Croatia – Week 1

Croatia - Week 1

(week 25)

Hallo alle!!


Sooooo I left the country this week. Big yay!

One seriously crazy thing is that we found out at 8 pm on p-day last week that not only was Sister Rucker going to be moving on the same day as me up to Moroni UT, but that they are also combining our area with the other sisters. Big sad, bigger stress. The last couple of days before I left were spent stressing and packing and basically feeling like my head got chopped off. So that was fun.

Then, I left. Sister Rollins and I (another sister going to my mission in Germany!) went down to St George and spent the night in the Visitors Center by the St George temple. We both got to see some old friends and hang out a bit. Then the next day we got on a plane and began the journey!

First we flew from St George to Denver, where we met a couple of senior missionary couples and got Chick-Fil-A with a solo Elder. Then we flew from Denver to Frankfurt. A VERY LONG flight. I watched 3 Disney movies, because I knew I wouldn’t sleep, and I knew I would need approved distraction, so sorry if some of you don’t agree with my decision but bleh. I totally had a panic attack after watching Incredibles 2, so I bought the wifi and chatted with my mom for a little bit.  I am SO GRATEFUL for technology, I literally wouldn’t survive without it. I felt a lot better after talking to my mom, and continued with the trip.

In Frankfurt we met up with a bunch of other missionaries, including some of my MTC district!!! First I got to see Elder Degarimore who is literally one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. He’s hilarious and we sincerely enjoy roasting each other constantly. I got to see my MTC companion Sister Parker!!! We still can’t believe each other actually exist, and everytime we see each other now, we hug. It’s so awesome. Sister Putnam and Curtis also arrived there, and we all got to hang out for a bit. Then we flew to Zagreb Croatia!

Croatia is beautiful! We are staying in a 5 star (I mean that really literally) hotel with the most amazing breakfast and dinner, amazing rooms, COMFY beds, I’m seriously so pampered right now. The first day my companion had not arrived yet, so I was paired up with Sister Curtis whom I love and adore. She is the best, and we had such a fun time walking around Zagreb together. We got food, a few little souvenirs, and just chilled and talked. It was so fun. We also had interviews with my new mission president! President Naatjes and his wife are seriously so wonderful – I can already tell they will be like a second set of parents for me while I’m on my mission and I am soooo grateful for that.

That night, Saturday, my new comp for the next couple weeks in Croatia arrived! Her name is Sister Marriott, and she is such a sweetheart. We are already getting along super well. I prayed for a companion just like her for these couple weeks, so I’m extra grateful.

Yesterday was Fast Sunday, so we had a missionary testimony meeting auf Deutsch. I shared my testimony, and it went pretty well. We only have one Elder in our district straight out of home MTC, so everyone else has been on a reassignment. We are all struggling with our very neglected, very broken German, but we have made a district goal to speak as much as we can, especially with each other. Everyday we will have a tutor come and teach us for 3 hours… yay. I’m… intimidated, but I’m not going to pass judgment till I have been through a session and see what it’s like. They’ve kind of been trying to scare us into working hard and I’m not sure how much I appreciate it tbh.

Today we are trying to figure out Croatian laundromats, seeing some sights, doing some shopping, and talking to family. I’m excited to see what this next couple of weeks brings.

Love you all!! Thank you for all you do!

Oh also! Pray for my friend Reshell!! Her health could be doing better.

Sister Miltimore

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