SUU – Week 6

Week 6 - SUU

(week 24)

Last week in St. George Mission

Hallo Alle!

I have 2 days left in the United States Craziness to the EXTREME. I found out I’ll be going to Croatia for a week or two to quarantine, so party time!! LOL, I will most likely sleep, Deutsch, stress, repeat until I get to go outside again. I will also most likely go straight to my assigned area after, so yeah! crazy times. Super fun though, because my whole home MTC district is going that same day and I literally CANNOT WAIT to see them all in real life for the first time. We also just found out that my current companion, Sister Rucker, will be transferred up to Moroni the same day I leave, so…. time to pack!

What a wonderful crazy week! Your favorite sister has done much better this week, and the fun we had reflects it.

So, two weeks ago or so now, we started reaching out to a bunch of our members who we knew would be staying for summer and BOY did they respond. We had 21 lessons this past week. Waaaaay better than the 6 we had one of my first weeks in the area.

Tuesday we made some interesting spirit led mistakes… by accidentally scheduling 2 Jessica’s for the exact same time and place for a lesson. It was hilarious, they were really good sports about it, and it actually was perfect for both of them and for us. One of the Jessica’s said some things that really resonated with me and helped me see things about myself more clearly which I didn’t know I needed. So that was great.

We also met with a guy named Elijah – he’s had a hard life, and he straight up told us that he didn’t really know why he agreed to meet with us… and then talked to us for 2 hours about his whole life and his struggles and his worries. He texted us later and told us that our meeting brought him the most peace he’s felt in some time, so that was fantastic.

BIG EVENT from Tuesday – I went to the Cedar City Temple!!!!! Joseph, my recent convert from my last area, got to go with his girlfriend’s family for the first time and do baptisms for the dead. It was a wonderful experience – I had some really peaceful moments while sitting there. and it was so exciting to see him have his first experience, he did a great job. Also! I did not realize this until after, but I went SWIMMING on my MISSION. Technically anyway, since the font is technically a pool. I didn’t realize till later, and I’m salty cause I would have appreciated it more if I had remembered that little fact.

Wednesday was exchanges!! I got to lead my area with my mission mom, Sister Allan – we had a great time with back to back lessons. We also got to go visit a lady in Cross Hollow from Germany! We spoke Auf Deutsch for most of the appointment, we brought her a das Buch Mormon and invited her to read the introduction. I then went home and started packing…

Thursday my epic district threw me a bon voyage party!! It was so fun, I shared my testimony, we took another chair picture, and just had a great time. I love my Cumorah district, and will miss them soooooo much.

Friday was another fun day! We crocheted with Anna, had some lessons, and also had lunch with Reshell from my last area! She made us a delicious meal. She went into the hospital yesterday, so PLEASE pray for her!! We also had a super fun night with our friend Katie. We did a glorious photoshoot, and then talked pokemon for a few hours. She let me make a paper plate for her wall – pictures below!

SaturdayI spent most of the day packing…so fun.

Sunday was great!! I was supposed to give a talk, but somebody else took my spot… it was Pierre!!! ah i love him, and he gave a great talk. I gave a testimony, and then sang “I’ll Find You There My Friend.” Sister Rucker was kind enough and more than talented enough to accompany me, and it went super well. We also saw some family! My uncle Andrew came into town and picked up some stuff that I can’t take to Germany with me, which was such a blessing. Of course I found some more stuff I forgot… so we’ll be sending a small package home too. Big sigh, but what can you do.

And now we are at today! I went around Cedar and said my goodbyes to some of my favorite people – I already can’t wait to come back to visit when I am back in Utah for school. This place will have a part of my heart forever, and I am so grateful for the time I have spent here. These last few months have been the craziest, hardest, and in many ways, the best of my life. I can’t wait to continue learning from these experiences and people.

My next email will be from a different continent… accck!

Sister Miltimore



SUU – Week 5

Week 5 - SUU

(week 23)

Hallo Alle! T-minus 10 DAYS till Deutschland!! Das ist verrückt!!

Anyway, this was quite the week. We met with some of our favorite people, had some companionship heart-hearts, and one seriously epic birthday.

