Landshut – Week 14

Landshut - Week 14

(week 68)

Hallooooo Alle!
What a wonderful couple weeks!! I still haven’t seen all of General Conference yet (it’s hard since we can’t watch it live with the time difference)… but 17 temples!! None of them in Utah, wow!

This week was good! Last Wednesday we went on quite the adventure! We decided that even though it would be a challenge, we would somehow get to Bruder Bachmann without a car… so:
First, we rode a bus. Then, a train. THEN. We rode bikes for about 15 minutes. Then we ate lots of food. And then we repeated the process, backwards and forwards, 2 more times for other appointments. It was actually a really great day! I really enjoyed it.

The last 2 Saturdays we went and helped at a refugee center in Landshut (btw this is pronounced lants·hoot) where they have been collecting items since the war in Ukraine started. As part of it, they also set up a small “shop” where refugees can come in and take whatever they need. We got to meet some of them, as we helped organize things and hang up clothes. We worked so hard, all the people running it wanted to know who we are and when we could come again! The next time we went, they remembered our names and were so happy to see us. Who knew service could be such a great potential finding tool?!

Then we had GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! I loved it, but more important to me is a total MIRACLE we saw. So, we got a list of names from our Relief Society of women to check in on and reach out to. We went and visited one, but she couldn’t let us in then. She told us to come again and then texted us later that day! She said that she felt like us coming was a sign from God and that she would come to the broadcast of General Conference the ward put on Sunday evening. She came AND brought her grandson!! This woman has been less active for 40 YEARS. We asked her when we could come again, and she said “tomorrow?” So we went the next day! We talked about conference with her, her non-member daughter and grandson. It was AWESOME and it was a total reminder to me of why I am here and that God is in the details. So, so cool.

This past week was also amazing!! I got to do exchanges with my Home MTC companion Sister Parker!! It’s the first time we’ve ever gotten to serve together IN PERSON! We have never served in the same zone, or even the same country and we are just thriving now that we are finally together again. We had the best exchange, talking through everything we’ve gone through during the last 16 months and honestly, it was like the most ultimate venting session I have ever had, and boy did we NEED that exchange!!

Sunday was the best day!! JOSEPH GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! The ward helped us set everything up to support him and it was wonderful. He looked glowing in white, and his testimony at the end was so sweet! He loves Jesus Christ and His church, and is so excited to be a member of it. He is learning so much by reading from the Book of Mormon daily, and it has been so wonderful to watch him grow! It was also awesome my parents could participate via zoom and took some screenshots I will post below.

Okay, now a really funny moment we had yesterday. We got on a train and when the ticket people came, we realized that the tickets we had were not for that type of train. So, I paid the ticket agent with a 50 euro bill. He gave me my change back, and walked away. Came back like, 3 seconds later and was like “I’m so sorry, according to some policy I actually can’t give you the money I did, but here, let me give you a voucher to get your money back at the station” and I was like “OK fine we actually have time to do that today”. So, he takes back the change and gives me a voucher. Leaves again. COMES BACK AGAIN another 3 seconds later and is like “oops, almost forgot!” and HANDS ME BACK THE 50 EURO BILL I GAVE HIM…….. Let’s just walk through this again:
I give 50 euros.
He gives me change.
I give him back the change.
He gives back a voucher for said change.
He gave me back my 50 euros.
So, I walked away with my original 50 euros and a 30 euro voucher ticket. So, not only did we end up riding that train for free… we technically also got paid to do so. We were dying laughing, we had to repeat the situation to ourselves like15 times to make sense of what the heck had just occurred. We did not cash in the voucher even though DB keeps ripping me off by making me pay for tickets for my bikes to ride the trains!

Anyway, this was a great couple weeks!! The transfer is already more than halfway over and the next one is my last!! 😳😳😳

See you all next week!

Sister Miltimore

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