Stuttgart – Week 14

Stuttgart - Week 14

(week 50)

I don’t have much time this week…lots going on!

We had some bomb lessons this week, had a crazy exchange, and oh yeah! THANKSGIVING!!! We ran a turkey trot 5k as a mission, and I even ran some of it!! I walked the rest, but I’m proud of myself! It was fun.

So, also this week, I have a funny story to share. It’s about my new winter boots…..they arrived in the mail yesterday, and I was like perfect! I can take them to the store today and get them extra waterproofed! (They have this machine that sprays them, very cool!). I wore my current pink rain boots with socks and warm inserts.  As we came home from the grocery store, I noticed that one foot was nice and warm, and the other one was…. kinda cold. Which made no sense. I thought, is there a leak on the bottom?? Looked, no leak.

We got to the shoe store a few hours later and I finally noticed as I walked around that my toes felt… sloshy in my boot. So, I pulled my foot out and low and behold my sock was SOAKED!! Turns out there was a huge CRACK in the side of the boot! My other one also had some cracks starting, so I’m super grateful I got new winter boots! God was in the details today 🤣🤣

I also caught a butterfly on a train this week. That was fun.

Anyway folks, that’s all the time I have for today. Love you all and be sure to check out #LightTheWorldWithLove!!

Sis Rachel Miltimore

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