Stuttgart – Week 12

Stuttgart - Week 12

(week 48)

Hallo meine liebe Freunde und Familie!!

I am MORTIFIED that I missed a weekly last week. Gosh dang it. I don’t even remember last week, but miracles and events I can remember!

ALSO! First things first…. Sister Halterman and I are staying together for another transfer here in Stuttgart!!! I literally couldn’t not be happier about it. And I get to stay for Christmas!! Whoop whoop!! and as of today I have officially been a missionary for 11 months!! I have a lot I still want to accomplish and the fire under me has been lit Emoji

I will try to catch you up on the week I missed – We have had some AMAZING appointments with some AMAZING people happen. ATHA FINALLY RESPONDED to us and turns out he was sick the whole time!! It is a big relief that he didn’t lose his testimony or anything. He’s doing a lot better. We had a really fun time on

Monday of last week going to do service on the military base!! Another sister and I were tasked with getting rid of TONS of old printer cartridges… btw, the military can kinda be hoarders! So much old stuff – we found printer toner from 1992! Needless to say, we threw it out 😅 That day was also Elder Altamiranos birthday, so we all sang to him and the military personal got us Pizza Hut, all the -itos (cheetos, doritos, fritos, and tostitos), cosmic brownies and other diabetic inducing sweets, and even a pazookie for the birthday boy! It was super fun and I definitely felt sick after from eating all that nice American processed food but it was so worth it.

BIG MIRACLE ON P-DAY LAST WEEK!! We had visited some other sisters to watch a movie, but for our working hours we wanted to take a Book of Mormon out to a referral we got. But we realized, that we needed to leave IMMEDIATELY to catch our train. We left, and with 4 minutes before the train left, we RAN to Bahnhoff and got there right as the train pulled up. So amazing right? Well, later as we were trying to find our bus, which was impossible because it was dark and bus stops are basically impossible to find here, we saw it across the street and YET AGAIN had to run to catch it. And we made it again! So, at this point, we are like wow, God really wants this guy to have a Book of Mormon tonight! We get all the way to his address… and his name isn’t there. So we’re thinking… oh no. We check 3 other houses, but we don’t find him. Knowing there had been too many miracles to give up now, we said a prayer and rang the bell of the family who lived at the address we’d been given. A lady comes to the door, we ask about the person, and she says “oh yeah, he lives below us. The bell is broken, that’s why his name isn’t there.” So we go down and find him and bring him the Book of Mormon!! He was so excited to see us! He’s probably going to come to church this next Sunday. The experience was probably my favorite from this transfer, and really strengthened my testimony that God is willing to use us to do His work when we are willing to give our all to Him.

Now moving on to this week:
Such an awesome week!! My mental health is high and man is it nice to feel good again!! Yesterday I felt like a little kid again, and I felt so happy!!

The week started off with…. drum roll please…. ALL MISSION CONFERENCE #3!!! Yup, you heard right. Our third all mission conference in as many transfers. This time, Elder Allioud (of the Seventy) and his wife who serve in the European Area Presidency came to speak with us! They were literally just the sweetest ever. It was so amazing to see all of my friends from far and wide across the mission. I got to say some bittersweet goodbyes, but it was amazing. Of course, from the spiritual side, I had many uplifting moments and the remarks from Sister Allioud touched me the most. Everything she spoke about just applied directly to me. It was very cool. When one of the elders asked me at the end of the conference what I learned, I said “God is still there.” And He is. I still have a lot to work on with my testimony, but this week has seen some very amazing improvement! After the conference, I realized what blessings of the gospel I want, and what that meant for my faith and my actions. I need to have the faith AND do the actions necessary to receiving those blessings. As I gain more hope in the promise of those blessings the fact that I desire them, it gives me the strength to make some small but powerful changes in my life!! And every day, literally every day since, I have seen INCREDIBLE improvement. The kind of improvement I’ve been praying for literally for months. It’s been so amazing to see, and I literally am SO EXCITED TO BE A MISSIONARY which is just the best feeling in the whole wide world.

Another big thing from the conference… I GOT TO SING!! I sang a solo of “O Divine Redeemer” by Charles Gounad. It went PERFECTLY, and I am so happy with the performance. It just so happened to be Sister Allioud’s birthday that day, and she told me later that my song was her birthday present. It also made her (and many others) cry which is the best compliment I can ever receive for my singing. Being able to bring someone to tears with the spirit as I sing is a very special gift, and not something I ever take for granted. I may joke about it, but it really is something I consider an accomplishment in the way that I’m so thankful I have the talent or ability to move someone so deeply towards the Savior that they cry. I may be weird for that, but it’s one of the things I love about the experience of singing at events like this.

Aaaaaaand now onto the rest of the week!! Some highlights include:
Standing in the freezing cold for 2 hours in line for my companion to get her covid shot
Painting candles for a service project at the stake Relief Society activity. We also learned about the 5 languages of love
Making s’mores over wet coals with the Hamilton family
Dying testimony meeting for all the missionaries going home tomorrow…

Are you ready? There’s more miracles to share!!

Monday, aka yesterday, aka one of the best days of my whole freaking mission so far: the Parable of the Enchilada Sauce
We wanted to make taquitos with a friend that night for dinner, and so I asked the others sisters to bring me the can of enchilada sauce I knew was at their apartment. I lugged it around most of the day and then FORGOT it on the train! I was so sad. One of the elders told us about a Mexican store we might try to find some at. As we are there, the guy at the register starts talking to my companion about who we are and why we’re here. Literally our favorite question ever!! We ended up getting his number and giving him all the info to come to church this Sunday!! Never would have happened without some unfortunate events that led up to it like forgetting the sauce on the train… but the Lord uses everything to our gain! It was definitely not a coincidence.

Then! Later that day as we are coming home late from an awesome appointment (where I used the enchilada sauce to make some bomb taquitos), there was this lady sitting across from us on the train who was just point-blank STARING at our tags. She pulls out her phone, looks at the tag, types on her phone, LOOKS AT THE TAG AGAIN, and types some more. She was totally googling the church!!!! As we left, I pulled out our card and gave it to her, and she thanked us. I hope she finds us!! (We aren’t allowed to proselyte on the U-bahn, so we couldn’t approach her even though we were dying to!)

This week was just awesome you guys. Seriously, so much fun. Today we all hung out as a zone, played games, I crocheted a hat, we shared testimonies and said our goodbyes. It was awesome and I’m looking forward to a great transfer ahead!

Till next week! Tchüss!!

Sister Miltimore

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