Stuttgart – Week 15

Stuttgart - Week 15

(Week 51)

Halllloooo Alle! Wie geht’s euch? 

This was a CRAZY week as usual because guess what? We stayed home for most of it 😅 my companion Sister Halterman caught a cold (not Corona! We got tested almost every day) so we were down and out all weekend. My good intentions of catching up on my journal were not realized BUT a long standing goal of finishing season 2 of The Chosen series was, so there’s that. 
The week started with a low key Wednesday, and then a crazy Thursday. Thursday morning Sister Halterman woke up and was like “I feel terrible, I don’t think I can go to our super important appointment that took literally a month to plan” nah, that’s not what she said but that was the situation we found ourselves in at 6:45 in the morning. So, we called the international sisters and were like “heyyyy…. emergency exchange???”
So, Sister Ebisch went with me and 2 of our members out to visit Iris! Our messianic Jew friend! We had planned with her to bring a couple of our members to give her a Priesthood blessing, because she has had many health struggles. She welcomed us, and though it was a little longer than we were expecting, the appointment went surprisingly well. The blessing was beautiful, we were able to really help her understand a few very important principles, and we made it out before dark. A true accomplishment. 
Friday was another low key day, we planned plenty of activities at home to keep ourselves busy and entertained. We are both terrible at media finding (don’t at me anyone, you all know that stuff is hard to do) so we did some contacting, our studies, we painted our nails, watched the Chosen, took a nap aaaaaaaand…. yeah there were probably a few things I forgot but it was a decent day!
And then the night came. 
Poor Sister Halterman finally got up at about 1 am after not sleeping much from pain the was building behind her ear. By 1 am, she was in some of the worst pain of her life, as fluid drained from her sinuses and got stuck behind her eardrum, pressurizing it and causing extreme pain. Thus the situation was worsened by the fear of her eardrum bursting, which it has done 3 times in the past. However, all I knew at this point was that my companion was pacing back and forth, holding her head, and silently sobbing in agony. Long story short, about 2 hours, multiple calls to our mission office, many pain killers, and a heated rice sock later, we finally went back to bed. And then slept in until about 10:30. And canceled all our appointments for the day. And went to the hospital for a check up! Yeah… mission adventures whoop whoop! I somehow avoided getting sick. Thank goodness and the Lord. 
Sunday was, as you can imagine, uneventful. 
Monday was pretty great! Christmas zone conference whoooooo!!! 🎄🎄🎄 We traveled to Munich for it, and we even wore our Trachten (special outfits) with many elders in Lederhosen (traditional leather pants) and all the Sisters in their Dirndls (special dresses). It was awesome!! We sang songs, read the Christmas story, ate pizza, did a variety show, had a white elephant gift exchange (I ended up with a very large dinosaur toy thanks to the one and only Elder Wilkins) and concluded with coloring pages with crayons while listening to a talk by Elder Holland.  We had a dying testimony from our AP Elder Holland (AP = Assistant to the President) who is going home due to some health issues. It was a fun day, filled with laughter and some very interesting conversations. And of course, some good spiritual feelings. 
I think something the Lord has been trying to teach me for a while is to rely on others. For the past several months, challenges have made it hard for me to feel the spirit how I used to, which has caused some understandable frustration for me. Something I recognized this week, and especially after the conference, is the times I have felt God’s love or Christ’s love in the past through the loving care of others, as they listen and do their best to lift me up. I try my best to return the favor, but man, is it hard sometimes! I’m really grateful for a Savior who doesn’t demand perfection in return, who in fact, expects me to struggle and who simply expects me to rely on Him through it. Now, sometimes that’s really hard for me to do because I can’t see Him. But I know I’ve felt Him. I have felt His touch. And I’m grateful for the little moments when I can say that and really feel it and mean it in my heart. For anyone who is struggling right now…. I feel you. I feel like my mission has taught me empathy more than anything else, because for the first time I’m learning what deep emotions feel like. I’m grateful for the way my trials will shape me…. even if I’m not really sure what shape that is yet 😅😅 Christ knows and I guess that’s just going to have to be enough for me
Also… I hit a year next week 😳😳😳 zoinks guys, the year mark slump is real! 🥲🤣
I love you all!! Merry early Christmas!! Frohe Weinachten!!
Sis Miltimore 

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