Cedar City Week 11

Week 11 - Cedar City

(week 18)

Well… off we go.

I’m getting transferred!! I’m moving onto the SUU (Southern Utah University) campus here in Cedar. It will actually be a pretty great transition, because I’ll still be in the same district as my former companions, Sisters Allan and Baker. I’ve been in this area on exchanges a few times, and I’ve already met my new companion, Sister Rucker, before. God is merciful. There are A LOT of people I will miss in the Cross Hollow Stake, but I know that they are in very good hands.

My new address is 44 N 800 W Apt 16, Cedar City UT 84720, so feel free to send me a letter! However, I must rescind my request for stickers! Everyone was so kind, that I don’t think I’ll need any more for a very long time.

This week was great – We taught some great lessons and did a ton of service. Pro-tip: Do not place Hershey kisses in the same pocket as your hand warmers!

We had zone conference last week!! It was so much fun. Our mission president did a great training on conversion to Christ, I got to see some old friends, and just had a blast.

We had exchanges with Sister Hawkins and Sister Wong on thursday. They are so amazing! We taught some lessons, had some lessons cancel, and just hung out. They are getting separated this transfer also, so Sister Hawkins will be adveturing down in St George for the next little bit!

On Friday my companions, being in mission leadership, had to go to a big meeting down in St George without me. It just so happened that one of my “babysitters” (Sister Rucker) is my new companion! I came to their area for the day, taught some lessons, and hung out with some fabulous Sisters. Sister Johnson will be missed, but St George is getting a great sister missionary.

Saturday was probably my favorite day of the week. We did 6 HOURS of service. It was fantastic. Out here they have a pick up day for anything you clean out of your yard. If you put it on the side of the road, they’ll pick it up! So we went to help some families with some last minute clean up. We ended up going to 3 or 4 houses, helped chop up a tree, and then went to one house where we pulled up a carpet of about 20 years worth of pine needles. It was thick, but we got it all out. The yard looks so much better now, and luckily it was for a family that we have been trying to teach. Service opens hearts! We also spent some time that evening with one of my very favorite ladies, Suzie, who I will sorely miss and will definitely have to come back to visit.

Sunday we had ALL the meetings and then Sister Baker’s old trainer, Hailey, came and surprised her by bringing a family they taught up in Mt. Pleasant with her to visit. I had heard a bit about all of them, so it was nice to put faces with names. We also got to see Jaxx, who is doing well, Kinlee who will continue to progress, and Joseph who is going to work with the Elders in his Stake from here on out.

Also! Damian is getting ordained to the Priesthood on Sunday!!! I’m so excited that I will still be here in Cedar City to watch him get ordained. I will also still be here for Sister Baker’s birthday, so that will be a party. Literally. There will be a party! Should be funtastic.

Yesterday, Monday, was pretty slow. I’ve noticed that slow days are always the hardest for me. As a missionary, my focus is on Christ 24/7 – Sometimes, I have to admit, that can be a little overwhelming. So keeping myself busy has been a great way for me to lose myself a bit in the work. When things are slow, sometimes I feel like I’m wasting time, or not being focused enough on my missionary purpose. It’s also hard when you leave to be a missionary and realize maybe things are harder than you expected. I’m hopeful that this next transfer (with a change of routine, people, and place) will give me a bit of a new start. I can do better, be better, and recognize the good I already have inside. God is perfect so we don’t have to be. I’m learning and improving each day, and when I fall short, I try and do better next time. With God nothing is impossible – we just have to be willing to recognize His hand in things.

Love you all! Wish me luck on my transfer… being with college students will be a lot different from 10 year olds!

Sister Miltimore

My aunt sent me ALL the stickers
A tree on the side of the road
Exchanges with Hawkins!
Cedar is beautiful
A clean yard – courtesy of the sister missionaries
The Cedar zone at zone conference!
The cumorah district- my new comp is the red head next to me!
The Cedar Babes

Cedar City Week 10

Week 10- Cedar City

(week 17)

This was quite the week!

I’m going to work a bit backwards….

Joseph got the Priesthood on Sunday!!! He was ordained to the Priesthood office of Priest, so he’s going to bless the sacrament soon! He’s fantastic.

