Stuttgart – Week 16

Stuttgart - Week 16

(week 52)

Hallo everybody! Ready for another Rollercoaster week??

I actually don’t have much for you. I got sick 😷 not covid, luckily, but I have tonsillitis which basically means that my already very large tonsils (seriously, every doctor I have ever been to called them “rocks”) are EVEN BIGGER and it’s quite painful! Needless to say…. it’s been a weird week.

Started out hopeful with a couple of days with actual missionary work! We went and visited our friend Zariah, and she is just GOLDEN you guys, she just drinks up what we are telling her. Pray for her, we are hoping to put her on date next time we see her!

Friday was the day of both my best and worst dreams come true. First WE FINALLY DID A SINGING AUSTELLUNG. For those of you who need a reminder, Austellung means street display: it’s basically when we go street finding, usually as a zone. I have been wanting to do one where I get to sing since I was in Switzerland, and all the stars finally aligned to do it. We got the zone involved, went down to Schlossplatz and did some caroling!! It was SO EFFECTIVE , a solid 10/10 recommendation giving it a try. Tons of people stopped, random members were around and sang with us, and we got some contacts and scheduled lessons. It was AWESOME. My worst dream also came true… this was the day I started feeling sick, so singing was a STRUGGLE. We ended up leaving early because it got really, really cold and I just was not feeling good. That day was the worst, I just laid in bed with a fever but I couldn’t get warm!

The next few days after that were “filled” with canceled appointments, too much time on Facebook, and not enough sleep. As my pain level kept rising, I finally took a look at my tonsils and was like 😳😳😳 and then had my companion look at them and she was like 😳🤯 so next day we took a trip back to the hospital for me this time! Yay!

Also, I love priesthood blessings. They are awesome.

As you can imagine, not a ton of pics from this week, and I will spare you the one of my rock sized tonsils 😋

Love you all!! The work goes forward 💪

Sister Miltimore

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