Richterswil – Week 10

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Richterswil, CH - Week 10

(week 36)

Hoi zäme!! 
Breaking news: I’m getting transferred!!! I head to Stuttgart Germany tomorrow, and I will be serving in the German ward. There is also an international ward, and we will be living in a quad (foursome) with those sisters!! So I will definitely have some fun times ahead… My new companion is Sister Smith, also an STL (sister training leader) and is great at German. So I should be well taken care of!!
It’s been a lot of packing, saying goodbyes and whatnot. I’m super sad to be leaving Switzerland – I’ve learned so much here, and gained so many wonderful friends! I bought my last pieces of Switzerland today – Halba salted caramel chocolate, and Ovalmatine chocolate sandwiches crackers. They are both literally to die for, and I will miss them dearly. Oh, and the members too. They’re pretty great. 
Anyway, this week! Yet again, it was a thousand years long. Let’s jump in and see what I remember!
Wednesday was a pretty normal day. We went to visit my favorite lady, Eva Landis! I found out she’s like, OLD old…. she remembers World War 2 and what it was like during that time! Crazy, crazy stuff. We also visited her this morning, and talked a little bit about the state of the world. She wished me all the best, and said that she’d remember me. Knowing that woman’s mind, I know she will! I hope I get the chance to come back and visit her… but if she joins her husband in heaven before I get the chance, I’ll be happy for her. Her music and the crazy catholic lady can only keep her busy for so long… she’s still kicking though so I’m pretty sure she’ll still be around!
Thursday began the 2 day tausch (exchange) with Sister Meyer! Sister Osguthorpe and Sister Muntinga took a (short!) 5 hour train trip to Munich for MLC (mission leadership conference). So we took over the Bonstetten international ward for a couple days! Thursday started with a long trip out to an appointment that never happened (sad) so we talked about our future weddings until the bus left without us (hehe, we missed a lot of travel plans that day. They always fell through, aber so ist das Leben! So is life!)
We stopped at a park and planned our next lesson. Then we made it but a little late to our appointment with Klaus! He is 11 and sooooo ready for the gospel. We taught about prophets and the Holy Ghost. We invited him to pray every night… and we made a little chart for him to fill out so he remembers! It was so cute – as we left, we watched him tape it up right next to his bed! I could have melted. I was so happy!
After meeting with Klaus we went home for a little bit, then headed back out into the world again for an appointment with a recently returned sister missionary who served in England! We had the BEST TIME talking up a storm, and they served us the most British meal ever – fish pie (white fish in white sauce covered in mashed potatoes and stuck in the oven) with peas and carrots, with ice cream for dessert. Because it was a fellow missionary, I helped myself to seconds and thirds, because I know she knows how it be sometimes. We be hungry. And it was super delicious.
Then we raced home to teach the Komm und Folge Mir nach (Come follow me) discussion for my ward in Rochterswil! Unfortunately, right after I asked the question… the area phone DIED and the Hotspot went out so we lost our connection!!! It took about 10 minutes to get back on, but they were so good and just kept going without us. It ended up being one of my favorite discussions I’ve been a part of, and I led most of it! Sister Meyer commented on my German after (she is fluent) but I’m still happy. It was nice to contribute. 
Then! We slept. 
And the next day began! From 8:45 am till 4:30 pm we were involved in a grand service project. We were putting together feminine hygiene kits with homemade materials for women in 3rd world countries!! It was a lot of fun, we talked to a lot of people. Sister Meyer and I spent a lot of time hand pressing snaps into the products… I was sore for a couple days after pushing on the stamper thing!