We did exchanges twice this week. I love the other sisters in our zone! They are such hard workers and just lovely people.

We did TONS of service this week. We helped out at the animal shelter again (it was MESSY this week…. Yuck.) One of the puppies isn’t doing super awesome, so pray for our little buddy! We also walked some dogs for some of our favorite people which was super fun.

OH. HAHAHA. I almost forgot that we made baklava this week!! I couldn’t have any (sad I know. It had walnuts in it) but it was so fun. It took like 3 hours but I have been assured it was worth it. We also roasted marshmallows with the same family, so that was fantastic.

Sister Baker made us walk 3 miles one day. Uphill. Both ways. Nah. Actually it was pretty good, but yeah… at the time I wasn’t the happiest hiker. But we did stop for 50 cent snow cones! That was a blessing.

Guess what?! Milton is on date for baptism!!! Thank you for all your prayers. He’s getting baptized on May 8th… hopefully I’m still here but with transfers NEXT WEEK you never know.

We also met a couple new people to teach! Kinlee is 10, and is such a spunky young girl. She is very receptive, and we hope to help her gain a testimony of Christ! We are also very excited about our friend EJ, who is honestly so awesome. He’s had some great spiritual experiences, and is just so open and inquisitive about the gospel. He’s fantastic!

I love you all so much! Remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. We can do it!

Sister Miltimore

1. Our puppy friend. Please pray for this sick little cutie.
2. The best district Pic ever. Love Elder Beck
3. Felt cute in the dollar store!
4. Snowcones on our walk

Cedar City Week 9

Week 9- Cedar City

(week 16)

Wooooww this week. So much!

FIRST: BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph got baptized!!!!

April 2nd, the craziest day of my life, culminated with a good friend getting baptized. He is so ready to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. His family supports him, and he will get the priesthood next week! His testimony is so pure and strong, and I can’t wait to see what life brings him.


We watched it in the clerks office at our local church building. We dragged one of the couches into the office and made ourselves comfy. It was great. We heard from the Prophet and some of my favorite Apostles, and a whole bunch of awesome other people. It was a very spiritual experience, one I will not soon forget. Also, 20 NEW TEMPLES!!! AND ONE IN VIENNA AUSTRIA!!!!!!!


Christ rose from the dead, becoming the first fruits of them that slept. He rose, and because He did, so will all of us someday! Death has no sting, and sorrow gains relief as we look to Him and His eternal Atoning sacrifice. It gives me hope that this life isn’t all there is, and that I will get to live with my loved ones again. One of my favorite quotes was that “in order to have joyous reunions later, we must have tearful separations now.” While the context of this was death, but it made me think of how I left my parents for a year and a half for my mission. I can honestly say it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I look forward to the hugs and tears of joy I will experience when I return home to them (and never leave again! Or at least not for this long!)

Also this week: Reshell made us an Easter Feast I will never forget. It was the most delicious ever. Ate a banana for the first time! I bought more today. Crazy awesome week. Hoping for even better this week!! Pray for our little friend Milton – he is thinking about baptism!

Love you all so much!! Study general conference- grow your faith!!

Sister Miltimore

Picture #1: Did exchanges with Sister Johnson, and got all the food from Suzie who is the best.
Picture #2: Joseph’s Baptism
Picture #3: General Conference Couch time
Picture #4: Played with puppies again!
Picture #5: Discovered just how much of a baby in the mission I am… (chairs for how many transfers you’ve been out)
Picture #6: Service Project – digging ditches for sprinkler systems
Picture #7: I held a chicken. It…was not as fun as I expected it to be.
Picture #8: Did some tanning in the sun and met someone from home sort of (Oma and Grandpa Jack, you were home teachers for the Prina’s in Southfield? I met one of their kids very randomly! Remind me to tell you about it!)

Cedar City Week 8

Cedar City Week 8

(week 15)

What a week!

This was a crazy week. We had people cancel, we had someone go on date, we had more lessons… it’s been a wild ride! Had lots of phone call lessons… and found two new people to potentially teach! Yay!

