Landshut – Week 4

Landshut - Week 4

(week 58)


Sorry it’s another late week with the updates! This will just be a quickie because it’ll be p-day again before we know it! (And this time I’ll be on time guys don’t worry! I know how much you all love hearing from me πŸ˜‹)

A few cool erlebnisse (experiences) from the past 2 weeks!!

The 19th: we taught 2 really cool lessons! AT THE SAME TIME!!! So, we went to meet with this kid, Ricardo, who was a referral given to us at our Landshut Austellung. We met up, and he was like “Hey btw, I brought my cousin, I hope that’s okay.” And we were, of course, nonchalantly ECSTATIC about this beautiful soul bringing a second beautiful soul, his cousin Angelo, along with him. Here was the catch: both of them are Romanian, but Ricardo speaks better English and Angelo speaks better German…. so we split taught! I took Angelo, and we talked about everything from the Restoration to the Law of Chastity! It was wild. I loved it.

The 23rd: this was a Sunday, my first one in Passau for church! Guys, it was so sad. Passau used to be a ward, then it got downsized to a branch and now it’s just a group… we had 4 people who weren’t missionaries at church on Sunday. One of them was an investigator though…. soooo 😎😎. But yeah, due to some seriously crazy “tea” (gossip/drama) Passau is riding the struggle bus for members. BUT! one of my favorite friends lives there!! Her name is Blessed, and she is a Rockstar African mom of 3 beautiful little kiddos who are literally THE CUTEST. They kind of make lessons hard because they are up in everything and making noise, but Blessed is super good at feeling the spirit through distractions. She has such a strong desire to follow Christ, and has already asked us TWICE about getting baptized!! That never happens so we are super stoked!!

The 31st: we had ZONE CONFERENCE!! Whoop whoop!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Got to see a ton of my besties, including my last comp Sister Halterman!!! Oh I love her!! My comp Sister Rollins and I wore our brand new dirndls (yes I did in fact buy a second) and had some serious fun. That night we had a HUUUUGE sleepover at one of the sisters’ apartments in Munich, with 8 of us!! Then for p-day the next day we went to the church building and played games, made music, and ate pizza. Aaaaaand I’ve been helping massage Sister Rollins’ back ever since, because she kinda went a little too ham with the Dodgeball. Her back is literally one giant knot, so pray for her and for my sore wrists from jamming my fingers into her back.

Oh also, I hit 13 months recently, woot woot! 4 months till home 🀫🀫🀫🀫πŸ₯²πŸ₯²πŸ₯²πŸ₯²

Also, quick thought: if at first it doesn’t get better, wait a few days. And keep praying. God’s got more in store and it gets better a little faster every time you have to wait.

Sorry there’s not more, but I love you all!! See you soon!
Sister Miltimore

Landshut – Week 3

Landshut - Week 3

(week 57)

Hey everybody how’s it going?!

What a wonderful week I had!! We saw so many wonders!! Let’s talk about it

Thursday was a day for the mission history books! We were sooooo busy. First, we had a lesson with a new friend named Glory. She is awesome!! She is a refugee from Africa, working on getting her German citizenship. We talked with her for almost an hour, and she expressed many beliefs that we already believe too!! The spirit was super strong. Something I like to do when I meet with people, is try to imagine them wearing the baptismal clothes. It helps me focus on helping them get where they need to go, and it’s a way for me to see where they are at in their progression by asking myself if I can imagine that for them or not. This lady slipped right over the white jumpsuit and straight to temple clothing! She’s amazing and I can’t wait to meet with her again!

