Richterswil – Week 1


Richterswil, CH - Week 1

(week 27)


I am officially in Switzerland!! My area is the Dorf (village/town) of Richterswil. It’s a quaint little place where a lot of wealthy people try to live because taxes are lower here than other parts of Switzerland. Needless to say, I’m excited for member appointments.

It has been THE CRAZIEST WEEK of my whole life. I feel like I say that every week, but yeah.

So! What even happened?! We left Croatia on Thursday and flew to Munich. I was super sad to leave some of my friends, but luckily quite a few of them came with me. 22 of us, 18 of which are sisters, came to the Alpine Mission, so it’s a party and a half. I talked to a guy named Stephan from Munich for the whole plane ride over from Croatia. He was super nice, had good English, and made me promise I’d try weißwurst (white sausage). We’ll see about that.

We met our mission president at the airport! He is seriously THE BEST and I already love him. One of the elders accidentally left his suitcase by baggage claim and shut half the airport down, we are talking bomb squad and he almost got arrested. We sat outside and ate McDonald’s LOL! We stayed the night in a super nice youth hostel. The next morning we found out where we were being assigned, and then had interviews with President Naajtes. Then the adventure TRULY began.

We got on a train to Zürich, which was all well and dandy… until it went kaputt. She done broke down on us. Luckily we weren’t totally in the middle of nowhere. But we were stuck at the tiny bahnhoff (train station) for a good 2 hours. Less than stellar. Luckily, we got in contact with the mission office and let them know. The train put us all on buses, took us to the next station, and we finally made it to Zürich. I met my new companion – Sister Osguthorpe!! She is literally the sweetest and most supportive person ever, and I already have so many little things for my quote book. It’s been three days and I’m already like “president don’t you dare move either of us.” I don’t think he will though anytime soon since we are whitewashing the area.

Sorry this is literally the longest email in the world, but I still have more to say! Good for you if you read all this way through, but I’ll do a TLDR at the end if you wanna skip ahead, I get it.

Saturday was my first full day in the area…. we left and went over to Winterthur. There we did a zone Ausstellung (street contacting with a cute little bike stand – pics below) and armed ourselves with some copies of das Buch Mormon and a kliene unfrage (a small survey) about Jesus! We gave out a couple of pass along cards, and I even opened my mouth and talked to a little old lady on a park bench. “Hallo! Heute wir machen eine kleine umfrage. Haben Sie ein Paar minuten?” (Hello! Today we are doing a small survey. Do you have a few minutes?) She kind of looked confused and then I said “Es ist über Jesus Christus” (it’s about Jesus Christ) and she flat out rejected me! So I was like oh okay “tchüsse- bye” and left her alone. I guess the little lady doesn’t want Jesus. My comp told just about everyone that I went up to someone on my first day and everyone’s eyes got wide and they congratulated me. So I guess I’m just special and brave (just kidding, but I was a little pleasantly surprised to have excelled in that way! Gotta celebrate the victories!)

We did a little zone testimony meeting afterwards and then stake conference! The next day on Sunday we went back for the morning session of stake conference. Its about a 2 hour train ride to the stake center and afterward a woman in our ward offered us a ride back in her car. It takes half the time in a car, so we were happy about that. We followed her to the parking lot and she paused at a pretty small, pretty beat up car but we were both like, hey it’s still better than the train. THEN>>>> she kept walking and got into a brand new bright blue Porsche! So yeah, THAT happened! Back in Richterswil we had a baptism in the ward! Walter, a boy in the ward, got baptized and it was great. I couldn’t understand any of the Swiss German, and I almost fell asleep, but they gave us watermelon and chips after so I was happy, especially since we hadn’t really eaten all day.

Monday was also pretty great! We had my first Swiss Distriktrat (district council) and took the prettiest train ride ever. I am serving in literal heaven guys, not even joking. Speaking of joking, my district is literally HILARIOUS and I love them. They are die beste. We are the only sisters in the district so I’m just surrounded by and get to hang our with elders and I love it. They are also super spiritual and sweet and I’m excited.

Monday night we had a lesson with our friend Ruban! He got baptized the week before Sister Osguthorpe got here, so about 3 weeks ago. He only speaks Swiss German and I only speak a little bit of high German sooooo yeah we were really glad to have our bestest bud Elder Ebhart aka “Tom” a service missionary in our ward who is basically their personal Swiss army knife (see see what I did there, cause he’s SWISS… sorry not sorry) so he was our interpreter. But I understood every 7th word, just enough to follow along. We were reading in 1 Nephi 1 and at the end I asked him a question about when he’s seen the mercy of the lord in his life. He talked about his baptism and how it made him feel like a new man. He just glowed. It’s so awesome and he gets the priesthood on Sunday!!

TLDR: I left Croatia, got to my area in Richterswill Switzerland, talked to someone on my first day and got rejected, and asked a bomb question in bomb German to our recent convert. And I’m happy. AND TODAY WE ARE GOING TO THE BERN TEMPLE so be jealous.

Love you all soooo much! Keep praying for your favorite missionary!

Sister Miltimore

1:Sister Osguthorpe and I the first night!
2:want a das Buch Mormon? We had like 6 different languages.
3: I made new friends. Sheep! They are near our church building and they have jingly bells that make the hillside sound like fairies are near.
4 & 4a: the view from my window. You may officially be jealous.
5-6: some beautiful views on the way to distriktrat
7:on the train to the temple today! More temple pics later or next week!
8: Biel, Switzerland
9: My District in Biel, Switzerland on the way to the temple
10: Temple in Bern, Switzerland
11: My companion, Sister Osguthorpe and I at the temple in Bern

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