SUU – Week 3

Week 3 - SUU

(week 21)

Hi ya!!

I thought last week was slow…… This week had it beat!! For reference, we are supposed to have 20 lessons a week… and this week we got 6. Yay, we love it when people cancel on us!! Some of our cancellations really were blessings, but because it was a bit of a slow week, I’m just going to go day by day and see what I remember.

Tuesday: we stayed home most of the day. Sister Rucker got her second covid shot on Monday, and it killed her. She spent the day in bed, so I played mom and cleaned the house, cooked, and tried to find productive things to do. Everyone was very concerned about us, but luckily she was feeling alright by the end of the day and we went over to the church for a bit to work on some music things.

Wednesday: we met with one of our favorite less active members, Abby! She struggles with a lot of hardships, but really wants to gain a relationship with Christ. We meet with her about once a week and just talk. It was really interesting how everything she said she’s struggled with recently was something I also have been struggling with. It was to the point where I actually asked her how she was so good at putting MY feelings into words!! Anyway, I think that, as hard as it’s been for me, it’s really good that I now understand her more and will be a better support to her. We also met with Nash, our recent convert and had a lesson on the Plan of Salvation. He’s just amazing and already knows so much.

Thursday: was supposed to be the busiest day of our lives, and though we had some cancellations, we also had some fun!! At DCM that morning we celebrated one of our Elder’s birthdays with balloons and cake! It was great. We met up with one of our new potential people to teach, Nastasjia, and talked about doggos and kitties for about half an hour. THEN. WE WENT TO MY FAVORITE PLACE. HAPPY FACTORY!!!!!!!!! We made toys and blocks for 2 hours and I just chatted up some elders and it was great. It was Sister Rucker’s first time, so she had fun. All of our other appointments canceled on us that night, which made us sad. BUT! Because they canceled on us we could go to Katie’s! We were going to just dink around at the church, but she texted and asked if we could come help her with something sometime. So we said “we are on our way and we are bringing cookies.” We went over and helped her read the Book of Mormon in French. Also, I am now accepting donations in advance for the Purple mattress I will be buying someday, because she let us lay down on hers and it was actually heaven on earth.

Friday: we had our first in-person interviews with our mission president! It was kinda weird not gonna lie, but also really nice. He’s a good man, and he works very hard for us. We also had a lesson over video call with our new friend Lauryn! She’s a member who goes to school here, but hasn’t been feeling very well. Turns out, we all have A LOT in common – we like the same TV shows, books, and have many similar hobbies. She is an amazing artist, and wants to become an animator/illustrator. She offered (and we can’t wait) to draw our original characters for us!! So we are each going to be sending her a letter this week with descriptions of the people we’ve made up in our heads, and finding out what they would look like for realsies. It’s very exciting.

Here in Cedar they did a really cool event!! It was called the Slow Roll, and everyone got on their bikes and went for a ride around the city. We went and checked out the food trucks (as one does) and got Italian shaved ice with custard. I got sour watermelon, and though I just didn’t have room to finish the whole thing, it was really good. That night we also had a lesson with our friend Lizzo. Funny story: I thought she was an inactive. As she talked about her mission, I was thinking “oh, how long was she actually out for?”…… Turns out she’s basically the most bomb returned missionary ever, and gave us a referral for one of her roommates yesterday. Let it be a lesson to you all to ask questions and not make assumptions. She’s great, and we are going to start meeting with her and trying to involve her roommate more as we go forward.

Saturday: so, Saturday was wonky weird because SOMEHOW both of us completely slept through BOTH of our alarms, and totally slept through exercise. It just made the whole day feel a little lethargic and weird, but we met with some friends and I was able to do something pretty cool. Recently I got asked to participate in the showcase performance for the internship program I was a part of in high school, with the Rackham Choir. They asked many of the alumni to record video submissions, since the concert will be virtual this year. I was able to record “Gesegnet seid Ihr” by my friend CJ Madsen. The words are taken from Christ’s Sermon on the Mount found in 3 Nephi. I got to bear my testimony in a short introduction about where I am and what I’ve been doing since graduating from the internship. It was a very cool missionary opportunity. (you should totally watch the concert and see me perform! I’ll also probably post the video in a little bit after the concert happens). Some of you may have also seen the other music thing Sister Rucker and I did together for singing sisters Saturday…. if not go check out my Facebook page!

Sunday: church! Our friend Nash gave his first ever talk AND passed the sacrament!! It was super cool to see – Sister Rucker almost cried I think. Also, Mother’s Day!!! We got to talk to our mommas which was awesome!! I love my mom soooooooooo much, and couldn’t do literally anything without her. Mission has been hard a lot of times just because I can’t be with her. She will be the first person I hug when I get home (sorry daddy). We also went to a ward prayer and found Sister Rucker’s birthday buddy! The bishop’s daughter served in Japan, and offered to make us sushi and potstickers for *their* birthday. It will be delicious.

And that brings us to today! A very relaxing p-day, just talking to the family and cooking. I made taquitos, and Sister Rucker loved them, which fills me with joy and a sense of possessiveness because… sharing is caring and when it comes to food, sometimes I struggle to be more… caring. We shall see how many she gets to enjoy, but I’m glad she enjoys a family favorite recipe.

Love you all!! Have a great week!

Sister Miltimore

1:yummy deliciousness
2-3:at the slow roll
4-5:Italian shaved ice!
6-7:Happy Factory!
8-9:pretty City pictures
10:happy factory!!
11:we may or may not have stopped in a pet store so I could say hello to some bunnies. They were too skittish to let me pet them though 😪
12:District meeting & Elder S’s birthday

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