The biggest thing to happen Tuesday was staying up super late to make Sister Rucker’s B-day cake. It is a Hungarian cake (her parents are the mission president & mom in the Hungary/Romanian Mission), which I cannot pronounce let alone spell. So you will just have to take my word or it, and look at the picture, to know that it was delicious.

Wednesday was crazy!! It was Sister Rucker’s big 20th birthday!! it was also the day of zone conference… which we may or may not have been almost 30 minutes late to. Big oof! Especially since one of the sisters we car share with was supposed to say the opening prayer. Bigger oof! Anyway, it was great, I got to see some of my favorite elders and sisters, and hear some uplifting messages. We also dominated the other zone in jeopardy, mainly due to my district leader and his companion… big thanks for Elders Beck and Eskelsen. Couldn’t have done it without them… literally.

After zone conference we had not one, not two, but THREE birthday parties. First up was with our good friend Nash, who got sister Rucker a sparkly champagne bottle. At first we were like… sparkling cider? Turns out, it was a confetti popper!! It almost took out Sister Rucker, cause at first she had it pointed the wrong way, but luckily she turned it around before firing it. We had snacks and just hung out.

After our party with Nash we went to see our friend Tate who is the daughter of one of our bishops. It was her birthday too!! She served in Japan, so she made us sushi and pot-stickers. I discovered that I, in fact, do not like seaweed… but the pot-stickers were the super bomb. Soooooo good.

After that birthday party, we had the one with cake and presents. WHAT A BLESSING! Sisters Gebhart and Cameron, who share our apartment complex and the stake, came over to decorate for our party, and discovered just how… less than tidy our apartment was so they CLEANED IT FOR US. Seriously, the best birthday gift i have ever gotten on someone else’s birthday. I cried a little. Sister Rucker got to open a bunch of presents, eat her Hungarian cake, and just enjoy. It was great.

Honestly the rest of the week is a bit of a blur… Thursday we went to DI (Deseret Industries, like Goodwill) with a friend and I found two absolute gems, so yay for new clothes that I have to figure out how to pack now! Friday we did some more crocheting with our friend Anna, and saw our friend Katie. Saturday was just… long. Sunday was great, we spoke in another ward, and I greatly enjoyed practicing piano. One of my favorite songs is “I’ll Find You There My Friend,” which I decided on a whim that I want to sing this next Sunday before leaving the U.S. So I asked Sister Rucker if she will accompany me. So while she practiced, I decided to take a gander at playing the accompaniment part too… I have decided that the Lord saw fit to bless my piano abilities for the mission, because WOW. I could just… pretty much play it and I’ve never tried before. It was awesome, and I really love that song so it was super fun.

Oh!! we also went to a friends house for a graduation party and guess what?! I GOT TO HOLD ANOTHER BABY BUNNY!!!!!!! Best thing ever. I also held a chicken. I also fell over a rock and scraped my hand but we won’t talk about that… the bunny was so fluffy.

Another interesting event from this week. Some of you may or may not remember Reshell from my last area – she’s great (but needs to be baptized!), I love her, and this week she asked me to make her pajama pants… so now I have learned something new! The first pair was wildly successful, so hopefully the second will be as well. I am extremely proud of my creation… hopefully they fit her as well as they fit me!

Today was a crazy p-day, starting to think about packing, still struggling with my own stuff (mission life is hard, but so is life in general, we will all survive), I got a haircut and went for a hike with the other sisters! Climbed some rocks… twas great.

Alright, i guess I had more to say about this week than I thought!! maybe I should start journaling more… anyway, wish me a good last full week in the United States!

Sister Miltimore


Scared Sister Rucker!

SUU – Week 4

Week 4 - SUU

(week 22)

Hallo Alle!!!

It’s already pretty much out in the open, sooooo Im’ma just going to tell you all:


It’s so crazy, and I still can’t believe it, but I’ve started wearing my German CTR ring, so I guess I’m pretty excited. I also found out that most of my HMTC district is going, and all of another missionary’s HMTC district in that day, so there are going to be a hecking ton of us going. Ich muss mehr deutsch lernen und sprechen.

