Richterswil – Week 9

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Richterswil, CH - Week 9

(week 35)


Ich hoffe, dass alles gut ist!

I’m learning a ton. Super ton. Fun times.

What a long week! I feel like I say that every week! I think it’s just the p-days are somehow slower than normal days, which is weird because that was never the case in Cedar. But, Esch Guet! (That is Swiss German for es ist gut for my other German speaking friends. Just… Just try to say it. I’m almost tempted to include a little voice memo of it for kicks and giggles)

Anyways, some people we visited this week included:
Eva Landis, our favorite old lady. Seriously, an angel
The Schlucter family! They are so great. Sister Shlucter is from America, so she made us burgers with cheddar cheese and homemade brownies 😍😍😍😍 I was in heaven. It is Switzerland after all.
The Hiemer couple! They are just so funny. We ended up talking a lot about the temple, which was pretty special. They also made us Indian yellow curry and it was delicious. My taste buds have SERIOUSLY been expanded. I still don’t like sauces though. Condiments just aren’t the schmeck (taste, flavor. We use that word for EVERYTHING. black shirt? Not the schmeck. Rain? Not the schmeck. Literally anything that doesn’t seem so great, Not the schmeck)

We also did exchanges with Sister Karin and Jäkkö from Friday to Saturday! It was PERFECT because my comp, Sister Osguthorpe, had her birthday on Saturday! So while she was away with Sister Jäkkö, Sister Karin and I decorated the house. Balloons, streamers, banners, the whole shibang. When we got home Saturday night she was so surprised! Best ever.

Saturday we also went to a stake activity at a lake in the mountains! We caught a ride, and hung out by the water for a few hours. I dipped my feet in (don’t worry I only got about ankle deep and only cause people kept losing toy balls and I wasn’t wearing shoes and socks so…. I was the best water wading candidate. Not complaining though). We had some fun and then got McDonald’s with some other missionaries afterwards. Man, American food is a salt BOMB. More on salt bombs later.

Sunday was great too! Church went over time… one of our service missionaries and our patriarch were asked to speak, AND we had an intermediate hymn soooo it was kind of a recipe for disastrous punctuality. Sunday school with the young men and women afterwards was a schmeck aka, great, and I actually understood some of the Swiss German!!! Crazy!!!

That night it was sooooooo hot in our apartment, so we opened the door and the windows and just let the house air out ( they have blinds on the outside of windows and door here, so we were safe leaving the door open). But then we woke up at 3:30 in the morning to a freaking HURRICANE outside. The whole sky was brown, couldn’t see anything but the trees right outside our windows just being bashed around. I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t more damage. So I had to get up in the middle of the night and close everything. But, it was SUCH a blessing, cause we literally were melting and now it’s cool again. Not great for the Swiss vacationers. Great for missionaries in suits and skirts. Einfach schön (simple beautiful)

Monday was quite the day. We had district council meeting which is always a schmeck, aka great, so we love that. Afterwards though, we all went down to Coop (which is like, a Kroger/Smiths but with target or whole foods prices lol) and got Ramen packages to make for lunch. oh my gosh. It schmecked (it actually did taste really good) but boy did it WRECK Sister Osguthorpe and I. We had a zoom lesson with Ruban right after and I nodded off!! We were both so dead. Laid on the couch in the young womens room at our church for like, half an hour after just staring into space. Side note though, Ruban is doing great! When we first started, one chapter was enough for him, but now we are getting into the complicated chapters in the end of 2 Nephi and I honestly think he would have read more if we hadn’t been so Tod (German for Death). Very proud of him.

And that brings us to today! We had to get up at 5:30 this morning to catch a train to the TEMPLE!!! We did endowments today!! I got to take a few family names so that was pretty cool. The session was in German, but I had a little translation device. It was very cool to hear the difference, and we actually had the service missionary, Tom, from our ward lead the session! He is also a temple worker, and did a great job. It was pretty much just missionaries which was so cool. Just being in the temple was great, as soon as I stepped foot inside I could feel it was holy ground.

Afterwards, we hung out with the other missionaries for a bit and I got a calzone kebap! A calzone… with donor kebap meat inside. It quite literally schmecked but as you can see from the pic below he was a big boy and I had to let a couple elders finish him for me cause I just couldn’t. Shout-out to them.

Also!!! Miracle time!! A couple weeks ago, when I went on exchanges with Sister Muntinga I lost one of my missionary tags. I thought it was lost forever. Last night, one of the elders messaged a picture of himself WITH my tag!! Of course I asked how, and apparently one of the members of their ward is a bus driver, and just happened to do a route in the city where those sisters live and just happened to see it lying somewhere at a bus stop. They talked to him and he was like “do you know a Sister m\Miltimore?” And they were like “oh, you mean Sister Muntinga?” (They are double covering the same wards) and he replied “no Sister Miltimore.” So obviously they were like whaaaat??? But yeah. I got my tag back yay!!!!

Also, also, also. There is a little store outside of the temple for temple/member things and I may or may not have spent more money there than I did on groceries. Hehe. My backpack is now very holy, because it has 2 temple pins and a temple key chain. Hehehehehe. I was sooo excited!!! You know you’re a missionary when…!

I love you all sooooo much!!! Have a fantastisch week!!

Sister Miltimore

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