Landshut – Week 11

Landshut - Week 11

(Week 65)

Halllllllllloooooo alle!! Ich habe euch vermisst!

Die letzte dreu Wochen waren laaaaange und ein bisschen Stressig aber gut. Wir haben viele Wundern gesehen, und viel gelacht Emoji

**(Hallllllllloooooo everyone!! I have missed you! The last three weeks have been long and a bit stressful but good. We have seen many miracles and laughed a lot)**

The last couple weeks have been pretty good! Strap in, we’ve got quite the update to get through!

Okay, so I have to talk about Bruder Bachmann for a second. This man has us over every week, where his friend and fellow ward member Sister Ulakovic, makes us a 3 course meal. For scale, we don’t eat breakfast before and we never need dinner after. It’s a food coma inducing meal every time, and I have actually had to turn down dessert a couple times because I was soooooo stuffed that I physically couldn’t handle it. Another thing to know is that Bruder Bachmann is quite well into his nineties, having been born in 1930. He lives in this little old folks home and loves to sing still… and he was recently inspired to starting a little singing group with us to perform for the other old people at their little Cafe. So, there’s your background and now onto the actual story of the catastrophic choir.

So, we go and set up in this little Cafe, and I’m playing on the little keyboard we brought with us. I set up, sit down, and look over and see this woman sitting in a big upright chair. And I swear, she looks DEAD. Like, head flopped, mouth open, not moving, absolutely just old as dirt dead. And I’m like “EmojiEmojiEmoji” and just start playing for the group. We get a few songs in, and now we are singing traditional Bavarian folk songs. And I hear this voice from my right, and the woman is singing! Her head still flopped over, mouth still agape, but singing along! And I’m just thinking to myself “OH OKAY, NOT DEAD, DEFINITELY NOT DEAD” and you know what?! She actually had a really nice voice. Still older than dirt though. We sounded horrible and none of us Americans knew the songs sooooo yeah. We will be doing it again tomorrow EmojiEmojiEmoji

We also got to meet again with our friend Angela! She found us through Finde Christus, and is progressing quite well! We taught her the Plan of Salvation, using a very cool wooden puzzle I picked up while I was at the Swiss Temple (best 25 francs I’ve ever spent). Now, 2 things you need to understand: 1, she is catholic. 2, the puzzle is round. So, we teach her the whole thing, answering questions as we go along, and at the end she tells us that she believes in reincarnation. And I’m just thinking, “You’re catholic, why the heck would you believe in reincarnation?!” We try to explain it to her and we ask her to explain what she believes to us. She looks at the puzzle and says “look see? It’s a circle, you just start at the beginning again!” So basically that we go from the celestial kingdom, back to the pre-mortal life. And we were like “nooooooooo that’s uh…. that’s NOT how that works EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji” I’m still not quite sure that she gets it. We’ll fix it later

For p-day last week we went thrift shopping and bowling! I did surprisingly well, but my awesome comp got 2 strikes! There was this professional lady there though, and we all COULD NOT figure out how the heck she was getting such good scores because her technique was the WEIRDEST bowling I have ever seen. Just imagine with me: normally, you swing your arm back as you walk all the way up to the lane and then try to carry through to get the ball to go fast right? Well, this lady did all of that, UNTIL she got to the lane, where she would stop short suddenly and pull in her arm like a t-rex and let the ball just go “PLOP!” on the lane and then slooooowly roll towards the pins….. and then she’d get a STRIKE?!?!??!!?! I do not know how heavy that ball must have been, but we were all mega confused and it was very hard not to laugh.

We are teaching yet another interesting person! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned Faris before, but he is a Syrian refugee who speaks only Arabic. I can English. I can Deutsch. I cannot Arabic. Soooo that was a problem for us! But luckily we found someone to help us translate and now we teach him twice a week! He wants the gospel sooooooooo bad, and has already read the whole Book of Mormon! It’s seriously cool. And also very complicated Emoji

Last Friday I went to Munich for the day on exchanges!! It really showed me that I am needed, and that God really gives us experiences so that we can help others. We visited this very, very stressed mom and ended up sitting in the sun with her for a little bit. She shared some of her hardships with us, of loneliness and being overwhelmed by life. I could see and feel her pain, having felt similarly depressed before. I was able to share with her a small part of my experience, which seemed to boost her. The spirit was strong, and I just felt blessed to know her. Please never underestimate yourselves, you never know what impact you make.

On Sunday I had such a miracle!! I hopped on Facebook for a couple minute and I saw a post from someone asking why it takes so long for God to answer prayers. And I was like, I have an answer for that! So I wrote a comment and hoped it would help. About 20 minutes later, the original poster commented back and said that was exactly what they were looking for! They also sent me a message and said that they had been contacted by our church before but wasn’t ready to hear it until now, and wanted to know more. We ended up having an hour long conversation and then we called the next day! They had a ton of questions, but really liked that we believe in pre-mortal life. It was just so cool to see Facebook finding in action!!

Honestly, since it’s been so long there’s some stuff that just won’t make it in here. BUT SOME BIG NEWS: I AM TRAINING!!!! I’m literally so excited, I can’t wait to meet her. We’ve spent days cleaning up the apartment getting it all ready. I’m so excited to give her the best experience here in Landshut and Passau!!

Also, we got our car taken away so please pray that I can figure out the wacky bus system here EmojiEmoji

I love you guys sooooooooo much and I hope you have the best-est week ever!!

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