Stuttgart – Week 6

Stuttgart, DE - Week 6

(week 42)

Hallo liebe Fruende!!

Guess what?! ATHA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!

SO EXCITING. It was amazing. We were able to get a hold of the guy he had met who speaks Greek, and a bunch of ward members came to be there. The service was fantastic, and when he was baptized, the brother doing the baptism said the prayer first in Greek and then in German for the witnesses. When he said it in Greek, Atha got all choked up. He cried during his blessing later too, and so did I. We talked to him afterwards and he said “it was perfect.” That’s why we worked so hard.

We also had General Conference this weekend!!! For my non-member friends, General Conference is an event we have every 6 months where our Prophet, the 12 Apostles, and other authorities of our church speak to the members of the church as a whole. There are 5 sessions over the course of 2 days. And it’s EPIC. I still need to watch a lot of it… we watched 3 of the sessions in German sooooo I didn’t understand a lot. I am looking forward to re-watching it in English. BUT what I did get was really good. Saturday night we watched the 1st session as a zone and I made food for everyone! It was super awesome.

The BIG news from this week… that transfers are happening!! Sister Smith is going to Switzerland and I am getting Sister Halterman!! I love her so much – I am SO STOKED to be her companion. DEVASTATED about Sister Smith though. She has definitely been one of my favorite companions.

Honestly, this was a great week! I have zero time to write more, but I love you all and I will let some pics speak for themselves. I promise next weeks email will be more detailed. It’s been a crazy busy few days 😅😅😅


Sister Miltimore

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