So this week was a thousand years long, and definitely had its ups and downs. I’m sure you all saw my Facebook post that was… well it was depressing. You can all be assured, I’m doing a lot better since then. Anxiety and some depression is something I’ve been struggling with on my mission, I’m seeing a counselor for it, my companion is the most supportive human being on the planet (other than my wonderful loving parents) and I’m improving daily. So, pray for me that my mental health continues to improve. So many people are afraid to talk about it… and I was too for a long time. But I’m starting to recognize that it’s okay, and even empowering to own up to our struggles. I’ll get through it, and it’ll be okay. I’m proud of the progress I’m making, and hopeful for more to come. Soooo yeah, thank you for coming to my rant session, now let’s get on with how my week went.

Tuesday: our friend Katie showed up and said “Wanna go to St. George?” And we were like….. *ring* *ring* “Hey President K, can we go to St. George with a less active member?” And he was basically like, “Sure okay, be back in a few hours.” So we said “bet” and went down to St. George and chilled with the sisters by the Temple Visitors Center for a few hours! It was crazy fun, Katie got us Chick-fil-a and I was a pretty happy sister missionary.

Thursday I may or may not have bent some rules (don’t tell pres) and my grandparents stopped by for a visit. They got us some food, we shared a message, and they commented probably about 1000 times (just kidding Oma and Grandpa, you only mentioned it 5 or 6) on how much weight I’ve lost on my mission. I can honestly and somewhat proudly say that my Mom had to order me the size smaller of my skirts, cause my safety pins aren’t doing the best job 😅.

Friday just about everybody canceled on us, but we did have a meeting finally with our friend Koa who is on date for baptism… two days after I leave. Big sigh. But we had a great conversation about the priesthood and he told me I should be a public speaker, because he liked listening to me talk. It was one of the greatest confidence boosts I’ve had in some time, and I will never forget the compliment, especially since the whole time I was not sure how he was receiving the message or if he liked me at all. We also met a new friend who the elders introduced (aka passed off for my missionary buddies) to us, named Ray. He knows a lot about our religion, so I’ll be interested to see what his expectations are as we go forward with meeting with him.. We had a great discussion while reading 3 Nephi 12 though, and we have promised to sing a duet for him at our next meeting…

Saturday was crazy! We were doing a picnic with this guy who… we should not meet alone with cause uh… he likes girls. And we are girls. But we are currently very attached to Jesus, sooo very unavailable. So we try to get other guys anytime we meet with him and it was awkward because we were super late… but it ended up being pretty fun. We also went to a baptism!! I don’t know if you remember Milton from my last area, but he got baptized and I got to be there! He is so awesome!! It was a great service, even if they did really have to dunk him to get him all the way under water… it was kind funny, not gonna lie.

Sunday: Sister Rucker and I spoke in church!!! It was great. I spoke on Elder Christofferson’s talk from the past general Conference “Why the Covenant Path.” It went really well, and I was super happy for the opportunity to speak.

Today was crazy busy, with shopping and talking to my family cause today is my dad’s birthday!!!! Love him, and glad I could be apart of it.

I love you all!! Thank you for all your support.

Sister Miltimore

PS:This coming Friday (May 21st) at 7:30 pm there will be a live streaming of the Rackham Interns Concert. As many of you know, I was privileged to be an intern from 2017-2019. It. Changed. My. Life! Please support these new interns by tuning in – and BONUS! I WILL BE FEATURED too! I got to send in a video from my mission of a song my very good and very talented friend (CJ Madsen) wrote. It is based on the Sermon on the Mount scriptures from the Book of Mormon and will be Auf Deutsch (in German!)

Rackham Choir Intern Concert

SUU – Week 3

Week 3 - SUU

(week 21)

Hi ya!!

I thought last week was slow…… This week had it beat!! For reference, we are supposed to have 20 lessons a week… and this week we got 6. Yay, we love it when people cancel on us!! Some of our cancellations really were blessings, but because it was a bit of a slow week, I’m just going to go day by day and see what I remember.

Tuesday: we stayed home most of the day. Sister Rucker got her second covid shot on Monday, and it killed her. She spent the day in bed, so I played mom and cleaned the house, cooked, and tried to find productive things to do. Everyone was very concerned about us, but luckily she was feeling alright by the end of the day and we went over to the church for a bit to work on some music things.

