Richterswil – Week 4


Richterswil, CH - Week 4

(week 30)

Grüezi wohl!

This week was 3 thousand years long. Like, seriously. Let’s get into it ….shall we?

I hit 7 months this next Friday. When did that happen?

Thursday to Friday morning I had exchanges with Sister Muntinga! Went to Wetzikon, had some laughs, did our nails with the young women… endured the CRAZIEST rainstorm ever. Just, amazing amounts of water. It has been very rainy this past week, and only more to come.

Friday we had a lesson with Rubin again! He is such a solid recent convert, just absolutely amazing. He asked us for a Book of Mormon to give to his friend and we gladly obliged.

Saturday was interesting. I for some reason, was just not having it. Not a great day for Sister Miltimore. We had an Austellung in Oerlikon, and I just had like, zero desire to talk to people. But I did end up having a pretty great Bible bash with some guy. He went from “eh I don’t think God exists or is necessary to know”, to “the Bible is the word of God and that book (the Book of Mormon) is from Satan as is all organized religion”. So, it was an interesting conversation! We got Burger King with the elders afterwards (before you roast me, they do fast food different here, because here they don’t allow food to be awful. I was actually extremely pleased with my purchase).

Sunday also was great! I spoke in church… yes, I spoke in church auf deutsch. Crazy, I know! It was all thanks to Herr Google translate. But it was fun! Everybody liked it, and the spirit was strong. They said my pronunciation is good! We also got 2 meal appointments out of it sooooo…..

It’s a long story, so I won’t put it in here, but if you didn’t see my post about how I lost and found my missionary tag, go check out my Facebook page!

That night we also had a zoom meeting for the whole mission. It was the “dying testimonies”. Whenever missionaries finish their mission, before they go home (aka “die”) they give a dying testimony. I was feeling a little anxious as it started, and just said a prayer that I would feel better. The next 6 testimonies were exactly what I needed to hear- it was amazing. The Lord answers prayers.

Monday was distriktrat! Ahhhh so much fun but also sad because people are leaving 😫😫😫 big sigh. But we had a great time, I led a bomb training on the Holy Ghost, and Elder Hyde (from the UK) cooked some very good food.

That night we also had a very good meal with a very cute young couple. She is Vietnamese, and he is Swedish, and they speak broken English with each other. We had Vietnamese curry soup, and anyone who knows me knows that I have been a picky eater my whole life. But apparently, Switzerland has cured me because I just dug in and it was so good!!! I am very proud of my bravery, and the expansion of my taste buds.

Today for P-day we went to a CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Pics included. It was amazing. They have this chocolate fountain, and they gave us little porcelain spoons, and you just put them under the little spouts and pumped yourself some liquid chocolate. We probably ate at least 2 chocolate bars each in like, 10 min. It was fantastic.

Then, trying to get to a church building where some other missionaries were, we discovered just how hard it has been raining… trees and branches everywhere, water everywhere,it was just a mess. We were going to go hiking today but didn’t because of the rain… and we basically got a hike anyway! So it all works out!

Alrighty! Love you all! Read your scriptures and say your prayers this week. As our mission president said at zone conference about prayer, “its a commandment- straight up”

Sister Miltimore

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