Stuttgart – Week 5

Stuttgart - Week 5

(week 41)

Wassup peeps!!

Gross I am not a gangster. Sorry about that.
This week was honestly like, a million years long. Talking to my parents this morning, even they agreed it felt longer than usual. I don’t know why.

First off!!! Atha!! We changed his date, so he is getting baptized on Saturday!! He is SO ready and SO excited. He wants to be clean and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost – he understands now what a blessing that will be in his life and is anticipating it so much. He already has such a strong testimony of receiving revelation, it’s amazing. He gets dreams, soooo once he gets the Holy Ghost… he’s just never gonna sleep again. Mark my words.

What even happened this week?!

Last week my companion ditched me (just kidding!) and went to Munich for 2 days for MLC (Mission Leadership Conference). So I exchanged with the other abandoned companion Sister Lyon for 2 days. This time we were in my area. We went to Young Women’s together and painted our nails! So much fun. Then we taught our friend Nadia over the phone aaaaaaaand went to bed becaaaaaauuuse…..

We got up hecking früh (early) the next morning to go teach seminary on one of the military bases! We had to get up at 5:20 in order to get there by 7. Soooo we were tired that day. But the kids had me sing at 7 in the morning, so that was fun! It actually went really well. God is just helping my singing get better and better, even when I never get the chance to practice really. Yay for hymns on Sunday!

Later that night (this is now Thursday btw) we had Gemeinderat (ward council meeting). Sister Smith was still gone so I had to attend ALL BY MYSELF (over zoom). And tell them what’s going on and ask for help IN GERMAN. and, I totally schaffed it (literal: created it. Context: got it done, made it happen, achieved it). It went fine, our bishop is the bomb, and it was the longest meeting ever. They only do it once a month for some reason (??) And so it was VERY LONG. Aber, esch guet. That’s some Swiss German for ya. It means “it’s good”.

Finally back with my beloved companion (Sister Smith is leaving next week with transfers and I’m legit DEVASTATED but it’s fine :() and on Friday we got down to business and visited 2 of our less active families. Love them.

Saturday we went to a Taufe (baptism) in Waiblingen with Atha!! SO MANY MIRACLES OKAY??!! He wanted to see a German baptism before his this week, and there just happened to be one for a kid on Saturday. THEN the father of this child just happens to be brothers with the man that Atha met in the ward, who he really likes. And both just happen to speak some Greek, because they both served missions in Greece. And so Atha got to talk to his friend (who sadly has moved from the ward) for about 45 minutes, and then we had a lesson with him afterward. After hemming and hawing forever, we have finally decided he will get baptized into the Waiblingen ward, because he lives closer to it, is actually motivated to go to church there, and the people are just soooo welcoming to him. We know that there he’ll be okay and continue to progress even after us missionaries stop meeting with him.

Sunday was stake conference!! The meeting was really nice, and I got a priesthood blessing afterwards. It wasn’t what I expected, but it definitely got me thinking, which I needed. Last week was rough. My mental health took a big dip, and so did my faith. I’m not going to sugarcoat it – this mission thing is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I know that I will value this time on my mission for the rest of eternity. God has promised me a lot of things. I’m just learning how to trust Him and His plan and His timing.

Something big I realized this week, as I asked God yet again why life seems so hard, and why I wasn’t improving the way I want to is that I’ve improved in SO MANY ways on my mission that I don’t even notice. When I sit down and evaluate who I am now versus the person who I was 9 and a half months ago… completely different. I thought I knew what empathy was before the mission, or Christlike love. I never knew how satisfying serving others could be, or how it felt to wish you could go hungry so someone else wouldn’t have to. To wish you could just sit and talk to a homeless person, get to know their story and make them feel like people again. That’s something I haven’t worked up the courage to do, but I know the Savior would and I want to do that for them. For Him! So, I’ve improved in many ways that I never expected, and in ways I’ll always be grateful for.

Later on Sunday we hung out with Bea Süss and Josefine Hoffmann! They are some of our FAVORITE less active ladies. They’re both young, and love anime and Pokémon… so we get along pretty well. Sister Smith braided Bea’s hair, I crocheted, and we all watched Book of Mormon videos together (if you haven’t seen them, HIGHLY RECOMMEND they are very engaging and tell the story of the Book of Mormon really well!!) I made a penguin for one of the elders, pics included below! I also made a pig for Sister Smith this week.

Monday was a big day! We had distriktsrat (district council) and then interviews with our Mission President, President Naatjes!! He is THE BEST ever, and I was able to get some things off my chest. He said I’m right on track and doing great things, so I feel a bit better about myself  🙂

And then today!! We went to Ulm today, and to this very amazing cathedral. It’s one of the tallest in Europe, and just beautiful. Super duper old too. Pics below!

I love you all!! My parents tell me every week about how everyone enjoys my emails… it means so much to me that people actually read and enjoy them!

Bis nächsten Mal! Tchüss!

Sister Miltimore

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