Wednesday: we met with one of our favorite less active members, Abby! She struggles with a lot of hardships, but really wants to gain a relationship with Christ. We meet with her about once a week and just talk. It was really interesting how everything she said she’s struggled with recently was something I also have been struggling with. It was to the point where I actually asked her how she was so good at putting MY feelings into words!! Anyway, I think that, as hard as it’s been for me, it’s really good that I now understand her more and will be a better support to her. We also met with Nash, our recent convert and had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation. He’s just amazing and already knows so much.

Thursday: was supposed to be the busiest day of our lives, and though we had some cancellations, we also had some fun!! At DCM that morning we celebrated one of our Elder’s birthdays with balloons and cake! It was great. We met up with one of our new potential people to teach, Nastasjia, and talked about doggos and kitties for about half an hour. THEN. WE WENT TO MY FAVORITE PLACE. HAPPY FACTORY!!!!!!!!! We made toys and blocks for 2 hours and I just chatted up some elders and it was great. It was Sister Rucker’s first time, so she had fun. All of our other appointments canceled on us that night, which made us sad. BUT! Because they canceled on us we could go to Katie’s! We were going to just dink around at the church, but she texted and asked if we could come help her with something sometime. So we said “we are on our way and we are bringing cookies.” We went over and helped her read the Book of Mormon in French. Also, I am now accepting donations in advance for the Purple mattress I will be buying someday, because she let us lay down on hers and it was actually heaven on earth.

Friday: we had our first in-person interviews with our mission president! It was kinda weird not gonna lie, but also really nice. He’s a good man, and he works very hard for us. We also had a lesson over video call with our new friend Lauryn! She’s a member who goes to school here, but hasn’t been feeling very well. Turns out, we all have A LOT in common – we like the same TV shows, books, and have many similar hobbies. She is an amazing artist, and wants to become an animator/illustrator. She offered (and we can’t wait) to draw our original characters for us!! So we are each going to be sending her a letter this week with descriptions of the people we’ve made up in our heads, and finding out what they would look like for realsies. It’s very exciting.

Here in Cedar they did a really cool event!! It was called the Slow Roll, and everyone got on their bikes and went for a ride around the city. We went and checked out the food trucks (as one does) and got Italian shaved ice with custard. I got sour watermelon, and though I just didn’t have room to finish the whole thing, it was really good. That night we also had a lesson with our friend Lizzo. Funny story: I thought she was an inactive. As she talked about her mission, I was thinking “oh, how long was she actually out for?”…… Turns out she’s basically the most bomb returned missionary ever, and gave us a referral for one of her roommates yesterday. Let it be a lesson to you all to ask questions and not make assumptions. She’s great, and we are going to start meeting with her and trying to involve her roommate more as we go forward.

Saturday: so, Saturday was wonky weird because SOMEHOW both of us completely slept through BOTH of our alarms, and totally slept through exercise. It just made the whole day feel a little lethargic and weird, but we met with some friends and I was able to do something pretty cool. Recently I got asked to participate in the showcase performance for the internship program I was a part of in high school, with the Rackham Choir. They asked many of the alumni to record video submissions, since the concert will be virtual this year. I was able to record “Gesegnet seid Ihr” by my friend CJ Madsen. The words are taken from Christ’s Sermon on the Mount found in 3 Nephi. I got to bear my testimony in a short introduction about where I am and what I’ve been doing since graduating from the internship. It was a very cool missionary opportunity. (you should totally watch the concert and see me perform! I’ll also probably post the video in a little bit after the concert happens). Some of you may have also seen the other music thing Sister Rucker and I did together for singing sisters Saturday…. if not go check out my Facebook page!

Sunday: church! Our friend Nash gave his first ever talk AND passed the sacrament!! It was super cool to see – Sister Rucker almost cried I think. Also, Mother’s Day!!! We got to talk to our mommas which was awesome!! I love my mom soooooooooo much, and couldn’t do literally anything without her. Mission has been hard a lot of times just because I can’t be with her. She will be the first person I hug when I get home (sorry daddy). We also went to a ward prayer and found Sister Rucker’s birthday buddy! The bishop’s daughter served in Japan, and offered to make us sushi and potstickers for *their* birthday. It will be delicious.

