Landshut – Week 12

Landshut - Week 12

(week 66)

Hallllloooo alle!

Guess who’s still in Germany?! Me. Still here, and glad to be.

1st week of training has been accomplished! Man has it been a Rollercoaster 😅😅 as usual, I did not give myself enough credit for what I was accomplishing and for the amount of STRESS I was under and kinda beat myself up about how things went. But it’s starting to get a little easier and we are figuring things out together. She’s like, the most capable greenie I’ve ever met, so yeah. Literally the only thing she cannot do is German. And sitting still. It’s been a busy week 😅🤣

So my greenie is Sister McArthur from St. George, Utah. Coincidence? I think not. God knows so much. (For those of you who may not remember, my stateside reassignment was St George. I spent the first 4 months of my mission in Cedar City, about 45 minutes north of St George!)

As previously mentioned, we have been busy, busy bees!! Honestly, it’s been super stressful, as I’ve tried to navigate having a gung-ho greenie with the fact that our car just got taken away and the public transportation in this area is like… super sucky. We haven’t accomplished everything that should have gotten done, but we were able to do some very important things. We coordinated with all of our leadership members, made goals and planned for everything we want to focus on this transfer. We organized a bunch of transportation options, and started planning the day before so we would know which tickets we need the office to buy.  We made list after list and we executed things one by one. I’m tired but energized at the same time. It’s weird.

I will say though, Saturday was a doozy even for me. We now have bikes. Let me paint a picture here. Imagine, you are trying to get on a bike. First, you must stretch your whole body in order to get your leg high enough to go over the “boy bar” of the frame. This bar is so tall that in order to not be sitting on it (not even the seat yet, just the bar) that you must stand on your tiptoes. Then imagine, you wish to ride the bike. But, seeing as the seat is above your waist level, you must jump backwards onto it, as you begin to push the pedal and move forward very wobbly. You achieve it, your arms completely straight out in front of you in order to hold on to the handle bars. You are wearing your expensive 50 euro bike helmet, flared pants, and your backpack, as you begin the one way 14 km ride of the day. Oh and BTW… this is your first time on a bike in 5 years. End scene.

So, Saturday kinda sucked and I may or may not have broken down crying on the side of the road….And hit another biker at one point. My body now has more bruises than skin. JK, but kneeling to pray is a bit more painful than usual. My knees are fun colors.

Trainers and those who have trained : advice and affirmation are requested 😅 my greenie and I are pretty different people, and we’ve had to do a lot of compromising. That being said, she had her first Schnitzel and Gelato yesterday and that was a blessing to behold.

Awesome news: Joseph gets baptized on the 10th!! 10 days people! We are trying to get everything planned out and we are sooooo excited for him, he is so ready!! Last week I also had the chance to reach out to a convert I taught in Cedar City, which was super cool because it was his year anniversary of being baptized!!

Also, a little funny tidbit of what it is to be a European missionary: we have a friend named Cristian, who is from Romania, but grew up in Italy. We teach him in German but we speak in English. 4 languages, 1 gospel. Pretty crazy awesome.

Alright-y, I love you guys!! Thank you for all the amazing things you do! (Also, I would love to get emails from people if you ever have a moment and think of me! You really make a difference, and it helps me stay off Facebook when I have emails to read!)

Sis Miltimore

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