Landshut – Week 20

Landshut - Week 20

(week 74)

Halllllooooo alle!!

Yet again, a crazy couple weeks! Let’s get into it.

First – I have 16 days left of my mission. THAT’S LIKE 2 WEEKS PEOPLE. CRAZY.

Honestly, in the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my mission, about the things I’ve learned and the ways I’ve grown. I’m very happy with the person I’ve become and grateful for how God has answered my prayers. He has been there in ways I can’t begin to explain.

I had an exchange with Sister Bass. I didn’t really know her very well before, but now I love her so so much!! It had been a hard couple weeks, and I really needed to unload some of the weight I was carrying. She was there for me and I learned a ton from her that day. It was also really cool, because Landshut was her very first area on her mission!! So we got to see some people and places that she remembered, which was really special. We spent most of the time talking and she helped me realize something really important…My mission has not been easy. To some degree my mission has been a story of struggle with my mental health, and my testimony took a blow as a result. It’s been very hard for me at times to feel the spirit or to feel the love of my Savior around me. As a missionary, and as myself, that was really hard. Frankly, it sucked! But as I’ve gotten better, (and I’m doing much, much better now!!) My perspective has slowly but surely opened to see what the Lord was doing.

Sister Bass and I were talking about our companions and as I thought about it, I realized just how much my companions have done for me. When I couldn’t feel Christ, He sent me my companions, and inspired them to help me. As a result, my companions WERE Christ for me, on my mission, on many occasions. As they loved me, comforted me, cried with me, and even held me in their arms at times, they acted as Christ would if He were there Himself. And I know that through them, He was. And I couldn’t be more grateful for them and that God put us together.

TLDR: your influence is not small. You have no idea just how much help you are. Please keep reaching out to those in your life who struggle with mental health issues. They need you.

Okay, now for lighter topics: we had an austellung here in Landshut!! It was GREAT. As a zone we gave out about 7 Books of Mormon, and over 50 cards with our contact info. We also did something super cool – I found these cards in the apartment that make a big picture of Christ when you put them in the right order. Each one says “Jesus bringt mir…” (Jesus brings me…) and then has a space for someone to write on the card. I needed to find a way to make them reusable… and then inspiration struck!! We went and got the materials, and spent an afternoon covering the cards in packing tape, and sticking velcro on them and on a big board. Now we could write on the cards with a dry erase marker and they will be used for years and years!! It was a pretty effective finding technique, and we filled up over half of the 50 cards!! It was pretty awesome.

Last week on Tuesday we had zone conference! MY LAST ZONE CONFERENCE. Sad. It was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, I had to sing, and everyone really loved that. President Naatjes said that it’s been a huge blessing to have a good singer who isn’t afraid to perform in the mission. I, of course, have been flattered and honored to get so many amazing opportunities to sing. I’ll attach the video with my email.

Not many actual missionary work updates. We are making friends, baptizing the nation, and getting dropped so you know. Just the usual 😋 (no baptisms for us actually, but others in our zone do so that’s really exciting!)

It was an AWESOME Saturday… we drove aaaaaaalllllll the way to Frankfurt to go to THE TEMPLE!!!! We had to drive 4 hours to get there and did an endowment session. (For my non-member friends, an endowment is a very special ceremony we do in our temples, where we enter into a covenant with God. In return for our obedience, we are endowed with powers from on high. Its very sacred and special and the more I learn about it, the more I love it!) The whole zone went, so we had about 24 missionaries there, which was awesome. I felt sooooo good to be in the temple, and it was so relaxing. Especially to be in the Celestial room afterwards, all dressed in white. Being surrounded by my fellow missionaries, I felt strongly that we are all brothers and sisters, and I sincerely hope to see them all in the Celestial Kingdom after this life is over. I never wanted to leave, but it’s okay. This life is short and then hopefully I’ll qualify to be there forever.

I am just sooooooo grateful for my mission. I really can’t describe it all, writing it down just takes so long, and it’s so hard to put into words!! I can’t imagine my life without this experience, and I’m so amazed.

I love you all so much! Bis nächste Woche!!

Sister Miltimore


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