Stuttgart – Week 8

Week 8 - Stuttgart

(week 44)

Heeeeeyyyy everybody!!

What a week. Gotta be perfectly honest… it was a little bit of a rough week, but we’re starting to get back on track now so hopefully things will go better! Sometimes life gets really big for small reasons… and I’m working on that! Thank you for all your support! Even though it was hard, there’s still no place I’d rather be.

And guess what?! IVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR 10 MONTHS!!!!! DOUBLE DIGITS!!!! It’s crazy that I’ve only got 8 more to go! I remember when I first came out and was sooooo overwhelmed… well, I’m still overwhelmed but for different reasons! I actually have a pretty good handle on the ins and outs of missionary work. As many of you saw on my Instagram and Facebook stories, this week we got supplies and so I had the opportunity to do some major organizing of our apartment… IT WAS AWESOME. Both kind of lame and kind of fantastic that it was a highlight for me this week. Organizing projects like that are sooooo good for me, because they get me totally out of my head for a while and are just OH. SO. SATISFYING.

Anyway, this week! We did some stuff. That’s it. Sorry, I actually don’t have a lot of time to write sooooo…

Just kidding! That was the last 2 weeks. This week is different. I am taking some time to write today because I know I am loved and I have very few ways of reciprocating that right now. Here we go!

First, Iris. I believe I mentioned her in my last email. The Messianic Jew, remember? We are still mega verwirrt (confused) about her, but she’s doing great, LOVES talking to us, and we’re going to make a big trip out to see her this week because she lives weit Weg (far away).

Second, pray for Atha. He hasn’t come to church since he got baptized, and he also caught a cold sooooooo wir machen ein bisschen Sorgen (we’re a little worried). I’m sure he’ll be fine but, yeah!

Third, the gift of tongues is PRETTY REAL Y’ALL!  Goodness gracious. (Oh gosh, my comp served in Texas for a bit and I think it’s rubbing off on me)  The past couple weeks I’ve been mainly leading the area, and WITHOUT PRIDE I would acknowledge that my German ability/confidence is just slightly more than my comps. So I’ve been doing a lot of the talking and reading in our lessons. AND….. I can SPEAK and be understood and UNDERSTAND what I need to in order to respond. I taught the entire restoration cups 3-4 times. Almost by myself!  My peeps back in St Geezy know what I’m talking about, for the rest of you –  it’s an object lesson to teach about the Restoration of the Gospel and principles from the Gospel of Jesus Christ  The first time was rocky, but after that my comp and I got in a bit of a groove. We also taught the whole Plan of Salvation to a less active member, and I although I wasn’t able to say everything I WANTED to say, I could say everything I NEEDED to say I order to teach her the way I wanted to. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s a lot more than I could do even a few weeks ago so I’m extremely grateful. I speak enough German now that it makes absolutely no sense without divine help that I can speak this much German. Maybe someday it won’t take me 3 thousand years to think of a word though.

Fourth, priesthood blessings are awesome. As I struggled last week, I again got that impression to get another priesthood blessing. Just getting all the blessings up in here! Nah, but I really was feeling very low, and needed serious reminding about what the heck I’m supposed to be doing or feeling or thinking. Especially about God, because believe it or not, we as missionaries struggle with faith too! I have never struggled with my faith before the mission and on my mission I have struggled with it harder than I ever thought possible for me. Couple that with the loooooong days of missionary life and you’ve got a pretty interesting concoction called “stressed out Sister Miltimore”. Hence, it was time for a priesthood blessing. As I got the blessing, I didn’t feel much.  I honestly didn’t know what to do afterwards. But luckily, I my companion recorded the blessing for me (and before anyone gets on me about it, the decision was between me, my comp, and me and the lord and I won’t say more about it. No judgement please, that’s for Him to do). As I went back and transcribed it later… my mind cleared. I realized that everything the Lord said to me was positive, small, but clear. I got all fired up and motivated – a feeling I haven’t experienced in quite a while! Reading it yet again later had the same effect!! Ever since, and through my own personal introspection… I’ve been able to endure better and I feel lighter. The problems haven’t changed, and honestly I don’t feel like I’ve changed much either. But it gave me just a little push, a little nudge to keep trying. I’m still confused, I’m still worried… but I have the power to stop, take a breathe, and CHOOSE to go forward anyway. I echo the words of Nephi – “Nevertheless, I know in whom I have trusted”. (2 Nephi 4:19)

Sorry guys, that got really real for a second there! Sometimes it is really powerful to write out all the feels and see how the Lord has supported me. Thanks for reading my thought download today!

I love you all soooooo much aaaaaaand if you’re not getting on it, GO DO SOME MISSIONARY WORK RIGHT FREAKING NOW. Our stake wants every companionship to get 5 people on date for baptism which is basically impossible and completely impossible without member work. If your missionaries don’t have much work, it’s not their fault, it’s yours. Just gonna leave y’all with that chastisement  – mic drop!

Have a great week- I love you all!!!

Sister Miltimore

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