SUU – Week 6

Week 6 - SUU

(week 24)

Last week in St. George Mission

Hallo Alle!

I have 2 days left in the United States Craziness to the EXTREME. I found out I’ll be going to Croatia for a week or two to quarantine, so party time!! LOL, I will most likely sleep, Deutsch, stress, repeat until I get to go outside again. I will also most likely go straight to my assigned area after, so yeah! crazy times. Super fun though, because my whole home MTC district is going that same day and I literally CANNOT WAIT to see them all in real life for the first time. We also just found out that my current companion, Sister Rucker, will be transferred up to Moroni the same day I leave, so…. time to pack!

What a wonderful crazy week! Your favorite sister has done much better this week, and the fun we had reflects it.

So, two weeks ago or so now, we started reaching out to a bunch of our members who we knew would be staying for summer and BOY did they respond. We had 21 lessons this past week. Waaaaay better than the 6 we had one of my first weeks in the area.

Tuesday we made some interesting spirit led mistakes… by accidentally scheduling 2 Jessica’s for the exact same time and place for a lesson. It was hilarious, they were really good sports about it, and it actually was perfect for both of them and for us. One of the Jessica’s said some things that really resonated with me and helped me see things about myself more clearly which I didn’t know I needed. So that was great.

We also met with a guy named Elijah – he’s had a hard life, and he straight up told us that he didn’t really know why he agreed to meet with us… and then talked to us for 2 hours about his whole life and his struggles and his worries. He texted us later and told us that our meeting brought him the most peace he’s felt in some time, so that was fantastic.

BIG EVENT from Tuesday – I went to the Cedar City Temple!!!!! Joseph, my recent convert from my last area, got to go with his girlfriend’s family for the first time and do baptisms for the dead. It was a wonderful experience – I had some really peaceful moments while sitting there. and it was so exciting to see him have his first experience, he did a great job. Also! I did not realize this until after, but I went SWIMMING on my MISSION. Technically anyway, since the font is technically a pool. I didn’t realize till later, and I’m salty cause I would have appreciated it more if I had remembered that little fact.

Wednesday was exchanges!! I got to lead my area with my mission mom, Sister Allan – we had a great time with back to back lessons. We also got to go visit a lady in Cross Hollow from Germany! We spoke Auf Deutsch for most of the appointment, we brought her a das Buch Mormon and invited her to read the introduction. I then went home and started packing…

Thursday my epic district threw me a bon voyage party!! It was so fun, I shared my testimony, we took another chair picture, and just had a great time. I love my Cumorah district, and will miss them soooooo much.

Friday was another fun day! We crocheted with Anna, had some lessons, and also had lunch with Reshell from my last area! She made us a delicious meal. She went into the hospital yesterday, so PLEASE pray for her!! We also had a super fun night with our friend Katie. We did a glorious photoshoot, and then talked pokemon for a few hours. She let me make a paper plate for her wall – pictures below!

SaturdayI spent most of the day packing…so fun.

Sunday was great!! I was supposed to give a talk, but somebody else took my spot… it was Pierre!!! ah i love him, and he gave a great talk. I gave a testimony, and then sang “I’ll Find You There My Friend.” Sister Rucker was kind enough and more than talented enough to accompany me, and it went super well. We also saw some family! My uncle Andrew came into town and picked up some stuff that I can’t take to Germany with me, which was such a blessing. Of course I found some more stuff I forgot… so we’ll be sending a small package home too. Big sigh, but what can you do.

And now we are at today! I went around Cedar and said my goodbyes to some of my favorite people – I already can’t wait to come back to visit when I am back in Utah for school. This place will have a part of my heart forever, and I am so grateful for the time I have spent here. These last few months have been the craziest, hardest, and in many ways, the best of my life. I can’t wait to continue learning from these experiences and people.

My next email will be from a different continent… accck!

Sister Miltimore



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