Stuttgart – Week 18

Stuttgart - Week 18

(week 54)

Hi guys!! Gosh it has been TOO LONG!! Last week I had no time to write, and this week we had to move our P-day to Thursday! So this week, you will get 2 emails: one from the week of Christmas, and one from the week of new years. Let’s get into it!!

The 22nd: We went to see Iris!! And it was a flop, a bomb, a slight catastrophe. First, it was the coldest day of my whole life. Second, we totally missed multiple buses, which meant that not only did we have to stand out in the cold, but it also meant that we were 2 hours late to our appointment.Β πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺΒ big sigh. So, we finally get there, have food as usual, and then go for a walk. As usual, we came around to the very interesting topics that Iris likes to share…. and a long story short, after our conversation that day, we did not feel like Iris was ready to get baptized yet, so we had to take her off-date for now. I’m very sad. Pray for her.

The 23rd: We had a BUNCH of appointments, but the best one by far was with Liridonia that night. I love her sooooo much!! She is a total example of becoming friends and teaching naturally. We worked hard to just be her friend over several months, and then we gave her a Book of Mormon. We asked her later if she had read any of it, and she had! And she wanted to know more! So, we finally got to go over and talk about it. As we did, the Spirit was strong and she was totally engaged, and she promised she would read more. I came away from the appointment absolutely beaming. Sometimes missionary work is literally the best thing ever.

The 24th: Heilig Abend!! Christmas Eve!!Β πŸŽ„Β Here in Germany, the 24th is the day that you do all your traditions and open your presents. We were with one of my FAVORITE families, the Knapeks!! They were so sweet, they even got us presents to help us feel part of the family!! We sang songs, read the Christmas story, and opened gifts. For dinner we had Raclette!!! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s like a double decker hot plate where you cook meat on top and then you have these little trays that you can load up with veggies and things and put underneath. The big thing is that you put CHEESE on it, and it gets all melty and delicious. It’s a Swiss thing that’s become a German tradition for many families to do at Christmas and new years time. And it is SOOOOOO delicious!! After dinner we played some games and then they drove us home.Β  Once we got home the night didn’t end there!! Sister Halterman wrapped our presents while I made Christmas cookies from a mix my parents sent me!! They tasted awesome, even though I left them in a *little* too long… we spread some reindeer food on the pavement outside so that Santa could find us (hehe) and then crashed at midnightΒ πŸ˜…

The 25th: CHRISTMAS!!!!!Β πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
We spent the morning with the Hoffmans and Bea SΓΌss and her brother! We had a good time, played a game and ate some good food.Β  We helped prepare the meal – 2 stuffed ducks, knΓΆdel, rotkohl (cooked red/purple cabbage), and Rahm sauce. Sister Halterman had to stuff the ducks… she was kind enough not to make me go through the experience.Β  We went home afterwards and called our families. We had the most wonderful time spending the holidays with the people we love most. My favorite part was watching my family open their gifts, just like normal. It was great. My favorite gift was a LIGHT UP CROCHET HOOK with interchangeable hook sizes. Now I can crochet in the dark if I want to 😎 it’s flipping fantastic.

The 26th: Yet another giant appointment!! We went with the Elders to the Schaals… for like 7 hoursΒ πŸ˜…πŸ˜…Β we had Raclette again, and honestly it was kind of awkward.Β  It felt like this weird chaperones double date between us and the Elders, because we just all have a great relationship and by the end of it we were like…. time to get transferred!

P-day: For P-day we met together as a zone, and then that night Sister Halterman, Sister Ebisch, Sister Awerkamo and I went to the Christmas light garden at the Wlihelma Zoo!! It was pretty cool.

And now for the big news!! On Christmas I got the mixed emotions gift of finding out I would be transferred!! I am now in Landshut and Passau in the Munich zone, still in Germany!! I’ve been here for about a week, and I’ll tell you all about the move in email #2 so stay tuned!!

Love you all!

Sis Miltimore

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