Stuttgart – Week 17

Stuttgart - Week 17

(week 53)

Hallo!!! Wie geht’s euch??

It was a GREAT week you guys!! Let’s get into it!!

We taught 23 lessons this past week. 23!!! For reference, the standard of excellence (the goal) for a week in this mission is 20, and when we were sick we only had 4. So, it was amazing.

Also, happy 1 year mark to me!! I have officially been a missionary for over a year now and it is the best time ever. A little than 6 months to go 😳

Fun finding: on Friday we had an Austellung as per usual! I went on splits with Sister Awerkamp, and we walked around for a bit discussing how much we hate street finding. Then, she stopped a guy with headphones on. We asked him questions from a survey about the purpose of Life, and he totally got into it! He asked us who we represented, and I said the name of the church. He, of course, was like “eh?” So I showed him the Book of Mormon I was carrying and was like “we believe in this book!” And he just started laughing and was like “Mormons?! Classic!!” He was very excited that two real life Mormon missionaries stopped him on the streets, but he was totally open, took the book and a pamphlet, and gave us his number!! It was a 1 in a 1000 conversation, and the reason we go street finding every week even though we hate it.

Later, we stopped another guy, and as we started talking, this crazy guy walked up and was like “hey I know you!” and yep,Sister Halterman and I had met him a few weeks before. So I pulled him off to the side so I could talk to him while Sister Awerkamp kept teaching the other guy. Now, this dude is kind of a creep and really likes Americans and America. We get talking and I’m determined to keep it focused on the gospel so I was like “Book of Mormon?” And he was like “yeah I have one of those!” So I told him about the promise in Moroni 10:3-5 and flipped to the page to show him. This man comes into my side like, real close, and I swear you guys, I’m pretty sure he sniffed my hair but it’s fine whatever, you know? Just a creep being a creep he moves back and I’m like okay great. Continue the conversation and realize I would love to give this guy a pamphlet, only catch is that I don’t have one on me. So I directed him towards our bike, pointing out where it was. “It’s over there,” I say and he’s like “over where?” So I repeat, and then he comes into my side real close again and guys HE PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME with his hand on my back, like firm hold, and was like “oh over there!” And I was like mmmhmm I am being *touched* *right* *now* I don’t like this…. luckily, he left a few seconds later and I ran to my companion and was like I have been violated we need to be on high alert for the #1 Creep on my Unwanted List!!!

So, long story short, sometimes when you’re finding you find a new friend to teach, and other times you find someone to get a restraining order against. All in a couple hours missionary work 👍

Other highlights of the week include a lesson on Saturday with our awesome street dude from the story above, Sister Halterman scraping away 20 years worth of grime off an oven door, the last week of zoom church (thank goodness) going out for Chinese buffet with the district for Christmas, and ice skating for p-day today!! Sooooo fun, I had a great time.

I love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! If you haven’t already, go watch the Christ Child video, we watched it with a ton of people this week and it is totally awesome. Also, hug your grandpas because mine sent me a letter this week and it changed my life. Love you Grandpa!

Sister Miltimore

Video done for Stuttgart Zone conference.

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