Joseph is getting baptized on Friday!!!!!!!!!! We are SOOO excited – he is awesome and so ready. And he’s doing it right before General Conference!! I am singing again, a song called Gethsemane and it’s going to be great.

Speaking of singing, us sisters sang in church this past Palm Sunday! I got some solos, and didn’t even have to ask for them…. NAH actually it was just really great to share my testimony through song with my companions. We sang He Sent His Son from the children’s hymns book.

Also this week…..We met puppies!! There is an animal rescue that we went and helped at one day, and then later this week we discovered something cool. We went to a member lesson, and they had a dog that looks EXACTLY like the dog of another family we’ve been meeting with. Turns out, it was a puppy of our friends dog!! So they are going to try and get mom and pup together for a reunion.

This transfer we are each growing Seeds of Faith. Mine are Forget Me Nots and they are growing so well! In the Book of Mormon, in Alma 32, the prophet Alma compares the faith to a seed.

Alma 32:28 – “Now, we will compare the word unto a seed. Now, if ye give place, that a seed may be planted in your heart, behold, if it be a true seed, or a good seed, if ye do not cast it out by your unbelief, that ye will resist the Spirit of the Lord, behold, it will begin to swell within your breasts; and when you feel these swelling motions, ye will begin to say within yourselves—It must needs be that this is a good seed, or that the word is good, for it beginneth to enlarge my soul; yea, it beginneth to enlighten my understanding, yea, it beginneth to be delicious to me.”

Long scripture, but the gist is that faith is a seed that, when planted in our hearts and given the room and nourishment to grow, will sprout and grow up into a mighty tree, whose fruit will be more delicious than anything! This week I had to work hard on feeding my faith – and I hope to work even better this coming week.

Sister Miltimore

P.S.  Speaking of feeding faith, what better way than GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! “Mormon superbowl” here we come! Lol, but seriously, if you’re curious about what it is, hit me up or look it up at comeuntochrist.org. it’s going to be legendary.

Love you all! Have a great week!

1. Happy Easter with my companions
2. Playing a doggie at the dog rescue
3. Other dogs at the rescue
4. St. George Temple at sunset


Doggies at the animal rescue

Cedar City Week 7

Cedar City Week 7

(Week 14)

Hey everybody, how ya doin?

It’s that’s time of the week again – P-day!! (preparation day)
First I want to ask if anybody has any questions for their favorite missionary. If you do, shoot me an email (rachelmiltimore@yahoo.com) and maybe next week my email can be a Q&A.
This was a short but pretty good week! We found 2 new people to teach and last night we put our friend Joseph on date for baptism!!
Joseph is seriously the best ever. He’s a senior in high-school, and has been dating a member for not quite a year. He wants to get baptized so he can have the priesthood (the power and authority of God to act in His name) He wants to be able to give his girlfriend and future kids priesthood blessings. He’s just so humble and ready for the gospel, and has some of the best questions. He’s getting baptized April 9th, so we are super excited!!!
More news: Sister Allan and I got vaccinated for Covid!! We got the Johnson and Johnson and yeah it was an experience. We were fine for the first few hours, and then I started getting suuuuuppper achy. Like, could feel my entire skeleton achy. We both got fevers overnight, were a little achy the next day, but now my arm doesn’t even hurt anymore! Glad I don’t have to go in for a second shot though…
This week we did a bunch of service. We walked one of our favorite dogs. We helped a friend unpack boxes (she has So. Many. Knick Knacks. Never have that many please). On Saturday we picked up food donations for a food drive, and yesterday we helped the stake primary do a little activity for the kids. Doing service is so great, especially as a missionary. It makes me feel like I’m really the Lord’s hands, doing what he would do. Sometimes it’s a little hard, like when my hands were numb from the cold, but we got through it!
There was a lot of laughing with my companions. We’ve really hit a groove… and by that I sort of mean that we’ve all hit maximum comfort in teasing each other. Sister Baker sat on me this week, like flopped right on over and just full on sat right on me for no reason.  I will not be sending the video, but there is one in existence. My companions like my vocabulary especially- apparently I’m an old soul and sometimes talk like a grandma. I’m okay with it since it means I’m “distinguished”.
So much happens in a week wow! Friday we went to an SUU (Southern Utah Univ.) women’s soccer game! The weather was perfect, and the game was pretty good. We lost by 1 point, but it was a close game. We don’t know how the players don’t have concussions and bruises everywhere. 
Oh also! Some of you may have seen my Facebook post, but I finished the Book of Mormon this week! I wanted to do it by the end of first transfer, and it only took me one extra morning. I’m super proud of myself… and glad that I’m changing my goal to read it every two transfers. The goal was a bit ambitious for this missionary!! Too much to study and not enough time to do it. What goals have you made for the Book of Mormon, or what goals will you make?
Love you all! Keep getting geared up for general conference!!
Sister Miltimore 
1: At the soccer game
2-3 : walked doggy dee-gee ❤
4: prayer rock from the primary activity 

