SUU – Week 2

Week 2 - SUU

(week 20)

Hello to all!

This was a sloooooow week. It was finals on SUU campus, so everybody was busy being stressed and moving away. We have 5 wards that we cover which all got combined into 3 different conglomerate wards at the same time… so we only get to see some of our peeps every 3 weeks. Sad day. They know we love them. It’s just going to be a lot of reorganization and figuring out who is here and who staying for the summer…

In other news, we had some good lessons this week!! We made a new friend Nastasjia. Her friend called us up one day and was like “I have a friend, her cousin just died… it would be a good time to teach her the Plan of Salvation”. So obviously, we were like Yeah!! So we went over to vosit with them (it was late, we got home WAY too late, so don’t tell pres!) and talked with her for a while about life and her job and stuff. We have another meeting this week, so we’re hopeful she’ll be open to our message.

We met with some of my FAVORITE PEOPLE this week. Anna joined our picnic on Friday and we crocheted for a couple hours. That day we took a blanket to the lawn outside the church and sat in the nice weather for about 5 hours. I burnt my arm (got a nice watch tan now) but it was worth it. We also painted Book of Mormons with our friend Kendahl that night which was great.

On Wednesday we saw one of my legit favorite human beings whose name is Sarah. She is so amazing and awesome. Tbh, mission life is HARD and since she’s training to be a psychologist I was like…. let’s…. talk. So we did and she helped me feel so good. Seriously sad she’s leaving for summer. Seriously considering sharing a “spiritual thought” with her over the phone once a week or so because I love her and she is just amazing. HAVE I MENTIONED SHES AMAZING?! yeah.

Super fun time on Thursday night – we went to some friends apartment and ended up doing a cool karaoke night!! They wanted to know all about their missionaries, so we ended up giving a little concert, each sang for them, then sang a bunch of hymns to ukulele. We ended up sharing a very powerfully spiritual lesson. We did a game with them called the Sacrifice Game. Basically, you get 2 options and you have to choose between them, but when you get rid of it it’s for everyone in the whole world. It starts with your phone, goes through transportation, shelter, friends, etc. You end with your testimony. Sister Rucker spoke super powerfully and just said “never lose your testimony” and the whole room was like whhoooooaaaa. So yeah it was very cool.

Yesterday we went to ward prayer and then ended up catching a ride to one of the bishops houses for an activity. Since we still don’t have a car, we ended up staying for almost 5 hours!! We had scones (which almost made me cry because they were so good and tasted like my late grandmas), made mothers day cards, talked to people, played werewolf. I was very confused because I’ve never played before, so I was really quiet… then they started accusing me and Sister Rucker so we were like nah we’re the servants of the lord! Turns out, Sister Rucker actually was the werewolf. There was salt. People were surprised and mad and it was funny.

Today for p-day we went and played pickleball with all the sisters in Cedar zone! For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s like, life size ping pong. I was surprisingly good at it. It was nice to get out in the sun. We also did some shopping! If you’re ever in Cedar City you have GOT to go to Bullochs Drug store and the accompanying boutique. Seriously amazing.

Also, ukulele practice is going well!! Watch my Facebook on Saturday for a mother’s day surprise…. it’s going to be great!!

Keep us missionaries in your prayers – it’s amazing how much people look to us for hope. For light. But we’re normal people doing the Lord’s errand. Sometimes it’s a lot of responsibility, but I’m grateful that the Lord works through me even when I feel weak, low, or am struggling with my own problems. And I reiterate Sister Rucker – never lose your testimony. Fight for it. We live in a time of extreme polarity – be you, but be all in.

Love you all!

Sister Miltimore

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