Landshut – Week 4

Landshut - Week 4

(week 58)


Sorry it’s another late week with the updates! This will just be a quickie because it’ll be p-day again before we know it! (And this time I’ll be on time guys don’t worry! I know how much you all love hearing from me 😋)

A few cool erlebnisse (experiences) from the past 2 weeks!!

The 19th: we taught 2 really cool lessons! AT THE SAME TIME!!! So, we went to meet with this kid, Ricardo, who was a referral given to us at our Landshut Austellung. We met up, and he was like “Hey btw, I brought my cousin, I hope that’s okay.” And we were, of course, nonchalantly ECSTATIC about this beautiful soul bringing a second beautiful soul, his cousin Angelo, along with him. Here was the catch: both of them are Romanian, but Ricardo speaks better English and Angelo speaks better German…. so we split taught! I took Angelo, and we talked about everything from the Restoration to the Law of Chastity! It was wild. I loved it.

The 23rd: this was a Sunday, my first one in Passau for church! Guys, it was so sad. Passau used to be a ward, then it got downsized to a branch and now it’s just a group… we had 4 people who weren’t missionaries at church on Sunday. One of them was an investigator though…. soooo 😎😎. But yeah, due to some seriously crazy “tea” (gossip/drama) Passau is riding the struggle bus for members. BUT! one of my favorite friends lives there!! Her name is Blessed, and she is a Rockstar African mom of 3 beautiful little kiddos who are literally THE CUTEST. They kind of make lessons hard because they are up in everything and making noise, but Blessed is super good at feeling the spirit through distractions. She has such a strong desire to follow Christ, and has already asked us TWICE about getting baptized!! That never happens so we are super stoked!!

The 31st: we had ZONE CONFERENCE!! Whoop whoop!! 🎉🎉

Got to see a ton of my besties, including my last comp Sister Halterman!!! Oh I love her!! My comp Sister Rollins and I wore our brand new dirndls (yes I did in fact buy a second) and had some serious fun. That night we had a HUUUUGE sleepover at one of the sisters’ apartments in Munich, with 8 of us!! Then for p-day the next day we went to the church building and played games, made music, and ate pizza. Aaaaaand I’ve been helping massage Sister Rollins’ back ever since, because she kinda went a little too ham with the Dodgeball. Her back is literally one giant knot, so pray for her and for my sore wrists from jamming my fingers into her back.

Oh also, I hit 13 months recently, woot woot! 4 months till home 🤫🤫🤫🤫🥲🥲🥲🥲

Also, quick thought: if at first it doesn’t get better, wait a few days. And keep praying. God’s got more in store and it gets better a little faster every time you have to wait.

Sorry there’s not more, but I love you all!! See you soon!
Sister Miltimore

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