So, we were also going to be doing exchanges with the sisters in Munich, but that meant that we needed to take public transportation to get there instead of driving. The catch was, we had a SUPER important appointment for Sister Rollins in Munich that we HAD to get to on time… we literally had to run from the U-bahn station to the appointment!! But we made it. The sisters met us there, and we switched. I took Sister Prete and we headed back to Landshut. Keep in mind: we left at 3 pm. That’ll be important later.
So we start heading home, U-bahn to train, then to bus. Missed the first bus, had to wait an hour in the station for the next one. Got on a bus. Looked at my Google maps, which is telling me we will pull up at home at 5:44 and I’m like okay, at 5:40 I’ll start really paying attention to my surrounding and make sure we don’t miss it. πŸ₯²πŸ˜ͺ at 5:55 we get off the bus at a stop that doesn’t even have a name, across the road from an egg farm. It is like 20 degrees out, 6 pm and pitch black outside, and we are in the middle of NOWHERE. I,of course, start apologizing, and Sister Prete is laughing just a little like the Joker. And I’m like… shoot, what now?! So, I call a member to come save us and eternal thanks be to my hero Brother Klemm because he was out driving and he swung around and saved us from certain doom. AND THEN bought us groceries! What a legend. So yeah, getting lost #371 for me on my mission how about you guys? I hope you’re all better at directions, and I also hope I never have to take that bus again.

Friday we had an Austellung here in Landshut!! I didn’t have a great finding day, but as a zone we got 3 numbers and 6 people who said they’d come to church! All 3 numbers responded to our messages, and we’ve already met with 2 of them!! More on them later.

First, I need to give y’all a PSA: I’m sure that many of you have had people approach you on the street to sell something or ask for money before. Well, I’m not selling the gospel when I go out on the street, but sometimes it sure feels that way with how people react to me. The way I ended this austelling was with this interaction:
“Hi, we are out on the street today asking people, what brings you peace?”
“When people leave me alone in peace.”
So, I had already been rejected multiple times, in diverse ways, and my steam was running low. But this man coming at me with the “lass mich in ruhe” comment, broke me and I almost cried. I just felt so done. So, my PSA is please, please be nice to people who ask you stuff on the street. You don’t have to take what they offer, or even listen to what they have to say. But please reject them nicely. Even so much as saying “you too” when you wish them a good day can literally make such a huge difference. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been rejected by someone who said “you too” and my follow up comment is “wow they are so nice” EVEN AS THEY ARE REJECTING ME AND THEIR SAVIOR. Thank you for your time, my PSA is now complete.

Anyway, Saturday was awesome!! I got to go to Stuttgart!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ almost half the mission went to get their covid booster shot, and though I am already boosted, my companion Sister Rollins was not! So I got to see tons of my missionary friends and even a couple friends from Stuttgart! Brother Hoffman and Bea SΓΌss came to get their boosters too, and it was so fun to see them. It was a great great day. RIP my companion though, she had to drive 7 hours to get there and back ☠

Sunday was another day for the mission history books. Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start! So, we had a Book of Mormon referral we decided to stop by and drop off before church. We pull up to this man’s house and knock on the door. A man opens it wearing a tank top and bright red underwear… and nothing else. We, being “professionals” don’t skip a beat and are like “ummmmm… we’re looking for Florian?” And this man just pauses and then says “nicht Heute. Danke” which being translated is “not today. Thanks.” And slams the door in our faces! I will never unsee this interaction, but we left the book in his mailbox and messaged him a couple days later. He got it.

During Sunday school we got a call from a couple who wants to be baptized. So that’s epic.
Then later that day we met with one of the guys from the Austellung! His named is Alfred and he is 63 and possibly homeless and definitely jobless. And also kind of really weird in a scary intelligent way… just some highlights, he flirted with a 36 year old while we were talking, fed the ducks, picked up and ate from a bag of Haribo gummies, and left us to go to the bathroom before finishing our interaction. We are debating whether we will meet again because he’s interested but also wouldn’t take the book sooooo…..

And now for Tuesday, aka one of the most epic p-days of my mission. Some of you might have seen my new profile pic. We went to Garmisch, a beautiful lake and gorge. I WALKED ON A FROZEN LAKE. And through a frozen gorge!! Many pics below – we had the best time ever. 10/10 would recommend and might do it again. Like, soon.

Thanks for reading my books every week! Haha, my emails are always sooooo long but this was a great week with a ton of good times!