Cedar City Week 6

Cedar City Week 6

(week 13)

This week has been a little crazy! First off though, no one is getting transferred! Da best trio lives another transfer! (Unless Europe has anything crazy to say….) 

We did tons of exchanges this week. One day, my companions (who are in mission leadership) had to go down to St George for a meeting. So I got put with a couple other sisters. We went to a farm, saw a cow, and weeded. The cow was stinky but I wanted a picture, so I sat down for what should have been .38 seconds next to this cow but of course as soon as I sat down that’s when the cow decided to well…relieve itself…buckets full of relief!  I got stuck next the stinky cow for way longer than I planned!  I won’t even tell you what I stepped in when we went to the horse pasture  – I’ll just say it took a few washings to get my shoes un-grossified.  But I got to brush a horse! 

When we got home for lunch, a couple other sisters were having a hard day, so we decided to exchange with them.  Afterwards, we went and saw more of the sisters in the zone! So I saw 90 percent of the sisters in the zone that day. That day was also crazy for a few reasons. First, the Sister I exchanged with had been praying for a miracle that day – and I was an answer to her prayer! Then, we just happened to meet with another sister who was Sister Allan’s (my trainer) bestie and training leader on her mission when she was in Europe.  I was struggling with a few things and Sister Allan had just texted me about maybe trying to meet with her the previous night. We had a unexpected therapy session and it was exactly what I needed.

But there’s more!! During that therapy session, Sister J got a call about a lesson we were going to miss… it was a referral my companionship had gotten a few weeks ago, but she didn’t have any background info on it. I just happened to be there, and knew all about it! It was just a wonderful day of super obvious prayers being answered.

Also crazy: we put a guy on date last Monday, and he’s getting baptized TODAY.

You may remember me mentioning Damian, our very good friend who we almost but not really had to pass off to the Elders because he moved out of our area. Well, we told him last week that there was a chance Sister Baker might leave with this transfer. And that… maybe he should get baptized before that happens. And he said yes!! So we did a 2 hour lesson Saturday night with him , found some fellow-shippers in his ward who he and his wife really like, and he’s getting baptized today. I will be singing, and it’s all very awesome and exciting.

To be honest, this week had its ups and downs!! But as I expressed to the youth at a mission prep fireside we attended this past Sunday, there is absolutely nothing I’d rather be doing. Nothing that could send me home. I know that as I continue to learn how to rely on my Savior, that my trials will pass in His timing. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do when you’re struggling a little- it can feel like you’re doing everything wrong, even when you know you aren’t!

I’m so grateful that, even though I’m not perfect, and my faith feels lacking, that God is patient, understanding, and loves me anyway. As I try to remember who I am, who God has made me to become, I am reminded of all the tender mercies he has shown me. It carries me forward in my doubts, and helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel – my Savior Jesus Christ. I was reminded this week of the Footprints In The Sand (look it up if you don’t know it!!)

I know that my Savior has been carrying me. There is no way I could be doing this alone. It doesn’t make sense, and it wouldn’t be possible. Sister J said something i liked “I don’t think my feet have ever touched the ground”.

May we each learn to better rely on the Savior as he carries us through life. May we better understand our faith in Him, and utilize His Atonement daily. Not just for repentance, but to enable us so that someday maybe we can learn to walk beside him, or even to help him carry the loads of others. 