And that brings us to today! A very relaxing p-day, just talking to the family and cooking. I made taquitos, and Sister Rucker loved them, which fills me with joy and a sense of possessiveness because… sharing is caring and when it comes to food, sometimes I struggle to be more… caring. We shall see how many she gets to enjoy, but I’m glad she enjoys a family favorite recipe.

Love you all!! Have a great week!

Sister Miltimore

1:yummy deliciousness
2-3:at the slow roll
4-5:Italian shaved ice!
6-7:Happy Factory!
8-9:pretty City pictures
10:happy factory!!
11:we may or may not have stopped in a pet store so I could say hello to some bunnies. They were too skittish to let me pet them though 😪
12:District meeting & Elder S’s birthday

SUU – Week 2

Week 2 - SUU

(week 20)

Hello to all!

This was a sloooooow week. It was finals on SUU campus, so everybody was busy being stressed and moving away. We have 5 wards that we cover which all got combined into 3 different conglomerate wards at the same time… so we only get to see some of our peeps every 3 weeks. Sad day. They know we love them. It’s just going to be a lot of reorganization and figuring out who is here and who staying for the summer…

In other news, we had some good lessons this week!! We made a new friend Nastasjia. Her friend called us up one day and was like “I have a friend, her cousin just died… it would be a good time to teach her the Plan of Salvation”. So obviously, we were like Yeah!! So we went over to vosit with them (it was late, we got home WAY too late, so don’t tell pres!) and talked with her for a while about life and her job and stuff. We have another meeting this week, so we’re hopeful she’ll be open to our message.

We met with some of my FAVORITE PEOPLE this week. Anna joined our picnic on Friday and we crocheted for a couple hours. That day we took a blanket to the lawn outside the church and sat in the nice weather for about 5 hours. I burnt my arm (got a nice watch tan now) but it was worth it. We also painted Book of Mormons with our friend Kendahl that night which was great.

On Wednesday we saw one of my legit favorite human beings whose name is Sarah. She is so amazing and awesome. Tbh, mission life is HARD and since she’s training to be a psychologist I was like…. let’s…. talk. So we did and she helped me feel so good. Seriously sad she’s leaving for summer. Seriously considering sharing a “spiritual thought” with her over the phone once a week or so because I love her and she is just amazing. HAVE I MENTIONED SHES AMAZING?! yeah.

Super fun time on Thursday night – we went to some friends apartment and ended up doing a cool karaoke night!! They wanted to know all about their missionaries, so we ended up giving a little concert, each sang for them, then sang a bunch of hymns to ukulele. We ended up sharing a very powerfully spiritual lesson. We did a game with them called the Sacrifice Game. Basically, you get 2 options and you have to choose between them, but when you get rid of it it’s for everyone in the whole world. It starts with your phone, goes through transportation, shelter, friends, etc. You end with your testimony. Sister Rucker spoke super powerfully and just said “never lose your testimony” and the whole room was like whhoooooaaaa. So yeah it was very cool.

Yesterday we went to ward prayer and then ended up catching a ride to one of the bishops houses for an activity. Since we still don’t have a car, we ended up staying for almost 5 hours!! We had scones (which almost made me cry because they were so good and tasted like my late grandmas), made mothers day cards, talked to people, played werewolf. I was very confused because I’ve never played before, so I was really quiet… then they started accusing me and Sister Rucker so we were like nah we’re the servants of the lord! Turns out, Sister Rucker actually was the werewolf. There was salt. People were surprised and mad and it was funny.

Today for p-day we went and played pickleball with all the sisters in Cedar zone! For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s like, life size ping pong. I was surprisingly good at it. It was nice to get out in the sun. We also did some shopping! If you’re ever in Cedar City you have GOT to go to Bullochs Drug store and the accompanying boutique. Seriously amazing.

Also, ukulele practice is going well!! Watch my Facebook on Saturday for a mother’s day surprise…. it’s going to be great!!

Keep us missionaries in your prayers – it’s amazing how much people look to us for hope. For light. But we’re normal people doing the Lord’s errand. Sometimes it’s a lot of responsibility, but I’m grateful that the Lord works through me even when I feel weak, low, or am struggling with my own problems. And I reiterate Sister Rucker – never lose your testimony. Fight for it. We live in a time of extreme polarity – be you, but be all in.