I love you all! I only have 4 and a half months left and I’m so 🀫🀫🀫🀫🀫😬😬😬😬😳😳😳😳

Sister Miltimore

Landshut – Week 2

Landshut - Week 2

(week 56)

Hey everybody!!

This week was pretty interesting, and we did a TON!!

Friday we had a fantastic Austellung (street display) in Rosenheim!! Honestly, finding in the Munich zone is kind of the bomb. I’ve had more Bible “bashes” than ever before, but I’ve also never had more legit awesome lessons on the streets. Combined, my companion and I taught 14 lessons on the streets! It was crazy awesome and I had a super fun time speaking German.

Saturday was kind of weird because we were supposed to go to Passau, but it snowed! We didn’t feel super comfy driving in the snow, so we stayed home and did work from our couch instead. We ended up having some really great lessons, including one with a friend from Passau that they hadn’t talked to in almost a month! He had a really big question, about why God lets little children suffer. We weren’t able to answer him how he wanted… but it’s funny because through my personal experiences and the experiences of friends of mine, this is something I don’t actually struggle with! I have always had the perspective that God has a plan and that His plan helps us grow, even if (or especially when) it hurts. It’s designed to turn us towards him. And sometimes, the suffering of little children isn’t meant for the child, but for the parent to learn something. I can’t answer it perfectly, but for me, it’s enough to not worry so much about it right now. Which is good because I’ve got my own questions to worry about!!Β πŸ˜†πŸ˜…

Anyway, Sunday morning was kind of crazy. I was having kind of a rough morning, feeling really low emotionally. But I had been asked by the bishop of my new ward here in Landshut to give my testimony and introduce myself to the ward. Well, with absolutely no clue what the heck I would say, I got up to the podium and opened my mouth. Apparently, I talked long enough and cohesive enough (in GERMAN I might add) that everyone has been complimenting me on the TALK I gave in church!! I spoke for probably about 5 minutes straight, in German, with no notes. It was fantastic.

After church we had lunch with the Klemms!! They are the family of one of my family friends who lived in Michigan for a few years Β (the Mueller’s!!) and then they moved back to Frankfurt. So crazy that I’m in Sister Mueller’s parents ward now!! We had tacos and looked at family scrapbooks. After the Klemms, we went and visited a less active, and he ended up feeding us too… he is from the Republic of the Congo in Africa, and we got to try Fu-fu!! It’s a traditional African dish with a sticky base made from plantains that you dip in stew, normally eaten with your hands. We ate with utensils, but it was super delicious. And quite the adventure!!

Monday we had distriktsrat in Munich and I got a priesthood blessing from one of the elders. It was really good, and I’m glad I wrote it down later. On my mission I’ve gotten a lot of priesthood blessings, but I really appreciated something that the elder who gave me this blessing said afterwards. He talked about how special it is to get to use the priesthood power as a missionary, but also how impressed he always was with someone who was humble enough to ask for a blessing. He said it takes a lot of humility to recognize that you can’t do it alone, and that you need the Lord’s help. It really meant a lot to me that he said that, because I often worry about how I’m doing in becoming a better disciple of Christ and how I’m exercising my faith. It kind of reminded me, yet again, that I am in fact changing and probably doing better than I think I am. #i’maperfectionist

After we got home we had… a very interesting afternoon. Somebody ring the wedding bells…. my comps getting married!! Hahaha just kidding, but she did get proposed to. Here’s the story: so, our friend, we will call him “J” texted us. First off, he is African, from Passau, and we speak English with him. Therefore, we were very surprised when he texted us on our Landshut phone, in German, asking if he could talk to Sister Rollins privately about something “too embarrassing for Sister Miltimore.” Oh course we were like “😬😳” and told him that it’s a shared number, but he can share whatever he’d like to. So, we ended up calling him and the first thing he asks us about is if members of the church can marry outside of the church. Of course, the red flags are already flying 🚩🚩🚩. Sis Rollins tells him while technically yes, they can, most don’t because they want an eternal temple marriage. The conversation carries on, and I’m just going to put some quotes in here –
“When you like someone, you should tell them and they should tell you in return”
“I’m sorry, I know you are a servant of the Lord, and it is forbidden”
“I know you do not see color, but I do, and I am black and you are white and I know that is complicated.”
“It is a commandment of the Lord to replenish the earth. You cannot be alone and multiply.”
We, of course, were dying the whole time, less because of the fact that she was very awkwardly being proposed to, but more because we had just put this guy on date for baptism last week and now we have to give him to the elders. So, it’s a mega schade (too bad).