I Hope you all have a great week, and start getting ready for general conference!

Love you all!

Sister Miltimore 

  • #1 Mooo…smells so bad

  • #2 Thanks Mom!

  •  #3 Care package goodies

  • #4 Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  • #5 Care Package from Mom

  • #6 Sisters Larson & Cameron (who took me to the farm)

  • #7 Damien & his wife

  • #8 Damiens Baptism

  • #9 Unexpected visit from cousins

  • #10 Thanks for the care package!

  • #11 Sister Baker & the cat…who thought he was a dog.

  • #12 Snow!

  • #13 Trusty Ted the truck…our mission ride.

I Feel My Saviors Love

Damian’s Baptism

Cedar City Week 5

Cedar City Week 5

(week 12)

 This was seriously one of the best weeks of my life.
Did we find any new people? No
Did we have tons of appointments? No
Did we put someone on date for baptism? This close 🤏, but sadly no, not yet.
No No. It was the best week ever because of the Lord. And bunnies. 
We went to a member appointment, and they had 3 dogs and were saying they have a bunch of critters, including bunnies. Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE bunnies. So naturally, I was very excited. Then. They were babies. I could have died of joy right then and there. This little baby, whose name was Peanut, just slept in my lap and my hand the whole lesson. It was a literal dream come true.
And also, a gift from the Lord. Every morning I would pray and ask my Heavenly Father for something that day. Strength, to feel capable, whatever. And everyday, I saw my prayer get answered. Many times, faster than I expected. 
Sometimes our testimonies ebb and flow. But I’m so grateful that my testimony of prayer is rock solid. 
If you don’t feel like your prayers are working: keep praying. 
Helaman 5:41 – And Aminadab said unto them: You must repent, and cry unto the voice, even until ye shall have faith in Christ, who was taught unto you by Alma, and Amulek, and Zeezrom; and when ye shall do this, the cloud of darkness shall be removed from overshadowing you.
I love the part “cry unto the voice, even UNTIL ye shall have faith in Christ.” Sometimes, we doubt. Sometimes, we aren’t sure. And that’s okay. Faith is hope for things unseen – it’s not a perfect knowledge! Testimonies develop over time, but the important thing is to endure and keep going even when things seem unsure. As we exercise faith, like a seed in the ground, it grows. I’ve seen mine grow as I push through and keep relying on the Lord, and I know you can do it too!!
Also, just BTW, we had a baptism. YYYAAAAYYY!!! Jaxx got baptized yesterday!!! It was a great baptism, and his family was super happy. I got to sing for it! I sang a song called “Restored” by Shauna Edwards.  Jaxx had a wonderful day, and I’m so excited for him and his family. I think his younger brother James was happiest of all though. He gave each of us at least 3 hugs. This baptism has really helped the family – their bishop said this is the happiest he’s seen them in years!! My first baptism on the mission… pretty special. 
Sorry for the long email… again. Love you all tons!! Keep praying for you favorite missionary!! (or at least one of them 😆)
Sister Miltimore

"Restored" - by Shawna Edwards

Cedar City Week 4

Cedar City Week 4

(week 11)

What a week!! Honestly this week was a little rough for me… I finally had some homesickness! My sweet companions and a priesthood blessing helped me to get through it, and hopefully this week will be better.

We found 2 new people this week!!!! Both are kiddos, one is 10 and one is 12. Chloe is 10 and is already excited to get baptized, so she will be great to teach. Kingztin is 12 and loves basketball, so if you have any gospel analogies with basketball, send them our way!

We may also pick up another new child to teach Tuesday so wish us luck.

Jaxx gets baptized on Sunday!!! So exciting. We taught the last lesson yesterday and he gets interviewed on Wednesday. He and his family are very excited.

We unfortunately still have not heard from Reshell, and it seems that she’s told some people the baptism is off…. so pray for her! And us! We’re a little sad and confused about it.

JJ got a book of Mormon yesterday!! We taught him over Facebook messenger with the elders in his area in Illinois, and talked more about the Book of Mormon. He had some questions and we were able to answer those and testify about it. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on a copy!

