Cedar City Week 9

Week 9- Cedar City

(week 16)

Wooooww this week. So much!

FIRST: BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joseph got baptized!!!!

April 2nd, the craziest day of my life, culminated with a good friend getting baptized. He is so ready to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. His family supports him, and he will get the priesthood next week! His testimony is so pure and strong, and I can’t wait to see what life brings him.


We watched it in the clerks office at our local church building. We dragged one of the couches into the office and made ourselves comfy. It was great. We heard from the Prophet and some of my favorite Apostles, and a whole bunch of awesome other people. It was a very spiritual experience, one I will not soon forget. Also, 20 NEW TEMPLES!!! AND ONE IN VIENNA AUSTRIA!!!!!!!


Christ rose from the dead, becoming the first fruits of them that slept. He rose, and because He did, so will all of us someday! Death has no sting, and sorrow gains relief as we look to Him and His eternal Atoning sacrifice. It gives me hope that this life isn’t all there is, and that I will get to live with my loved ones again. One of my favorite quotes was that “in order to have joyous reunions later, we must have tearful separations now.” While the context of this was death, but it made me think of how I left my parents for a year and a half for my mission. I can honestly say it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I look forward to the hugs and tears of joy I will experience when I return home to them (and never leave again! Or at least not for this long!)

Also this week: Reshell made us an Easter Feast I will never forget. It was the most delicious ever. Ate a banana for the first time! I bought more today. Crazy awesome week. Hoping for even better this week!! Pray for our little friend Milton – he is thinking about baptism!

Love you all so much!! Study general conference- grow your faith!!

Sister Miltimore

Picture #1: Did exchanges with Sister Johnson, and got all the food from Suzie who is the best.
Picture #2: Joseph’s Baptism
Picture #3: General Conference Couch time
Picture #4: Played with puppies again!
Picture #5: Discovered just how much of a baby in the mission I am… (chairs for how many transfers you’ve been out)
Picture #6: Service Project – digging ditches for sprinkler systems
Picture #7: I held a chicken. It…was not as fun as I expected it to be.
Picture #8: Did some tanning in the sun and met someone from home sort of (Oma and Grandpa Jack, you were home teachers for the Prina’s in Southfield? I met one of their kids very randomly! Remind me to tell you about it!)

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