Stuttgart – Week 7

Week 7 - Stuttgart

(week 43)

Hallooooo Alle!!!!

Diese Woche war sehr schön!! Und auch ein bisschen lang 😅 aber nicht langweilig! Wir haben viele Arbeit gemacht, und Gespräche gehabt, und auch haben wir natürlich SEHR VIEL SPAß gemacht 💪💪

It was a great week! I was sooooo sad to say goodbye to Sister Smith 😭 she really has been one of my favorite companions. I couldn’t have asked for better. But, after saying goodbye on Wednesday, I got a new companion Sister Halterman!!! We knew it would be great from the very first night together: we went to young womens, watched Tangled in German (which is called Rapunzel, very original as you can tell) and ate packing peanuts. Or at least, that’s what they looked like. They didn’t taste like much of anything better either but they were free so we ate the whole bag and almost choked trying to contain our laughter. It was a good omen for the companionship, we’ve been nothing but best buds since. We even bought matching Winnie the Pooh pajama pants today sooooo…. Basically we love each other and it’s going to be a bomb transfer.
This week was a little weird, it being the beginning of the transfer and all, so we didn’t have a ton of appointments BUT we did end up with a ton of opportunities! We went through some of our records to see who hadn’t been contacted in a while, and ended up texting this lady named Iris. She called us about 20 minutes later and was basically like, “my life SUCKS right now, let me tell you ALL about it.” She proceeds to tell us all about why her life sucks right now and then about how she has read the Book of Mormon TWICE and knows its true!! So, we are starting to teach her. If anyone has any advice about how to talk to a messianic Judaism convert who’s also talking to the Baptists and the Jehovah’s witnesses… let me know 😅

Yet again, like last week I don’t have a ton of time to write a big weekly… so sorry about that!! I know everybody loves to hear from me, hehe, but enjoy some pics and keep praying for this sister! Sometimes life as a missionary can be really challenging, but I’m grateful to be figuring it out here with a lot of great people around me. One thing I’ve really thought about is how I’m changing in all the ways I don’t see… but are still good. I know that I’m doing good work, even if I get a little (lot) too hard on myself sometimes (too much).

Also, if you haven’t started studying the talks from General Conference, I invite you to do so!! One thing I want to start doing is looking for the patterns in what the Apostles and Prophet said this conference… if we look in the Bible and Book of Mormon, we can clearly see that what the prophets said was what the people needed to hear and focus on – they were always right! So what did the Apostles and Prophet say to us, right NOW?! What should we be focusing on, and what blessings will we see from that?

Just some thoughts of a missionary. Hope you all have a great week! Bis bald!

Sister Miltimore

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