Croatia – Week 2

Croatia - Week 2

(week 26)

Hallo Alle!!!

Croatia is BEAUTIFUL. So cool being here, the language barrier is sometimes real, but other than that it’s been so easy and so fun. Let me tell you a little about my “vacation”.

First, in news, I leave for Munich on Thursday! Crazy times! I’m apprehensive but excited about getting there and having the best pretzel of my life. I was talking to one of the sisters in my mission this week, and she said she gets on every p-day. I was sitting there like… p-day dude?! Nah! I’mma get one jeden Tag, every day. I just love bread.

That honestly, like sums up my week right there. BREAD. It’s amazing here, they give us rolls and croissants every morning for breakfast and more rolls for dinner, and there’s bakeries literally everywhere sooooo I’m in heaven. I’ve bread to eat and the Bread of Life (aka Jesus) so I am all good.

Anyway, this week was a long one. We have German class every day for 3 hours. The groups have 2 teachers, and ours is Gabriela. She’s very sweet, enjoys learning new English words from us, and plays music for us to learn German. The other day she played a rap song about schokolade (chocolate) that has us all laughing and bopping our heads. The other teacher, Mia, subbed for us one day, and she is super fun, very engaging, and somewhat interested in the gospel! Her group shared testimonies with her, I sang a song for her in class (she proceeded to ask every other class if they’ve heard my angelic voice), and they even gave her a Croatian book of Mormon. I really hope she starts getting officially taught!

We also have time everyday to go out into the city and get food, go shopping, just look around. All the bakeries are pretty amazing, and I’ve had ice cream almost everyday. One day we even went to a pretty authentic restaurant where no one told us the prices, brought us basically whole pots of soup, a huge plate of meats, and bread. So we were there thinking…. how much is this going to cost us?? We got up to the front and it was 285 Croatian Kuna… which is about 40 dollars. So we each had paid only ten bucks each for a super nice meal. I love the strength of the dollar. I will enjoy it before suffering with Euros.

There’s honestly too much to talk about! We watch The Chosen every night – I wasn’t sure about it when it first came out, but I have been converted! It’s so amazing, and though I don’t always know exactly how accurate it is for some things, most of the time I really appreciate the way they portray everyone. It’s very engaging, and makes me think about how the Savior feels about me. Sometimes I’m frustrated with myself with what I see as a lack of faith in myself… I pray a lot during the show.

I want to tell you all about yesterday! We went to the Plitvice National Park, a beautiful nature preserve with lakes, waterfalls, and forests about a 2 hour bus ride away from Zagreb. I’ll include pictures, and while the scenery is gorgeous it wasn’t the most beautiful thing that happened. The tender mercies of the Lord were far greater. My companion and I, thinking we would be getting back on the bus, left our bags there. All we had was my phone when the bus pulled away, taking our stuff with it (it was okay, we got back on later and our stuff was there, phew!). We had no money, no water, no anything. Disaster right?!

Our coordinator paid for our tickets.
Another sister let me borrow her extra hat.
A senior sister gave me her extra brand new mask.
Another sister lent me money so I could buy souvenirs.
When everyone else was buying food after, one of the senior couples had gotten their order wrong, and ended up with two orders of the same thing. They gave us one so we wouldn’t be hungry.
We got back on the bus, our things were still there and the water bottles full – our hearts more so!

The whole experience was fun, peaceful, and beautiful. I would love to go back there someday. I’m grateful for all the small ways that the Lord provided for me, so I could be more comfortable and happy. He tends to his sheep, and clothes the lilies of the field. And so He provided for me. I am so grateful for that experience, especially after watching the Chosen, and seeing how they put everything aside to live with the Lord. It put things into perspective for me, and helped me have my own little temple experience on the bus ride home. I think the best part was that I didn’t get upset. I normally do when things don’t go my way, or are inconvenient. But I was totally calm, not worried at all. I’m so grateful for that too.

Okay, this email is already a thousand years long so I’m gonna end it there! I love you all (shout out to some of my bestest friends who I didn’t get to email. I’m so sorry but now you know why life got the better of me!) Have a great week and see von Deutschland, Österreich, oder der Schweiz!!

Sister Miltimore