Landshut – Week 8

Landshut - Week 8

(week 62)

Hallllloooo everyone! Ready for another great update?

BIG NEWS!! We are having ANOTHER mission conference!!! Elder Uchtdorf is coming to Zürich on April 15th!! Whoop whoop!!

Also, to all of the people who didn’t get a personal email this week, I am sorry!

This week was GREAT as usual 😋. We got like 5 referrals, met with some new people, and just had an awesome time!! Let’s get into it!

So, the week started off with some usual appointments, going to see some of our favorite people. Then on Thursday we had Exchanges! Sister Neundorf came to me here in Landshut, and we went to a little town about an hour away to knock on people’s doors. One of the first people let us in! He’s been inactive for a really long time, and even though he isn’t super interested, he let us in and we shared a scripture with him. We tried to visit a few more people, but they either didn’t live there anymore, or rejected us. Big sad. We had a lot of fun though, driving around the German countryside and talking.

That night we went to the Auras family and they taught us how to make Schnitzel!!! It was soooo awesome, and fun too!! We had a great time, talking and eating, and then we shared the message of the Restoration with them. They are such an awesome family, who always take great care of us!

Friday we exchanged back, and then Sister Slater and I went and saw a new friend of ours, Angela! She found us through Finde Christus, so we were able to go bring her a book of Mormon and teach her about the Restoration. She has a lot of interest, and a ton of potential! She’s super funny, but her Bayrish (bi-rish) accent is SO THICK she literally was sooooo hard to understand. Bayrish is a dialect of Bayern (or Bavaria) which sounds so garbled. I much prefer Swabish (from Baden-Württemberg aka Stuttgart area). Stuttgart Sister at heart ❤️

Everyone please pray for Blessed and her husband Benson. They have so much potential and I LOVE THEM so much, but they have no way of getting to church right now and it’s sad.

Monday was like, the best ever!! We had Zone Conference!! I got to sing and it went sooooo well!! I sang a song called His Hands.  It was so wonderful, and my mission president after said that it was like listening to Broadway and the Tabernacle Choir at the same time (see video below). President Naatjes is literally the best ever, and he talked about the coolest stuff at zone conference. I hope that I can gain as much knowledge as he has some day, he just loves learning! But it makes it so incredible to learn from him. He talked all about the doctrine of Deification, which is the principle that we will also become like God is. This past week I read THE COOLEST talk about it, called “The Pattern of Our Parentage” by Boyd K. Packer. It deepened my knowledge so much!!

Another awesome talk I read this week was “Ye Must Be Born Again” by David A. Bednar. So good. Just, so good.

I am soooooooo blessed to be a missionary! Especially here in Europe! I just can’t believe how blessed I am to be here at this time.

Today has been super fun and crazy! Our ward has teamed up with a Ukrainian church to accept donations to help the people fleeing from the war. By 16:30, they had to close the donation because they ran out of room at the church!! And we are supposed to be accepting donations all week long!! We went to help sort things for just a couple hours, and there was just a constant stream of people bringing in bags and bags and boxes of clothes, bed stuff, food, diapers, shampoo, and so much more. It was incredible to see the generosity of so many people, and some of the stuff was brand new!! It was amazing. An ambulance crew even stopped by to donate medical supplies. It was amazing.  People are awesome.

Today for p-day we got some ice cream, bought pointless items, and went for a drive out in the countryside. It was great.

I love you all!! You are so amazing, and never forget that you’re doing better than you think you are!!
Sister Miltimore

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