SUU – Week 4

Week 4 - SUU

(week 22)

Hallo Alle!!!

It’s already pretty much out in the open, sooooo Im’ma just going to tell you all:


It’s so crazy, and I still can’t believe it, but I’ve started wearing my German CTR ring, so I guess I’m pretty excited. I also found out that most of my HMTC district is going, and all of another missionary’s HMTC district in that day, so there are going to be a hecking ton of us going. Ich muss mehr deutsch lernen und sprechen.

So this week was a thousand years long, and definitely had its ups and downs. I’m sure you all saw my Facebook post that was… well it was depressing. You can all be assured, I’m doing a lot better since then. Anxiety and some depression is something I’ve been struggling with on my mission, I’m seeing a counselor for it, my companion is the most supportive human being on the planet (other than my wonderful loving parents) and I’m improving daily. So, pray for me that my mental health continues to improve. So many people are afraid to talk about it… and I was too for a long time. But I’m starting to recognize that it’s okay, and even empowering to own up to our struggles. I’ll get through it, and it’ll be okay. I’m proud of the progress I’m making, and hopeful for more to come. Soooo yeah, thank you for coming to my rant session, now let’s get on with how my week went.

Tuesday: our friend Katie showed up and said “Wanna go to St. George?” And we were like….. *ring* *ring* “Hey President K, can we go to St. George with a less active member?” And he was basically like, “Sure okay, be back in a few hours.” So we said “bet” and went down to St. George and chilled with the sisters by the Temple Visitors Center for a few hours! It was crazy fun, Katie got us Chick-fil-a and I was a pretty happy sister missionary.

Thursday I may or may not have bent some rules (don’t tell pres) and my grandparents stopped by for a visit. They got us some food, we shared a message, and they commented probably about 1000 times (just kidding Oma and Grandpa, you only mentioned it 5 or 6) on how much weight I’ve lost on my mission. I can honestly and somewhat proudly say that my Mom had to order me the size smaller of my skirts, cause my safety pins aren’t doing the best job 😅.

Friday just about everybody canceled on us, but we did have a meeting finally with our friend Koa who is on date for baptism… two days after I leave. Big sigh. But we had a great conversation about the priesthood and he told me I should be a public speaker, because he liked listening to me talk. It was one of the greatest confidence boosts I’ve had in some time, and I will never forget the compliment, especially since the whole time I was not sure how he was receiving the message or if he liked me at all. We also met a new friend who the elders introduced (aka passed off for my missionary buddies) to us, named Ray. He knows a lot about our religion, so I’ll be interested to see what his expectations are as we go forward with meeting with him.. We had a great discussion while reading 3 Nephi 12 though, and we have promised to sing a duet for him at our next meeting…

Saturday was crazy! We were doing a picnic with this guy who… we should not meet alone with cause uh… he likes girls. And we are girls. But we are currently very attached to Jesus, sooo very unavailable. So we try to get other guys anytime we meet with him and it was awkward because we were super late… but it ended up being pretty fun. We also went to a baptism!! I don’t know if you remember Milton from my last area, but he got baptized and I got to be there! He is so awesome!! It was a great service, even if they did really have to dunk him to get him all the way under water… it was kind funny, not gonna lie.

Sunday: Sister Rucker and I spoke in church!!! It was great. I spoke on Elder Christofferson’s talk from the past general Conference “Why the Covenant Path.” It went really well, and I was super happy for the opportunity to speak.

Today was crazy busy, with shopping and talking to my family cause today is my dad’s birthday!!!! Love him, and glad I could be apart of it.

I love you all!! Thank you for all your support.

Sister Miltimore

PS:This coming Friday (May 21st) at 7:30 pm there will be a live streaming of the Rackham Interns Concert. As many of you know, I was privileged to be an intern from 2017-2019. It. Changed. My. Life! Please support these new interns by tuning in – and BONUS! I WILL BE FEATURED too! I got to send in a video from my mission of a song my very good and very talented friend (CJ Madsen) wrote. It is based on the Sermon on the Mount scriptures from the Book of Mormon and will be Auf Deutsch (in German!)

Rackham Choir Intern Concert

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