I know it will continue to guide me for a while.

PSA: if you’re ever wondering of you should get a priesthood blessing or not, JUST DO IT!!!  It never hurts, and it is a tool and ability the Lord gives us. There’s no right or wrong time, no right or wrong amount, just follow the spirit and if it’s telling you to get a blessing, do it. Every time I’ve gotten one I feel so much better after. There, now I’ve said it, now it is known.

Anyway!!  Today we did a double zone Füßball game (soccer). It was pretty beautiful until right after it ended, and now it’s been DUMPING rain. And I didn’t bring a rain jacket! Luckily my comp is always prepared and had an umbrella. But anyway, St Gallan zone (aka my zone, the best zone) won 7-5!!! It was pretty great to watch everybody play.  I’m not much of a sports woman, so I supported from the sidelines. It was tons of fun to see my Croatia buddies and just hang with people.

The rest of the day is going to be getting food, buying shoes hopefully (I get to wear sandals and I’m SO PUMPED) and then doing some contacting! Maybe we will call some of the old ladies in our ward, who knows. Might get crazy.


Sister Miltimore

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