Last night we also taught our good friend Joseph the plan of salvation over zoom, because the poor guy got covid. He’s doing fine, just in quarantine. He had tons of really awesome questions and totally wants to live in the celestial kingdom and “be neighbors with God.” As Sister Baker would say: so tender!! He’s awesome and we love him.

Even amidst some of the bleh this week, there has also been a ton of joy. A few days ago when I was a little bit of a basket case (tears were flowing) my companions asked me why I came out on a mission, and why I stayed. At the time, I couldn’t give them a very good answer. But last night in a member lesson as we talked about our testimonies I remembered why. It might be a little selfish, but I came out because I want to be converted to Christ, beyond a shadow of a doubt, for the rest of my life. There’s no better way than a mission. So even if it’s hard (and it most certainly will be) I will stay and do my best to serve. A goal I have this week is to work on letting go of my imperfections. I can be really hard on myself, and sometimes struggle to remember and rely on the grace of my Savior. I feel like because I can’t or have a hard time forgiving myself, that he can’t forgive me either. But I realize now, that that is not true. He has already paid the price in full. I can work on enjoying the benefits of that, and bringing the knowledge of that to others.

“To be worthy does not mean to be perfect” – Elder Gerrit W Gong.

I love you all and miss you dearly! This Wednesday will be 1 month in the field, how crazy is that?!

Sister Miltimore

Cedar City Week 3

The St. George Temple is under construction.  We went to see it on our way to some missionary training.  The Church offers virtual tours.  If you’re interested in taking a virtual tour, click here.

Cedar City Week 3

(week 10)

The days are long and the weeks are short! This has been a pretty good week.
We had a lesson with Damian and Sabrina Monday night and at the end Damian asked all three of us to pray! It was very special and kind of a cute thing to ask.
Wednesday we went down to St Geezy, aka st George, for my second training! Really it was sort if my first since I missed the first one (thank you Delta-delayed plane). St George was great, we went to the temple visitors center and and Target (we don’t have one here in Cedar City!). Getting to hear from President Kaluhiokalani and his wife was also very nice. I think I like missionary work better than missionary training though…
People are doing pretty well! 
Jaxx gets baptized in 2 weeks! We taught him the commandments yesterday and it was a fun lesson.
We are trying to transition Sabrina and Damian to the elders in their new ward… but we ended up playing musical chair church yesterday. The elders kept giving us the wrong info on what their ward building and time is, so they ended up going to one that isn’t even in their stake… it was less than ideal. We have a lesson tonight with the elders in attendance sooo… interesting.
We haven’t heard from Reshell for about a week… so we will hopefully get a hold of her this week because we love her (and really would rather not need to push her baptism back again.)
Also, I placed 2 book of Mormons this week!!!!! One with a super cool dude, JJ, and one with our new friend Joseph. Both were very receptive to the message. JJ even said he’d go pick his copy up himself! Pretty exciting.
I just love the Book of Mormon so much. This week I focused a lot on reading it, and the more I read it the more I love it! Yesterday I read it during a lot of church, like during the sacrament so that I could stay focused on the Savior. I ended up reading 20 chapters yesterday, marking references to the Savior as I went. I’ve made a few goals:
1: finish the book of Mormon this transfer
2: read the whole book of Mormon once a transfer for the rest of my mission. 
3: next time I read, I’m going to look for how the Lord helps his people (when He has mercy, succors them, etc) 
I think it’s totally doable!!! I’m even toying with the idea of using the same copy and just marking it with different colors each time… we’ll see how “loved” (aka probably trashed) this copy will be by then!! Sticking it in and out of my bag all the time has not been super kind to it…
I’m excited! Missionary life is awesome! Love you all!!
Sister Miltimore

Cedar City Week 2

Cedar City Week 2
(week 9)

