Cedar City Week 6

Cedar City Week 6

(week 13)

This week has been a little crazy! First off though, no one is getting transferred! Da best trio lives another transfer! (Unless Europe has anything crazy to say….) 

We did tons of exchanges this week. One day, my companions (who are in mission leadership) had to go down to St George for a meeting. So I got put with a couple other sisters. We went to a farm, saw a cow, and weeded. The cow was stinky but I wanted a picture, so I sat down for what should have been .38 seconds next to this cow but of course as soon as I sat down that’s when the cow decided to well…relieve itself…buckets full of relief!  I got stuck next the stinky cow for way longer than I planned!  I won’t even tell you what I stepped in when we went to the horse pasture  – I’ll just say it took a few washings to get my shoes un-grossified.  But I got to brush a horse! 

When we got home for lunch, a couple other sisters were having a hard day, so we decided to exchange with them.  Afterwards, we went and saw more of the sisters in the zone! So I saw 90 percent of the sisters in the zone that day. That day was also crazy for a few reasons. First, the Sister I exchanged with had been praying for a miracle that day – and I was an answer to her prayer! Then, we just happened to meet with another sister who was Sister Allan’s (my trainer) bestie and training leader on her mission when she was in Europe.  I was struggling with a few things and Sister Allan had just texted me about maybe trying to meet with her the previous night. We had a unexpected therapy session and it was exactly what I needed.

But there’s more!! During that therapy session, Sister J got a call about a lesson we were going to miss… it was a referral my companionship had gotten a few weeks ago, but she didn’t have any background info on it. I just happened to be there, and knew all about it! It was just a wonderful day of super obvious prayers being answered.

Also crazy: we put a guy on date last Monday, and he’s getting baptized TODAY.

You may remember me mentioning Damian, our very good friend who we almost but not really had to pass off to the Elders because he moved out of our area. Well, we told him last week that there was a chance Sister Baker might leave with this transfer. And that… maybe he should get baptized before that happens. And he said yes!! So we did a 2 hour lesson Saturday night with him , found some fellow-shippers in his ward who he and his wife really like, and he’s getting baptized today. I will be singing, and it’s all very awesome and exciting.

To be honest, this week had its ups and downs!! But as I expressed to the youth at a mission prep fireside we attended this past Sunday, there is absolutely nothing I’d rather be doing. Nothing that could send me home. I know that as I continue to learn how to rely on my Savior, that my trials will pass in His timing. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do when you’re struggling a little- it can feel like you’re doing everything wrong, even when you know you aren’t!

I’m so grateful that, even though I’m not perfect, and my faith feels lacking, that God is patient, understanding, and loves me anyway. As I try to remember who I am, who God has made me to become, I am reminded of all the tender mercies he has shown me. It carries me forward in my doubts, and helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel – my Savior Jesus Christ. I was reminded this week of the Footprints In The Sand (look it up if you don’t know it!!)

I know that my Savior has been carrying me. There is no way I could be doing this alone. It doesn’t make sense, and it wouldn’t be possible. Sister J said something i liked “I don’t think my feet have ever touched the ground”.

May we each learn to better rely on the Savior as he carries us through life. May we better understand our faith in Him, and utilize His Atonement daily. Not just for repentance, but to enable us so that someday maybe we can learn to walk beside him, or even to help him carry the loads of others. 

I Hope you all have a great week, and start getting ready for general conference!

Love you all!

Sister Miltimore 

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I Feel My Saviors Love

Damian’s Baptism

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