Man, I could say so much more about this week!! This area is surprisingly busy for being the countryside. I’m starting to settle in more which is nice!! Yesterday for p-day we went to Dachau concentration camp. It was sobering to say the least. They were incredible souls who suffered so much.

Anyway, I love you all and I hope you have a great week!! I get to go to Stuttgart this weekend so Sister Rollins can get her booster shot so I am super excited to be back there, even just for a day!!

Sister Miltimore

Landshut – Week 1

Lanshut, DE - Week 1

(week 55)

Hello again!

I am now in Landshut and Passau! We are double covering an area the size of the Fort Worth Texas mission. To repeat, my AREA is the size of an entire MISSION in the states. If you ever wondered what its like to serve in Europe, there you go, that pretty much sums it up. That being said, lucky enough this is a car area! We are driving! I can’t drive yet cause my license isn’t legal here πŸ™ƒ. Soooooo I get permanent shotgun for now. The area is nice, very pastoral, and we actually have a TON of work to do here, and THREE people who are praying about baptismal dates!! So please pray for them, because all 3 need some help from heaven to overcome their trials! Their names are Christian, Roland, and Joseph. And I love them all already.

I would say that’s been the easiest part of the transfer. It wasn’t easy to move – I was ready to leave Stuttgart, but I didn’t realize how hard it would be to be in a new place after 3 transfers (about 4 months) in the same place. My transition hasn’t been the easiest in the world. BUT! I was able to see that I loved these people instantly. And I can already see why I am needed here. So, I feel pretty lucky.

My new companion is Sister McKenna Rollins!! She is from Arizona, the happiest lady I’ve ever met, and extremely loving and understanding. She’s already been a great support. My other major support here, has been a cat named Kao. (Pronounced cow) The members we live with have a cat!! He is the nicest, cutest cat I’ve ever met, and will just snuggle with you for basically as long as you let him. I am not much of a cat person, but I am a Kao person 😻

So, Wednesday I moved. It was kinda sad… especially because it was raining. I rode the train to Munich and then waited for a while to head home. We didn’t have anything going on so I got to unpack and grab some groceries. Ig also got to see our amazing family friends the MΓΌllers!! They live up near Frankfurt, but have family who live in Landshut!! They brought me some Christmas cookies and they were SO DELICIOUS 😍😍😍

Thursday we had the busiest day!! First we went and visited Bruder Bachman, who we normally see every Wednesday. He is in his 90s! He and his friend Sister Ulakovic’ love to cook for the missionaries every week. A full 3 course meal of soup, main course, and dessert. We don’t eat breakfast before… or dinner after. It’s a LOT of food. But it’s fun. We also visited Sister Gramsch, who we see every week too.

Honestly, this week was a lot of driving around!! We drive almost an hour or more to get to a lot of our appointments. On Saturday we had a cool experience meeting a referral who the sisters here had emailed with a few times about bringing a Book of Mormon by. He lived out in the middle of nowhere with his family, and had the thickest Bayrish accent I’ve ever heard – I could barely understand him!! But he was super happy to see us, and totally interested. His daughter came to the the door too, and wanted us to come in. Soooooo we might have found a family to teach 😎😎

On Monday we had distriktsrat down in Munich and then we stayed the night with the Munich 2 sisters, because on Tuesday sister Rollins had her visa appointment! After 5 months in Germany! We love being illegal! All was well.

The last few days have been pretty low key, and today we stayed home and had a home day. It was super relaxing.

Alrighty guys that’s all the updates!! I love you all and I’ll talk to you on Tuesday!! TchΓΌss!!

Sister Miltimore