Landshut – Week 1

Lanshut, DE - Week 1

(week 55)

Hello again!

I am now in Landshut and Passau! We are double covering an area the size of the Fort Worth Texas mission. To repeat, my AREA is the size of an entire MISSION in the states. If you ever wondered what its like to serve in Europe, there you go, that pretty much sums it up. That being said, lucky enough this is a car area! We are driving! I can’t drive yet cause my license isn’t legal here 🙃. Soooooo I get permanent shotgun for now. The area is nice, very pastoral, and we actually have a TON of work to do here, and THREE people who are praying about baptismal dates!! So please pray for them, because all 3 need some help from heaven to overcome their trials! Their names are Christian, Roland, and Joseph. And I love them all already.

I would say that’s been the easiest part of the transfer. It wasn’t easy to move – I was ready to leave Stuttgart, but I didn’t realize how hard it would be to be in a new place after 3 transfers (about 4 months) in the same place. My transition hasn’t been the easiest in the world. BUT! I was able to see that I loved these people instantly. And I can already see why I am needed here. So, I feel pretty lucky.

My new companion is Sister McKenna Rollins!! She is from Arizona, the happiest lady I’ve ever met, and extremely loving and understanding. She’s already been a great support. My other major support here, has been a cat named Kao. (Pronounced cow) The members we live with have a cat!! He is the nicest, cutest cat I’ve ever met, and will just snuggle with you for basically as long as you let him. I am not much of a cat person, but I am a Kao person 😻

So, Wednesday I moved. It was kinda sad… especially because it was raining. I rode the train to Munich and then waited for a while to head home. We didn’t have anything going on so I got to unpack and grab some groceries. Ig also got to see our amazing family friends the Müllers!! They live up near Frankfurt, but have family who live in Landshut!! They brought me some Christmas cookies and they were SO DELICIOUS 😍😍😍

Thursday we had the busiest day!! First we went and visited Bruder Bachman, who we normally see every Wednesday. He is in his 90s! He and his friend Sister Ulakovic’ love to cook for the missionaries every week. A full 3 course meal of soup, main course, and dessert. We don’t eat breakfast before… or dinner after. It’s a LOT of food. But it’s fun. We also visited Sister Gramsch, who we see every week too.

Honestly, this week was a lot of driving around!! We drive almost an hour or more to get to a lot of our appointments. On Saturday we had a cool experience meeting a referral who the sisters here had emailed with a few times about bringing a Book of Mormon by. He lived out in the middle of nowhere with his family, and had the thickest Bayrish accent I’ve ever heard – I could barely understand him!! But he was super happy to see us, and totally interested. His daughter came to the the door too, and wanted us to come in. Soooooo we might have found a family to teach 😎😎

On Monday we had distriktsrat down in Munich and then we stayed the night with the Munich 2 sisters, because on Tuesday sister Rollins had her visa appointment! After 5 months in Germany! We love being illegal! All was well.

The last few days have been pretty low key, and today we stayed home and had a home day. It was super relaxing.

Alrighty guys that’s all the updates!! I love you all and I’ll talk to you on Tuesday!! Tchüss!!

Sister Miltimore

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