I’ll be honest, Friday was a hard day for me. My mental health took quite the dip… Sister Meyer was super understanding, and helped me talk through what I was feeling. It was hard, and I didn’t understand why it had to be so hard. But, one interesting thing that really really made a difference. That morning as I lay meditating on the floor instead of doing frühsport (morning exercise) I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to have an eternal perspective. To have patience. And as I had a meltdown later that day… Even in my darkest moments, I still felt that eternal perspective I had asked for a peek through the curtains of my worries, doubts, and fears. God taught me a lot about patience this week – 2 canceled counseling appointments, discovering I’d get transferred when I thought I would stay, feeling honestly pretty crappy for some time. I learned that… you’re not going to know what exactly to do. And that it takes time for blessings to be seen. But as we look for the blessings we already have, we will see the blessings we want a lot sooner. 
And for those of you who may worry, my mental health is improving over time, and I am seeking all the help that I can to support my situation. I’m grateful for companions, friends, leaders, and family members who have done everything they can to support me. I wouldn’t be here without you.
Anyway! Saturday we got transfer calls. Some more breaking news… Sister Osguthorpe and I will be singing for ELDER BEDNAR when he comes in a couple weeks!!!!!! We will be having another mission wide conference, in Stuttgart, my new home town. I couldn’t be more excited.
Saturday we also had an appointment with the Krähenbühl couple! (Pronounced krayen-bool) President K is one of the counselors of President Naatjes, and covers Switzerland. Since Sister Osguthorpe is an STL they’ve done a lot together, so they invited us over for dinner. New foods I tried (and my opinions) included:
  • -salad dressing on the salad. Still not a fan. Too much vinegar. 
  • -red bell peppers. I have had them before, but never loved them. The way she made them was delicious! I admit, they are now on the I will eat them when they are placed in front of me list. Someday they may make it on the, I will buy them in order to eat them but only time will tell.
  • -handpressed grape juice (not wine I promise) that was very expensive and meant a lot to them… I’m sorry, it tastes like cherry medicine to me. My taste buds just can’t appreciate it. I finished what was given to me out of fear… both of president K, and my companion
The rest of the meal was also fantastic.
Sunday was another good day! I got to say my goodbyes to a lot of people. I also sang with Sister Gysler in a sacrament meeting! She almost became an opera singer, so it was really good. Everyone really, really loved it. We sang Come Thou Fount and I took the harmony part which was super fun to figure out. We balanced really well and just had a great time!  After church we had a lunch appointment with the Koch family, who were my first meal appointments in Switzerland. We ended how we started. They are a great family, and they fed us really well. For the first time in my life I had to decline dessert because I was too full!! And no, my second stomach was also full. I was eating my first helping thinking “oh yeah, ill totally want/need seconds” and then I finished my plate and was like “shoot, I am FULL but this woman is warming up more stuff for me to eat.” So I had to eat it. I think I had rice for dinner? I honestly don’t remember I was too full. 
And then Monday! Long week! We had my last district council meeting in die Schweiz 😭. It was great, we shared testimonies, and had lunch together afterwards. We wrote bye bye notes to each other and just appreciated some time together.  Oh, and we took chair pics! I’m getting taller! It’s both good and scary! Scary from a height standpoint and from a oh no I’m ALMOST HALFWAY WHEN AND HOW DID THAT HAPPEN way.
After that we came home… discovered we had one of the other sisters’ phones in my bag (I swear a ghost or an elder did it cause it was NOT me) Went back down to bahnhof, and then finally got home and did studies. I wrote more bye bye notes. Then packing. And packing. And… packing. I think you get the picture.
Today has also been epic! As I mentioned we visited my fav lady Eva Landis, then we took to the streets of Luzern! That’s Lucerne for my American friends. Today was Elder Barker’s birthday (whoop whoop for all those who actually read my emails you will now discover that my birthday is on Thursday hehe. The day after the transfer. Sigh.) So we did all kinds of stuff! We visited a clock tower, and a park, and got yummy Swiss lunch, and played chess in the park! I’ve gotten to talk to my family a bit more, and now I just need to go to our apartment and…. can you guess it? Pack. Whoopdidoo! 😅
I’m also going to open my birthday package so anyone who in any way contributed… Thank you in advance!
Alrighty! I love you all soooooooooo much and I hope you have the best week! See you all next time from Stuttgart!!
Sister Miltimore

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