Stuttgart – Week 2

Week 2 - Stuttgart

(week 38)


This was the best week of my whole life. Not even joking.

Today’s been busy, so we’re gonna do a highlights reel!

MISSION CONF: Friday we had another mission wide conference in my new Gebiet! (Area) Everyone came to Stuttgart! I got to see some good friends, we did some epic mission street-finding, had some great zone chats, and the President Naatjes (the mission president) did a devotional in a little sunken amphitheater. I also got to sing! So that was super fun. We all stayed in a cool hostel together overnight.

ELDER BEDNAR: Elder Bednar came to our mission!!! We had a missionary devotional with him, his wife, and a couple other couples from the area church presidencies. It was AMAZING. He is a man who has put in the work to know God. I was reminded of how imperfect I am, and how not perfect I have to be. And that I am very young and still have a lot to learn in all the best ways!

I’d like to share an amazing experience. Actually 2. Hehe.

First, during the missionary devotional, Elder Bednar invited us to wrote wrote in 5 words or less what we had learned, or what we would do because of what we had learned. Mine was “I will choose to study.” I knew I needed to find a new focus for my studies… but I wasn’t sure how!
The next morning we had the opportunity to see Elder Bednar again, as he was speaking at church here in Stuttgart as a broadcast for the members within our mission boundaries. I decided to fast and pray, and asked the Lord to help me find topics to study during the sacrament meeting. I wrote down potential topics as I listened to Elder Bednar, but about halfway through, I felt my answer come very strongly about what and how I should study. It was small, but clear, and I KNEW my prayer had been honored and answered. That’s incredible enough in itself. What is more important to me, is the great lesson I learned.
I made a decision.
I prepared myself.
I made a plan.
I asked the Lord.
I exercised faith and hope.
And then… I waited patiently.
And the Lord answered my prayer.
I didn’t get an answer because I wanted it. I got an answer because I worked for it. I did my part, and the Lord made up the rest. It was an incredible lesson of how we can find answers to our prayers, and I can promise you that if you will apply the same type of principles in your life, to prepare and act on faith and then to wait patiently for the Lord’s promised blessings, you will also receive the coveted answers to your prayers.

My second amazing experience involves a woman I’ve never met in person, who is named Gabi. I LOVE GABI SO MUCH. We had a phone lesson with her Sunday night. She had watched the conference with Elder Bednar, and knew that he was a servant of the Lord! She loves the Book of Mormon, and she wants to know more. As we talked, we ended up teaching her a bit about the Word of Wisdom (for my non-member friends, it’s sort of a guideline for healthy living we as members follow, and is the reason we don’t drink coffee or alcohol, or smoke. If you’d like to know more, look up Doctrine and Covenants section 89!). She smokes, and I had the opportunity to ask her if she’d like to stop. She said, oh yes please! So we are going to help her stop smoking and come closer to Christ! I literally was jumping off the walls happy and excited for her, and almost started crying I was so incredibly overjoyed that she is gaining a relationship with Christ and wants to come closer to Him by quitting smoking. I’ve very rarely felt that way before, and if really showed me how freaking awesome being a missionary can be!!

I LOVE THIS EXPERIENCE. That I’m not getting paid for. Except with the riches of heaven. Way better than Geld (money) anyway.

Also, today for P-day we went to Tübingen! Super fun, see the pics below.

I love you all sooooo much!! One thing I’ve really learned on the mission is how to love everyone! Our mission president challenged us to make everything we do be done in and out of love – even going to bed on time! I know it will increase my ability to love even more like the Savior.

Have the best week everyone! I know I will!

Sister Miltimore

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