Cedar City Week 2

Cedar City Week 2
(week 9)

This week was GREAT!!! Finally got my phone figured out, tons of great stuff, just awesome. I wanted to start by sharing what a typical day looks like as a sister missionary, since I know I have lots of friends who don’t really know! A missionary day is:
Kidding! There’s so much more. We set up our days in hour blocks, so I’m going to do that too.
6:10 – awaken and pray
6:30 – 7 – exercise. Some days we walk down to a members home and use their gym equipment, and other days we go to a church building and I stretch my vocal chords by singing! 
7-8 – prepare for the day. Shower, eat, sleep, whatever “prepare” means to you.
8-9 – personal study. Each day I read in the Book of Mormon, memorize scriptures, and prepare for lessons. Sometimes I listen to talks (speeches) by general authorities of the church (usually when I’m feeling lazy and want to listen instead of reading!)
9-9:30 – daily planning. Go over the schedule, text people to confirm appointments, make goals for the day.
9:30-10 – companionship study. We recite our  purpose statement, Doctrine and Covenants 4, the 4 safeguards for using technology, then Sister Allan and I recite Glaubens Artikel 1. We read from the standards for missionaries booklet (our rulebook basically) and then talk about our personal studies. One of my favorite parts of the day.
10-12 – sometimes we have lessons, sometimes studies, sometimes meetings. Depends on the day!
12-1 – lunch. Hallelujah.
1-5 – lessons and stuff! We do between 2-5 lessons a day. Some to friends looking into the church, a lot of members and families from church. Our goal is 20 lessons a week! We also do phone lessons and sometimes have service opportunities. 
5-6 – dinner. Amen AND hallelujah. 
6-9 – more lessons! Member lessons are the best, we always stay too long though so we’re working on time efficiency…
9-9:30 – return home and prepare for bed. 
9:30-10:30 – go to bed. I’m usually late, but its good. 
And thats my day! Little things change day to day, and Sundays and Mondays are different. Sundays we got to all of the church, and tons of meetings (yesterday we went to 3 wards (congregations) and 10 other meetings… not including lessons) and Monday is our P-day (preparation day) so today we call home, do our laundry and shopping, and just hang in our pajamas or do fun stuff. We might do some fun stuff with one of our investigating friends later…
For reference, for those who are non-members of our church, many missionaries refer to those who are looking into joining our church “investigators” because they are “investigating” or looking into and learning about our church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. In recent years we have been trying to refer to those people as “friends of the church” because we realized that calling them investigators sounded a little weird and had a different connotation. So I will probably refer to those whom we are teaching as both from time to time. 
So!! Some cool events from this week!
Damian and Sabrina: Monday night we had a lesson with these two wonderful people. Sabrina is less active and wants to come back to church, and Damian is not a member. In our lesson we shared the Restoration of the Gospel, and I had the opportunity to share the First Vision and the spirit was so strong I almost cried. I will never forget the intense look on Damian’s face. He was looking straight at me, his face open and intent and his eyes locked on mine. It was an incredible experience I will never forget.
Mark from Spain: we had a member lesson, and as we got there they were like “by the way, our son served his mission in Spain and he’s going to have a non member friend on the phone for our lesson!” Se we shared our message and afterwards the returned missionary told us that Mark had been feeling pretty down lately and that our lesson gave him hope, so he’s going to start meeting with the missionaries in Spain!! 
Uchtdorf: we got to be part of a live zoom devotional with Elder Uchtdorf and his wife!!! They were so sweet, and talked a lot about using technology in missionary work so expect more Facebook posts to come!!
Joseph: last night we picked a GOLDEN young man who is so ready for the gospel. He has been dating a member, and wants to be sealed to her in the temple someday. Her brother has been teaching him, but its time to turn him over to the missionaries in his area which is us!!! We are super excited to teach him and I literally just cannot wait.
Funny thing: apparently, I am not the type of person to use a microwave, according to my companions. They expressed to me this week, that everything I do something just a little weird they think to themselves, “well at least she uses a microwave.” So now everything I do or say something a little unique they just look away, shake their heads, and say that out loud. I have started sticking my tongue out at them in protest.
This week I had my testimony strengthened of faith. We had quite that discussion with some friends about faith vs fact… but I know and have faith of some absolute facts: that God is our loving heavenly father, that he loves all his children and knows each of us perfectly. I know that the Savior of the world is Jesus Christ, and that through Him we can be forgiven and feel true joy in this life. I know that I am exactly where I’m meant to be, that God is aware of my every moment, and that my best is enough!! 
Basically the best week ever!! I love you all and I am loving life as a missionary!
Sister Miltimore

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