SUU – Week 5

Week 5 - SUU

(week 23)

Hallo Alle! T-minus 10 DAYS till Deutschland!! Das ist verrückt!!

Anyway, this was quite the week. We met with some of our favorite people, had some companionship heart-hearts, and one seriously epic birthday.

The biggest thing to happen Tuesday was staying up super late to make Sister Rucker’s B-day cake. It is a Hungarian cake (her parents are the mission president & mom in the Hungary/Romanian Mission), which I cannot pronounce let alone spell. So you will just have to take my word or it, and look at the picture, to know that it was delicious.

Wednesday was crazy!! It was Sister Rucker’s big 20th birthday!! it was also the day of zone conference… which we may or may not have been almost 30 minutes late to. Big oof! Especially since one of the sisters we car share with was supposed to say the opening prayer. Bigger oof! Anyway, it was great, I got to see some of my favorite elders and sisters, and hear some uplifting messages. We also dominated the other zone in jeopardy, mainly due to my district leader and his companion… big thanks for Elders Beck and Eskelsen. Couldn’t have done it without them… literally.

After zone conference we had not one, not two, but THREE birthday parties. First up was with our good friend Nash, who got sister Rucker a sparkly champagne bottle. At first we were like… sparkling cider? Turns out, it was a confetti popper!! It almost took out Sister Rucker, cause at first she had it pointed the wrong way, but luckily she turned it around before firing it. We had snacks and just hung out.

After our party with Nash we went to see our friend Tate who is the daughter of one of our bishops. It was her birthday too!! She served in Japan, so she made us sushi and pot-stickers. I discovered that I, in fact, do not like seaweed… but the pot-stickers were the super bomb. Soooooo good.

After that birthday party, we had the one with cake and presents. WHAT A BLESSING! Sisters Gebhart and Cameron, who share our apartment complex and the stake, came over to decorate for our party, and discovered just how… less than tidy our apartment was so they CLEANED IT FOR US. Seriously, the best birthday gift i have ever gotten on someone else’s birthday. I cried a little. Sister Rucker got to open a bunch of presents, eat her Hungarian cake, and just enjoy. It was great.

Honestly the rest of the week is a bit of a blur… Thursday we went to DI (Deseret Industries, like Goodwill) with a friend and I found two absolute gems, so yay for new clothes that I have to figure out how to pack now! Friday we did some more crocheting with our friend Anna, and saw our friend Katie. Saturday was just… long. Sunday was great, we spoke in another ward, and I greatly enjoyed practicing piano. One of my favorite songs is “I’ll Find You There My Friend,” which I decided on a whim that I want to sing this next Sunday before leaving the U.S. So I asked Sister Rucker if she will accompany me. So while she practiced, I decided to take a gander at playing the accompaniment part too… I have decided that the Lord saw fit to bless my piano abilities for the mission, because WOW. I could just… pretty much play it and I’ve never tried before. It was awesome, and I really love that song so it was super fun.

Oh!! we also went to a friends house for a graduation party and guess what?! I GOT TO HOLD ANOTHER BABY BUNNY!!!!!!! Best thing ever. I also held a chicken. I also fell over a rock and scraped my hand but we won’t talk about that… the bunny was so fluffy.

Another interesting event from this week. Some of you may or may not remember Reshell from my last area – she’s great (but needs to be baptized!), I love her, and this week she asked me to make her pajama pants… so now I have learned something new! The first pair was wildly successful, so hopefully the second will be as well. I am extremely proud of my creation… hopefully they fit her as well as they fit me!

Today was a crazy p-day, starting to think about packing, still struggling with my own stuff (mission life is hard, but so is life in general, we will all survive), I got a haircut and went for a hike with the other sisters! Climbed some rocks… twas great.

Alright, i guess I had more to say about this week than I thought!! maybe I should start journaling more… anyway, wish me a good last full week in the United States!

Sister Miltimore


Scared Sister Rucker!

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