Richterswil – Week 3


Richterswil, CH - Week 3

(week 29)

Hallo alle!!

It has been a FANTASTIC week here in Switzerland. Let me tell you about it.

First, as many of you know, I’ve had a rough go of things mentally on my mission. I am very happy to tell everybody that I am doing A TON better, and this week was probably one of the best on my mission. My anxiety is at an all time low, and just everything is fantastic. I am happy, a feeling I worried I’d never feel again. And I am so grateful.

Here’s some things that made me happy this week!

Thursday we did exchanges with the Winterthur sisters! I went to Winterthur with Sister Slater. She is so sweet! We had a great time, jamming out to Frozen in German, eating yummy vegetarian food at a members, and just hanging out.

This week was slow for our area, no new friends yet, but we did have a lesson on Sunday with our recent convert Rubin! Afterwards Tom (the service missionary in our ward who translates the Swiss German to high German for us) told me that in the past couple weeks my German has greatly improved!! It’s still kind of frustrating to not understand people sometimes, but I’m getting there!

Hilarious thing that happened: Saturday we went to 2 Austellungs, or street displays for missionary work. We set up a table, put out some copies of the Book of Mormon and pamphlets, and go talk to people on the streets. We did like 8 hours of street finding…in two different countries! The second was in Konstanz, Germany, and something crazy happened. There was this roaming bachelor party parade that walked past, and as they did, they squirted water at some of us- including my companion. She was holding a Book of Mormon, and basically said “well if you’re going to do that to me, then you’re going to take this Book!” So he did! A few of them felt bad we think, because they came back to talk to us. We placed 3 Books of Mormon!

But…. I did something kind of stupid. German is hard you guys. I tried to tell them that Jesus Christ appeared in America. I think I may have accidentally said that Jesus Christ IS American…. it made them very interested and very animated. Hehe. Oops.

Yesterday was zone conference for all of Switzerland!! I got to see a bunch of my Croatia buddies which was so fun. But it was also just a spiritual high. I never knew how right my original assignment would feel, but I feel like I’m really supposed to be here, like I finally truly belong. And everyone is just so welcoming. Our presidents wife, Sister Naatjes, talked about the importance of journaling, something I’ve been working on this past week. President Naatjes talked about prayer and it was SO GOOD. Literal fire. We set goals, and just did a ton of stuff. It was great.

Today we spent the day in Luzern! That’s Lucerne for all you American people (idk why we change the names of things it’s so weird). Anyway, we went in a little group of elders and sisters and it’s been SO FUN. Long train rides, walking around, we took a boat ride and a little train up into the clouds of the mountains. So beautiful, so hilarious, so fun. Best day ever, with some of the best company.

Have a fantastic week everybody!

Sister Miltimore

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