Cedar City Week 4

Cedar City Week 4

(week 11)

What a week!! Honestly this week was a little rough for me… I finally had some homesickness! My sweet companions and a priesthood blessing helped me to get through it, and hopefully this week will be better.

We found 2 new people this week!!!! Both are kiddos, one is 10 and one is 12. Chloe is 10 and is already excited to get baptized, so she will be great to teach. Kingztin is 12 and loves basketball, so if you have any gospel analogies with basketball, send them our way!

We may also pick up another new child to teach Tuesday so wish us luck.

Jaxx gets baptized on Sunday!!! So exciting. We taught the last lesson yesterday and he gets interviewed on Wednesday. He and his family are very excited.

We unfortunately still have not heard from Reshell, and it seems that she’s told some people the baptism is off…. so pray for her! And us! We’re a little sad and confused about it.

JJ got a book of Mormon yesterday!! We taught him over Facebook messenger with the elders in his area in Illinois, and talked more about the Book of Mormon. He had some questions and we were able to answer those and testify about it. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on a copy!

Last night we also taught our good friend Joseph the plan of salvation over zoom, because the poor guy got covid. He’s doing fine, just in quarantine. He had tons of really awesome questions and totally wants to live in the celestial kingdom and “be neighbors with God.” As Sister Baker would say: so tender!! He’s awesome and we love him.

Even amidst some of the bleh this week, there has also been a ton of joy. A few days ago when I was a little bit of a basket case (tears were flowing) my companions asked me why I came out on a mission, and why I stayed. At the time, I couldn’t give them a very good answer. But last night in a member lesson as we talked about our testimonies I remembered why. It might be a little selfish, but I came out because I want to be converted to Christ, beyond a shadow of a doubt, for the rest of my life. There’s no better way than a mission. So even if it’s hard (and it most certainly will be) I will stay and do my best to serve. A goal I have this week is to work on letting go of my imperfections. I can be really hard on myself, and sometimes struggle to remember and rely on the grace of my Savior. I feel like because I can’t or have a hard time forgiving myself, that he can’t forgive me either. But I realize now, that that is not true. He has already paid the price in full. I can work on enjoying the benefits of that, and bringing the knowledge of that to others.

“To be worthy does not mean to be perfect” – Elder Gerrit W Gong.

I love you all and miss you dearly! This Wednesday will be 1 month in the field, how crazy is that?!

Sister Miltimore

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