This week was GREAT!!! Finally got my phone figured out, tons of great stuff, just awesome. I wanted to start by sharing what a typical day looks like as a sister missionary, since I know I have lots of friends who don’t really know! A missionary day is:
Kidding! There’s so much more. We set up our days in hour blocks, so I’m going to do that too.
6:10 – awaken and pray
6:30 – 7 – exercise. Some days we walk down to a members home and use their gym equipment, and other days we go to a church building and I stretch my vocal chords by singing! 
7-8 – prepare for the day. Shower, eat, sleep, whatever “prepare” means to you.
8-9 – personal study. Each day I read in the Book of Mormon, memorize scriptures, and prepare for lessons. Sometimes I listen to talks (speeches) by general authorities of the church (usually when I’m feeling lazy and want to listen instead of reading!)
9-9:30 – daily planning. Go over the schedule, text people to confirm appointments, make goals for the day.
9:30-10 – companionship study. We recite our  purpose statement, Doctrine and Covenants 4, the 4 safeguards for using technology, then Sister Allan and I recite Glaubens Artikel 1. We read from the standards for missionaries booklet (our rulebook basically) and then talk about our personal studies. One of my favorite parts of the day.
10-12 – sometimes we have lessons, sometimes studies, sometimes meetings. Depends on the day!
12-1 – lunch. Hallelujah.
1-5 – lessons and stuff! We do between 2-5 lessons a day. Some to friends looking into the church, a lot of members and families from church. Our goal is 20 lessons a week! We also do phone lessons and sometimes have service opportunities. 
5-6 – dinner. Amen AND hallelujah. 
6-9 – more lessons! Member lessons are the best, we always stay too long though so we’re working on time efficiency…
9-9:30 – return home and prepare for bed. 
9:30-10:30 – go to bed. I’m usually late, but its good. 
And thats my day! Little things change day to day, and Sundays and Mondays are different. Sundays we got to all of the church, and tons of meetings (yesterday we went to 3 wards (congregations) and 10 other meetings… not including lessons) and Monday is our P-day (preparation day) so today we call home, do our laundry and shopping, and just hang in our pajamas or do fun stuff. We might do some fun stuff with one of our investigating friends later…
For reference, for those who are non-members of our church, many missionaries refer to those who are looking into joining our church “investigators” because they are “investigating” or looking into and learning about our church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. In recent years we have been trying to refer to those people as “friends of the church” because we realized that calling them investigators sounded a little weird and had a different connotation. So I will probably refer to those whom we are teaching as both from time to time. 
So!! Some cool events from this week!
Damian and Sabrina: Monday night we had a lesson with these two wonderful people. Sabrina is less active and wants to come back to church, and Damian is not a member. In our lesson we shared the Restoration of the Gospel, and I had the opportunity to share the First Vision and the spirit was so strong I almost cried. I will never forget the intense look on Damian’s face. He was looking straight at me, his face open and intent and his eyes locked on mine. It was an incredible experience I will never forget.
Mark from Spain: we had a member lesson, and as we got there they were like “by the way, our son served his mission in Spain and he’s going to have a non member friend on the phone for our lesson!” Se we shared our message and afterwards the returned missionary told us that Mark had been feeling pretty down lately and that our lesson gave him hope, so he’s going to start meeting with the missionaries in Spain!! 
Uchtdorf: we got to be part of a live zoom devotional with Elder Uchtdorf and his wife!!! They were so sweet, and talked a lot about using technology in missionary work so expect more Facebook posts to come!!
Joseph: last night we picked a GOLDEN young man who is so ready for the gospel. He has been dating a member, and wants to be sealed to her in the temple someday. Her brother has been teaching him, but its time to turn him over to the missionaries in his area which is us!!! We are super excited to teach him and I literally just cannot wait.
Funny thing: apparently, I am not the type of person to use a microwave, according to my companions. They expressed to me this week, that everything I do something just a little weird they think to themselves, “well at least she uses a microwave.” So now everything I do or say something a little unique they just look away, shake their heads, and say that out loud. I have started sticking my tongue out at them in protest.
This week I had my testimony strengthened of faith. We had quite that discussion with some friends about faith vs fact… but I know and have faith of some absolute facts: that God is our loving heavenly father, that he loves all his children and knows each of us perfectly. I know that the Savior of the world is Jesus Christ, and that through Him we can be forgiven and feel true joy in this life. I know that I am exactly where I’m meant to be, that God is aware of my every moment, and that my best is enough!! 
Basically the best week ever!! I love you all and I am loving life as a missionary!
Sister Miltimore