Stuttgart – Week 9

Stuttgart - Week 9

(week 45)


This week was pretty fast and slow at the same time. Not my fav week if I’m perfectly honest… but we’re gonna make up for it this week because we LITERALLY COULD NOT BE BUSIER. We have had to start booking people 2 weeks out. Crazy – good! Tomorrow we have interviews with our mission President, then we are exchanging with 2 other sisters, then we have tons of appointments… all good stuff.

Highlights reel:

The Hoffman Familie. Seriously, my favorite people ever. Last week we went over, listened to Bruder Hoffman’s favorite Christmas music, had a little spiritual thought, and then I taught them how to play one of my family’s favorite dice games. So much fun. They invited us over for Christmas, and I will be sooooo mad if I get transferred before then!! The next day at church he came up to Sister Halterman and was like “I’m so excited for Christmas!”, sooooo I think it’s safe to assume they like us and we are definitely excited for Christmas too.

Die Zehn Gebote (the Ten Commandments): this week we taught 2 people the 10 commandments using hand signs as an object lesson. It’s SUPER effective, especially for kids. It really helps them remember them too! The first person we taught it to was Jessica, and she’s 10. It was by far the most engaged she has ever been in a lesson. She loved it, and totally understood and could remember all 10! Then we taught them yesterday to our less active member Bea, and she also thought they were hilariously awesome and effective. We will be giving both of them a Prüfung (test) next time we see them so… they’d best remember!!

Food: this week Sister Halterman and I did some serious cooking! We made snickerdoodles (which were pretty good considering I had to substitute lemon juice for cream of tartar 😳) and baked goulash. I have since been informed by a German sister in our district, that it is NOT in fact goulash… but MY goulash is veggies, sauce, noodles, cheese over the top and then BAKE HIM UP!! It was SO GOOD and we were SO PROUD of ourselves, and our future boyfriends better watch themselves cause we are SO gonna pull that recipe out and knock their socks off. And our future children will probably tell their little friends that a staple meal in their house is baked goulash because guys IT WAS SO GOOD 😭😭😭

Also, my comp Sister Halterman gave a BOMB talk on Sunday. One of our bishopric members called us on Friday night and asked her to do it… so with about a day to prepare to give her first ever talk in German, she was a little stressed. But it went so well, she didn’t even read, she just spoke and let the spirit guide her. I really needed it. As she spoke I felt my mind and heart clear, and remembered what it feels like to be a “normal” member of this church. My anxiety is often triggered by religious subjects (kind of inconvenient as a full time missionary I know) because my brain likes to jump to all kinds of conclusions about where my testimony is at and other doubts or fears I don’t want to have. It’s been pretty rough, and I still don’t know why this is my trial in life or on my mission. All I can do is be brave enough to push through the anxiety and keep going. People often remind me that courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to keep going in spite of it. As hard as it’s been and as hard as it may continue to be, I WANT TO BE A MISSIONARY. Even if some days it’s only because I don’t want to give up. Throwing in the towel?? I don’t think so!! If I can’t bring myself to Christ as quickly as I want to… I can at least chuck some people as far in His direction as I can. Just, throw ’em at Him. Great thing is, he’s really good at catching people. I’m sure he’ll catch me too.

Take heart! Every day is a new day… and even if it’s the same as yesterday… it’s one more day on the road to heaven. Because at the end of it all, that’s where we will all be.

I love you! Thank you for all your love and support! And Happy Halloween everyone! Go eat some candy for me!

Sister Miltimore


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