Stuttgart – Week 13

(Week 49)

Hallooooo Alle!! Seid ihr bereit für meine coole Woche? Gut!!

First, German is great and recently someone who didn’t know I was American told me that they wouldn’t have ever known when I spoke to them.  It was possibly the greatest compliment I have ever received!  I also had a mail guy today (who I was talking German to) tell me “I don’t speak German” and I was like “oh…. well I speak English too!” But let me tell you, IT IS SO FUN TO BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE.

Second, to those who sent me emails and voice memos who I didn’t respond to, I AM SO SORRY and I promise to take more time next week to reply. I love you all.

This week was pretty awesome. A little slow on lessons, because people kept canceling on us 😅 BUT we still did some pretty cool stuff.

Wednesday: Transfers 🥲🥲🥲 some of my very favorite people left (shouts out for Sisters Rollins and Lyon) and so we went and ran off the trains. No one wanted to get food after (lame) so we just went home and did missionary work (so boring, I know right? 😉😉😝 jkjk)

Friday: we did a mission wide social media Austellung! (Austellung = Street display) we learned a bunch of different tips and tricks for Facebook and Instagram finding, like looking through hashtags, joining local groups and making posts, or posting free books of Mormon on Facebook Marketplace. We’ve seen some cool miracles!! I had a guy message me for a book of Mormon!! He lives in Frankfurt, but he is super interested, which is awesome. I also made a post in a Facebook group, and in just the hour after it was first posted, I got over 100 likes and almost 30 comments!! It’s been several hours since then and my phone has blown up with Facebook notifications, so I’m looking forward to some serious social media work tomorrow 💪💪

Saturday was my companion Sister Halterman’s birthday!! That night we went to our senior couple’s house for dinner, and I had the greatest gift: Kraft shaker parmesan. You know, the green one? Probably one of the food items I have missed the most since I came to Europe. Don’t get me wrong, the parmesan here is way better quality. But the ease of just shakin’ that good stuff out on my pasta cannot be ignored. Nor can the memories of it from my childhood (Grandpa Kesler – that was for you!)  But anyway, after dinner the other missionaries in the district showed up and we played Taboo! And had cake! It was super fun.

Soooo this past week a few ward members got Covid 😷😷 so our ward is online for the next couple weeks. The international ward was still in person, so we went to the primary program and to get the sacrament! That night we also called our good friend Iris. As always, the conversation was very “passionate” (by which I mean we were basically yelling into the phone at each other to be heard and get our point across before she could come back with Judaism and history comments that just weren’t relevant)… so our lesson kind of derailed from what we initially intended. So we skipped to the end, and just played the “Hear Him” video from President Nelson, to show that he really is the Prophet. We teach her over the phone, so I literally just held my phone speaker up to my companion’s phone and played it for her to listen to. By the end, the Spirit was so strong, and after a solid 30 seconds of silence, she just asks “what is… faith?” In the most calm, quiet voice I have ever heard from her. My heart just melted, and we talked to her about what faith was and invited her to read more in Alma 32.

Monday: Friends-giving #1! We went back to our senior couple’s house for a Thanksgiving meal and district council meeting! They knew that as the German ward sisters, we wouldn’t really be getting a Thanksgiving appointment, so they pulled out all the stops for us!! It was super delicious, and we played Taboo again afterward.

Today: Friends-giving #2! We did a zone friends giving today! No one brought meat (because that stuff’s EXPENSIVE) but we had TONS of food. The highlights were my companions’ banana bread, Mexican rice from Elder Altamirano, and German pancakes with Nutella and powdered sugar from Elder Stank. Soooo delicious 😊😊 then…. maybe you can guess what we played?? Yup, MORE TABOO!!! We played as a whole zone and then again with just some of us sisters who didn’t want to play soccer. It was super fun! Then we went to do some shopping, I got winter boots – finally!

Aaaaaand that’s the week folks! Tune in next time for more German adventures. And pray for Germany… Covid here is getting pretty bad, and though I believe in miracles… I am no social media finder and I do not want to quarantine.

Sister Miltimore

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