Cedar City Week 11

Week 11 - Cedar City

(week 18)

Well… off we go.

I’m getting transferred!! I’m moving onto the SUU (Southern Utah University) campus here in Cedar. It will actually be a pretty great transition, because I’ll still be in the same district as my former companions, Sisters Allan and Baker. I’ve been in this area on exchanges a few times, and I’ve already met my new companion, Sister Rucker, before. God is merciful. There are A LOT of people I will miss in the Cross Hollow Stake, but I know that they are in very good hands.

My new address is 44 N 800 W Apt 16, Cedar City UT 84720, so feel free to send me a letter! However, I must rescind my request for stickers! Everyone was so kind, that I don’t think I’ll need any more for a very long time.

This week was great – We taught some great lessons and did a ton of service. Pro-tip: Do not place Hershey kisses in the same pocket as your hand warmers!

We had zone conference last week!! It was so much fun. Our mission president did a great training on conversion to Christ, I got to see some old friends, and just had a blast.

We had exchanges with Sister Hawkins and Sister Wong on thursday. They are so amazing! We taught some lessons, had some lessons cancel, and just hung out. They are getting separated this transfer also, so Sister Hawkins will be adveturing down in St George for the next little bit!

On Friday my companions, being in mission leadership, had to go to a big meeting down in St George without me. It just so happened that one of my “babysitters” (Sister Rucker) is my new companion! I came to their area for the day, taught some lessons, and hung out with some fabulous Sisters. Sister Johnson will be missed, but St George is getting a great sister missionary.

Saturday was probably my favorite day of the week. We did 6 HOURS of service. It was fantastic. Out here they have a pick up day for anything you clean out of your yard. If you put it on the side of the road, they’ll pick it up! So we went to help some families with some last minute clean up. We ended up going to 3 or 4 houses, helped chop up a tree, and then went to one house where we pulled up a carpet of about 20 years worth of pine needles. It was thick, but we got it all out. The yard looks so much better now, and luckily it was for a family that we have been trying to teach. Service opens hearts! We also spent some time that evening with one of my very favorite ladies, Suzie, who I will sorely miss and will definitely have to come back to visit.

Sunday we had ALL the meetings and then Sister Baker’s old trainer, Hailey, came and surprised her by bringing a family they taught up in Mt. Pleasant with her to visit. I had heard a bit about all of them, so it was nice to put faces with names. We also got to see Jaxx, who is doing well, Kinlee who will continue to progress, and Joseph who is going to work with the Elders in his Stake from here on out.

Also! Damian is getting ordained to the Priesthood on Sunday!!! I’m so excited that I will still be here in Cedar City to watch him get ordained. I will also still be here for Sister Baker’s birthday, so that will be a party. Literally. There will be a party! Should be funtastic.

Yesterday, Monday, was pretty slow. I’ve noticed that slow days are always the hardest for me. As a missionary, my focus is on Christ 24/7 – Sometimes, I have to admit, that can be a little overwhelming. So keeping myself busy has been a great way for me to lose myself a bit in the work. When things are slow, sometimes I feel like I’m wasting time, or not being focused enough on my missionary purpose. It’s also hard when you leave to be a missionary and realize maybe things are harder than you expected. I’m hopeful that this next transfer (with a change of routine, people, and place) will give me a bit of a new start. I can do better, be better, and recognize the good I already have inside. God is perfect so we don’t have to be. I’m learning and improving each day, and when I fall short, I try and do better next time. With God nothing is impossible – we just have to be willing to recognize His hand in things.

Love you all! Wish me luck on my transfer… being with college students will be a lot different from 10 year olds!

Sister Miltimore

My aunt sent me ALL the stickers
A tree on the side of the road
Exchanges with Hawkins!
Cedar is beautiful
A clean yard – courtesy of the sister missionaries
The Cedar zone at zone conference!
The cumorah district- my new comp is the red head next to me!
The Cedar Babes

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