Love you all!

Sister Miltimore

1:the best district
2: I made her a crochet heart
3: language study on the lawn
4: the image of exhaustion
5: selfie!
6: a wall of places I have never been and would like to go

SUU – Week 1

Week 1 - SUU

(week 19)

Hello all!!

Transfers happened! As I mentioned last week, I am now at SUU (Southern Utah University) campus here in Cedar City. I moved in on Wednesday – boy was that a trip! We loaded everything up in the truck and drove me over to my new apartment. If you want to send me a letter, my new address is 44 North 800 West Apt 16, Cedar City UT 84720 – I LOVE LETTERS!

I spent the day moving everything and settling in, and getting to know my new companion. This week with Sister Rucker has been SUPER fun, and it turns out we have more in common than I thought!! In 2016 we went to two of the same BYU summer camps, and in one we were even in the SAME GROUP. We had no idea. It was crazy. We’ve had a great time this week, so I’ll tell you all about it.

We do exercise with the other sisters who cover our stake, Sisters Gebehart and Cameron. We usually do Facebook exercise videos, and so on Thursday morning we did a full cardio workout…. and I wanted to die. On Friday we did a boxing workout…. and I wanted to die. On Saturday we did some yoga…. and surprise surprise, I still wanted to die! But each day I wanted to die a little less!! So, progress. No, in reality I was just pretty sore afterward, but this coming week I will definitely be careful how hard I push myself!

Our friend Anna taught us how to crochet!! We have both caught the crochet bug, and ended up doing it during our various Sunday meetings yesterday (yes I know, I’m portraying such a great example. I didn’t do it when our investigator sat next to us so DON”T WORRY). I really am enjoying it, and we both bought more yarn today so I’m very excited.

My Dad was also awesome and sent me a UKELELE!!!! I’ve been wanting to learn for a while, but didn’t really have the opportunity. Sister Rucker plays, so she is going to help teach me!! She’s really good, if you haven’t already go check out the Facebook video we made together!

We ran into our friend Jeryson outside the church building on Friday and had a jam session on ukulele. It was so fun to sing with him and talk about stuff. That night we also had a lesson with Nash, our recent convert who got baptized last Saturday. He is so awesome. Seriously, he came to the sisters just a few weeks ago and said “how soon can I get baptized?” He had study notes from reading Preach my Gospel and General Conference, he finished the Book of Mormon on their second lesson, he’s basically the definition of God’s elect. I already love him and can’t wait to get to know him better.

Yesterday was eventful. For FHE (family home evening) in a couple of the wards, they combined for a devotional with Corbin Allred from the Saratov Approach movie. He and his wife were really amazing, and had some wonderful comments to share, and one thing he said really stuck out to me. He talked about how the grass always looks greener in someone else’s lawn, and that there’s always someone’s whose looks worse, but that it really doesn’t matter. We don’t need to compare our lawn to anyone else’s, because we should just be working on improving our own. For me, I took it a step farther. I thought, what does my lawn already look like? Have I been focusing on the lawn as a whole, or the weeds in the corner? Sometimes we need to refocus, and recognize just how beautiful our lawn already is.

Yesterday was Sister Baker’s birthday!!!! Our district made a funny birthday video and then called so we could all watch it with her. She loved it. Also, yesterday (lots of events!) Damian got the priesthood!!! He is so awesome, and is working on his family history so that he can take family names to the temple. It is amazing to see his progress – he is already talking about doing the ordinances of his grandpa. The spirit is real and powerful.

Also, I made beef barley soup today. I haven’t gotten to eat it yet, but it will be DELICIOUS. So yup, that’s been my crazy weird, short transfer week.

Love you all so very much!!
Sister Miltimore

1:My ukulele!!
2:I am extremely proud of my very first granny square. I’m feeling a blanket… we shall see
3:Sister Rucker and I with the celebrity, Corbin Allred
4:Leaving my cross hollow home…
5:Cedar babes who are sad about our sisters leaving

The video is my stuff loaded in the Ted the Truck