Cedar City Week 10

Week 10- Cedar City

(week 17)

This was quite the week!

I’m going to work a bit backwards….

Joseph got the Priesthood on Sunday!!! He was ordained to the Priesthood office of Priest, so he’s going to bless the sacrament soon! He’s fantastic.

We did exchanges twice this week. I love the other sisters in our zone! They are such hard workers and just lovely people.

We did TONS of service this week. We helped out at the animal shelter again (it was MESSY this week…. Yuck.) One of the puppies isn’t doing super awesome, so pray for our little buddy! We also walked some dogs for some of our favorite people which was super fun.

OH. HAHAHA. I almost forgot that we made baklava this week!! I couldn’t have any (sad I know. It had walnuts in it) but it was so fun. It took like 3 hours but I have been assured it was worth it. We also roasted marshmallows with the same family, so that was fantastic.

Sister Baker made us walk 3 miles one day. Uphill. Both ways. Nah. Actually it was pretty good, but yeah… at the time I wasn’t the happiest hiker. But we did stop for 50 cent snow cones! That was a blessing.

Guess what?! Milton is on date for baptism!!! Thank you for all your prayers. He’s getting baptized on May 8th… hopefully I’m still here but with transfers NEXT WEEK you never know.

We also met a couple new people to teach! Kinlee is 10, and is such a spunky young girl. She is very receptive, and we hope to help her gain a testimony of Christ! We are also very excited about our friend EJ, who is honestly so awesome. He’s had some great spiritual experiences, and is just so open and inquisitive about the gospel. He’s fantastic!

I love you all so much! Remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. We can do it!

Sister Miltimore

1. Our puppy friend. Please pray for this sick little cutie.
2. The best district Pic ever. Love Elder Beck
3. Felt cute in the dollar store!
4. Snowcones on our walk

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